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If you already finished all hexagon with 5 rounds, then you can either slip stitch or single crochet or sew the 2 hexagons together. Hope this help to make more clearer instruction on how to join them together. Thank you for posting this pattern and instructions. I have been absolutely possessed with the African Flower since I first saw it on Pinterest but could only find the pattern in Dutch or German.

As a new crocheter I new if I were to use Google translate i would have a Halloween decoration for sure. So … thank you, thank you, thank you! Trying to find instructions for African flower on your site. Cannot for the life of me find it. I notice your response to Deb Silbert on how to make straight edges when done I was wondering if there is some video on how to do a half hexi.

Hopefully will get it done soon, sorry, I was busy in the middle of home moving and it is very messy. I just put myself for a short time and passion to hook up. I really find these beautiful flowers, magical colors … can you tell me where I can find the French explanations?

I am working on finishing this blanket right now, but I am a little confused on how to connect them. Do I connect them as I make round 5, or do I finish round 5 and connect them after? Thanks for your help!! I looked at older posts. Sorry that I was one of those annoying people that ask the same questions that have already been asked!! Depends what yarn are you using and what size of baby afghan you want to make. Divide the size of the blanket you want with the size of the flower, do some maths and you will find out how many flower you need to crochet.

I got the pattern down, but really struggling to make them all the same size. Not fitting together nicely because they are all just a little off.

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I do not see a contact above, but I get lost on the last row. Where do I start it? How do I line it up correctly so they stitches go in the right places? Are you using normal computer or using mobile devices to view the page? Do you mean the white part? Perhaps a photo or 2 will be great to let me see your problem.

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Please use the contact form above to submit the photo. We have a FB group. We found your blog. We found it useful. Thanking you for posting all these. We are searching a lot on the web for free patterns and ideas.

You have amazed us with your creativity. We have a wednesday crochet along every week.

Motif :: Awesome Festive Star

Come and visit our group. And yes we would like to have you in our group. This information will make it easier for a beginner like me. This is sweet, jen, to make it into a baby blanket. I just finished a purse with this flower, will post it up for you all to see soon.

Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! I wish I can get the yarn. I am still learning crochet and am confused on the joining of the flowers. Do I finish all the Rounds then go back and slip stitch between the stiches? Am I suppose to stop part way on the last round and join it a different way? English is my only language. Would anybody be willing to help me place an order? If you allow, I can forward your email to Mia, who contributed these photos and pattern to me, I think she might be able to help you to buy them too.

The selection of colors are beautiful. Hi, i really loved these flowers, very pretty. I am thinking of making a diagram chart for it. Trying out a new crochet pattern software now. I just wanted to say that I finally am able to make flowers crochet. Hi, I have searched and searched for a place to order this yarn online, but find nothing. Do you know of a similar brand that may have baby yarn in Bright colors? Its easy to find pastels, but I want bright! The square piece was 6 squares by 6 squares. Thiw wrap was for an adult in a cold area. I really like your idea of using the Paperweight Pattern for a wrap, even in a lighter yarn.

I can imagine the colorful wrap around your kids, lovely! Depends on what size you want your afghan be, for adult or for baby. I am not sure so I did a search to see if anyone sell these yarns online, but sorry to say that I was unable to find it. These are so pretty! I am going to crochet some tiny ones for the little table top Christmas tree I bought for my mom.

She is 85 and not getting around so good now so I got her a battery operated tree with a timer. I started making white ornaments but now I am in love with these colors. LOL We may both get all new trees. I know you took a guess about what kind of yarn Mia used but could you find out specifically which yarn she used and the colors. In Seattle I will need a beautiful blanket to keep me warm and my spirits up this winter. I have written to Mia and waiting for her reply. Thank you thank you thank you for the tutorial!!

Ella, thank you for the story. The picture shows a Paperweight motif, with changes in the first and last rows. Maybe recognising that in your title takes care of that for you. Your pattern, I think, makes a larger, looser motif than both of the others. Round 5 Your Pattern is way different. I need to say too, that I am not an expert at any of this. I just really like the Paperweight and am glad the directions are getting out.

You asked me what I used. I used an H hook, and acrylic knitting worsted for my first one. I did a dc row after the fourth row, and finished with a single crochet last row, so essentially, I have 6 rows, not 5. It is a sc stitch that done on a row lower then the one you are working on, pull the loop to the height of your current row. I saw this on Pinterest and feel in love withnit. I hope I can do it but it looks like yourebthere to help. Do you think a h hook is to big?

I am not sure what yarn weight are you using, but h hook 5 mm sounds big. Use the recommended hook size on the yarn label and test out if the tension is right, otherwise, reduce to 1 or 2 size smaller. My computer is not working properly. If time gets too far along, send a reminder. Hi I found your lovely site via a crocheting forum and when I saw the African flower I fell in love with it.

