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He is, after all, her stepbrother… When her stepdad becomes ill, Jamie is reunited with Jake on their way home for Christmas. She is shocked when Jake proposes marriage — a marriage designed to make their family happy. But when the ceremony is over, and their honeymoon in a cosy Swiss chalet begins, Jamie wonders what kind of marriage she's destined to have with the man who once broke her heart… and could easily do it again!

Lees de eerste pagina's. Overige kenmerken Extra groot lettertype Nee. Reviews Schrijf een review. Start direct met lezen Digitaal lezen is voordelig Dag en nacht klantenservice Veilig betalen. Carrie's in a tight spot. For her brother's sake, she may have to bow to Prince Luc's demands-that she marry him! But he can't be serious No matter what he says about her brother, Carrie can never become his fiancee or the princess of Santander. Not after the way he treated her eight years ago. Though, perhaps if Luc were less of a womanizer and willing to change his ways Two years have passed since Kate left her husband, Jake.

While she is still trying to overcome the pain from her married life with him, she hears that Jake is going to become the manager of the chemical plant in the small town of Yorkshire, where Kate now lives. Kate is asked to host his welcome party, and Jake comes to the party knowing that Kate is there. And he's brought a beautiful woman, the daughter of a local potentate, with him! In an attempt to escape the political marriage arranged by her father, Princess Sophia of Santina begged her friend Ash, a maharaja, to marry her What will she do?

At this rate, she'll lose her chance to live the life she wants. Backed into a corner, Sophia sneaks onto Ash's private jet. But when the press gets word, there's a huge uproar over the scandal. The only way to calm things down is to marry Ash and produce an heir After a car accident, Annie wanders through a life she no longer remembers, making very few friends. Thanks to the injuries she sustained, her only friend is her doctor, Helena. But a young twentysomething girl needs more than lawsuit money from a terrible accident and a woman twice her age as her best friend.

Love was one of the things Annie felt was missing from her life. Orphaned at a young age, she grew up without any parental affection. A dashing, sun-kissed man with eyes she feels lost in and lost without drifts through her dreams. But some dreams can come true, so when she sees a man that looks just like him in her waking life, she can't help but wonder: Has this man been just a figment of her imagination or is he a lost piece of her memories? Somer, the bright young daughter of an oil tycoon, sets off for the Bailiwick of Jersey to see her fiance after a year apart Stricken with grief, the heartbroken young woman finds herself drawn to Chase Lorimer, an attractive photographer and experienced lover.

On a whim, she steals away to a quiet cove with him Five years later, a mysterious letter addressed to Somer arrives at the office He asks Somer to marry him and says if she refuses, he'll leak compromising photos of her to the press! All Somer can do is wish this nightmare would end as the memories of that horrible day come flooding back Ambos estaban inmersos en un torbellino de sospechas, rabia y Jaz habia tenido una aventura arrolladora con el sofisticado ejecutivo estadounidense Caid Dubois, pero la traicion y la desilusion habian acabado separandolos.

A su regreso a Inglaterra, poco antes de Navidad, Jaz se entero de que tenia un nuevo jefe Y, por si eso no fuera suficiente, Caid le exigia a la empresa el apartamento que le habian dado a ella. Jaz no tenia la menor intencion de mudarse y Caid no estaba dispuesto a ceder Brooke is left dumbfounded after a conversation with Adam, a man she just met. After the death of her last blood relative, her uncle, Brooke was left without any family. Unable to afford the upkeep on her family's ancestral home, Brooke was forced to sell it. But the new owner, businessman Adam Henderson, comes on to Brooke, telling her that he can buy her expensive gifts.

In other words, he thinks he can buy Brooke the same way he bought the mansion! Polly's husband passed away years ago, and his cousin, Marcus, has looked after her ever since his passing. From the first moment they met, Polly was drawn to his intense masculinity, so unlike that of her gentle husband, but she hid those feelings deep in the bottom of her heart. Yet, when Polly's daughter says she's found the perfect woman to introduce to Marcus, Polly realizes she can't bear to see him with another woman.

Polly accepts an offer to go out on a date with Phil, a man who has connections in the hotel industry, but unfortunately, she runs into Marcus at Phil's hotel. Marcus becomes angry and brooding after seeing Phil and Polly together-could he be harboring a secret love for Polly, too? Ruby, the youngest and most inexperienced of her sisters, went to a party solo one night where she met a very handsome man, Sander. She ended up going to bed with him.

But the following morning, he totally changed his attitude toward her and kicked her out of his room. Six years have passed. The only thing that gives her life purpose is her twin sons. Out of nowhere, Sander appears and tries to take the children away from her, forcing her to make an bold proposition in order to spite this wealthy man! Following her father's death, Lucy is forced to leave the manor that had been her home for so long.

There's no money left to maintain the house, and Lucy now has to look after her stepmother and stepsiblings, as well. The manor will go to her cousin, Saul. He and Lucy met twelve years ago when she childishly bullied him due to her circumstances, and she has regretted it ever since. When they reunite, Lucy finds that Saul has turned into a gorgeous man and her heart is swayed. But the tension between them won't go away, and Lucy is bothered by his coldness The Crightons are a well-known, wealthy English family that has turned out generation after generation of lawyers.