But sadly your pattern is wrong.

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Hi Daisy, thanks for the feedback. Would love to know more in detail which part do you think that it is wrong and get you in trouble with. Long stitch is not so commonly used for certain skill level, but it is just a simple sc stitch that done on a row lower then previous row by pulling it longer than usual sc. Will appreciate to hear the detail feedback from you.

NO worries I have found another website that has the same pattern but their one has the right instructions. It finally occured to me to read the comments, lol. Also, it looks like the flowers in the photos have 4 rounds but the pattern calls for 5 rounds. I will have the printing setup in my new web design which is still in developing stage. At this moment, please use internet explorer to print out the selection you want. Thanks so much for considering a way to fix this problem. I only complained cause paper and ink cost so much.

I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Good luck solving the problem. I copy and paste the pattern into a document on my computer and printed it. No comments that way. I always do this with anything I want online. When you are saying FO, you mean to fasten off the yarn and then work in a new color. Now for a trip to the yarn store! I am so happy to know that you have got it right!!!! I found this a couple weeks ago, and bookmarked it.

You will learn how edging patterns can be used to create entire fabrics, reformatted to make individual decorative motifs, reverse-engineered from existing fabrics, and even used to create three-dimensional designs. Focusing on construction techniques for edgings, The Finer Edge is divided into separate sections based on top-down, sideways, and bottom-up methods to help guide the reader. Also included in this gorgeous book are charts, illustrations, and photographs of crochet swatches and a pattern collection that includes multiple sizes, including plus sizes.

Discover innovation at its finest with The Finer Edge. Paperback , pages. Published January 8th by Interweave Press first published January 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Ravelry: Motif :: Awesome Festive Star pattern by Crochet Tea Party

To ask other readers questions about The Finer Edge , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jul 09, MD rated it really liked it Shelves: If you want to crochet a border at the bottom of a skirt, the top of a cocoon, create rows of ruffles, make an edging to sew around a neckline, etc. Many would probably work on round projects like doilies or round blankets too.

A couple look like they would make good bookmarks on their own. A few can be extended indefinitely to create a fabric--curtains maybe? Although it isn't much help for my current rectangular project, I expect this to be a useful reference for corner-less projects I make. Mar 14, Debra rated it it was amazing. Feb 25, Dana Wright rated it really liked it Shelves: The biggest thing that caught my eye was the possibility of using some of these patterns for a pretty headband, or perhaps an edging for a dishcloth gift- something small where you can learn a new stitch and not want to pass out from terror looking at unreadable instructions.

The Birka Car Coat was a lovely piece, as was th The biggest thing that caught my eye was the possibility of using some of these patterns for a pretty headband, or perhaps an edging for a dishcloth gift- something small where you can learn a new stitch and not want to pass out from terror looking at unreadable instructions. This book has a lot of great patterns that can be used in many ways.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending a copy my way for review. My fingers are itching to pick up a hook and get a couple of headbands going. Jun 12, Gail rated it it was amazing. I agree with the previous reviewers. I think the book is great for all the reasons they didn't like it. One of the main points of the book is to get the reader to explore new applications for the art of the edging. There are literally thousands of existing patterns for thread crochet and there are just as many books and videos with 'how to' instructions. I thought it was refreshing to have an book without all the redundancy.

Feb 16, Tracey rated it liked it. I've checked this book out before and was impressed by the variety of edging patterns in here, but keep forgetting that I don't know basic crochet beyond a chain stitch and a single crochet stitch and this is definitely written for a veteran crocheter. Though a quick internet search would probably fill in the stitches I don't know, I managed to muddle through an approximation of one of the simpler patterns and left it at that.

Apr 07, Lil' Grogan rated it it was ok Shelves: I guess the title planted expectations in my head. Found the projects also on the chunky side. Bit disappointed in this, maybe I've been spoiled by Japanese books. Feb 20, Pamela rated it it was ok Shelves: I was so excited to see a new book of crocheted borders and disappointed when I saw the book.

Despite the openness of many of the designs I disliked how heavy the borders and motifs looked. These were heavier designs suitable for clothing and accessories, blankets and perhaps towels.

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  • Just not the right edging book for me. Nov 05, Suzanne Cowles rated it really liked it. The is a smaller book, but has some nice crochet trim patterns which can be used for afghans or shawls. It has written and printed graphic symbol charts. There are bottom up and top down patterns and in the back there are projects using the trims.

    Nice book for any library. Mar 28, Vicki Cline rated it liked it Shelves: I got this book to get the pattern for a scarf, which was shown on one of the shows, but the pattern was never available on the show's Website.