Jonathan and David are twins, and Jonathan, the quieter of the two brothers, has spent years living in David's shadow. His wife, Jenny, even dated David first, until David abandoned her when she got pregnant. Jonathan proposed to her instead, as if to make up for David's wrongdoing. But everything changes when David has a heart attack and collapses at their fiftieth birthday party. It turns out that David has been embezzling funds from a client, and the family is plunged into an unprecedented crisis.

Problems that had been slumbering in darkness come to life one after another, and David begins to wonder whose love he can really trust. Lucianna, orpheline de sa mere depuis son plus jeune age, a ete elevee dans une famille d'hommes. Entre son travail de mecanicienne et son allure de garcon manque, a 22 ans, elle deplore de ne pas avoir plus de charme.

S'inquietant pour sa vie romantique, son frere et sa belle-soeur demandent a Jake, un ami de la famille, d'aider Lucianna a devenir plus feminine. C'etait sans compter sur le temperament explosif de Lucianna et l'animosite qu'elle et Jake entretiennent l'un envers l'autre. Seulement, les apparences sont parfois trompeuses Rosy is in a terrible predicament. According to her grandfather's will, if she doesn't marry, the historic mansion she lives in will fall into the hands of her greedy uncle.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the will, her lawyer strongly recommends a contract marriage with her childhood friend Guard. Rosy is hesitant at first, but it's the only option she has to protect her grandfather's beloved mansion. She finally proposes to Guard, who also accepts in order to save the mansion. He's arrogant, ill-tempered and far from her ideal man, but as time goes on, she finds herself swept away by his charm, even though she knows he's only marrying her to get his hands on the mansion Ia passar o Natal em Espanha com uma desconhecida que o contratara como acompanhante!

Silas Stanway estava furioso!

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Porque aceitara acompanhar aquela desconhecida a um casamento em Espanha? So podia ser uma mulher desesperada. No entanto, deparou-se com uma mulher doce, sincera e deliciosamente confusa Bom, porque precisava de um homem. Ao chegar a Espanha, verificou que tinham um quarto com uma unica cama e Silas concluiu que isso confirmava as suas desconfiancas.

No entanto, nao ficou minimamente incomodado, porque Tilly despertara nele uma forte atraccao sexual Ella queria que el amor que el le demostraba en publico no fuera fingido. El millonario Marco di Vincenti necesitaba una esposa para poder conseguir la custodia de la pequena Angelina Alice habria hecho cualquier cosa para proteger a Angelina, incluso casarse con Marco di Vincenti.

Lo que el no sabia era que Alice estaba totalmente enamorada de Marco, y por eso aquel matrimonio era una verdadera tortura para ella. Todo el mundo esperaba que se comportaran como una pareja apasionada y parecia que Marco estaba dispuesto a cumplir con su papel en publico, pero que pasaria cuando estuvieran en privado? Aquele milionario levara-a para a cama Ha dez anos, Sasha abandonara o bonito milionario Gabriel Calbrini Agora estava viuva e nao conseguia acreditar que Gabriel fosse o herdeiro da fortuna do seu falecido marido A sua vida estava completamente nas maos dele O amor que Sasha sentira por Gabriel quase a destruira, por isso nao podia cair novamente nos seus bracos Havia demasiado em jogo Era orgulhoso e apaixonado Atrever-se-ia a render-se ao poder de seducao do emir?

Gwynneth nunca dera redea solta a sua sexualidade, pois prometera a si propria nunca se transformar numa escrava da paixao Contudo uma noite ardente no reino de Zuran fizera com que se sentisse insegura Passara realmente a noite a fazer amor com um desconhecido do deserto? O que Gwynneth nao desconfiava era que fora para a cama com o principe Tariq bin Salud En su cama lo esperaba una misteriosa mujer. Una noche en la que el poderoso Leo Jefferson se derrumbo sobre su cama agotado de tantas reuniones de negocios, se encontro con una sorpresa.

Una guapisima mujer medio desnuda lo esperaba para hacerlo olvidar aquel estresante dia Pero a la manana siguiente, descubrio que la misteriosa mujer era Jodi Marsh, la puritana maestra del colegio local, que se habia quedado dormida en la cama equivocada.

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Y que, hasta la noche anterior,! Jodi estaba aterrada de que su reputacion se viera afectada por un comportamiento tan impropio de ella. Pero Leo tenia la solucion perfecta: No habia nada que Imogen deseara mas que convertirse en la esposa de Dracco Barrington Salio corriendo de la iglesia y de la vida de su flamante marido Despues de aquello estaba convencida de que no volveria a verlo, pero cuatro anos despues, Imogen necesitaba dinero y el multimillonario Dracco le hizo una sorprendente proposicion: O que aconteceria quando a verdade viesse a tona e toda a gente soubesse que estava gravida?

Silas Carter era um milionario americano herdeiro de um condado ingles, um dos homens mais desejados do mundo. Contudo ele nao tinha planos de se apaixonar, antes pensava num casamento pratico com a mulher adequada. Julia Fellowes era uma bonita e requisitada organizadora de eventos, a esposa perfeita. Silas pretendia faze-la acreditar que o seu compromisso nao era mais do que um estratagema para a livrar dos avancos do marido da melhor amiga Contudo a noticia do compromisso nao demorou a aparecer em todos os jornais e as familias de ambos puseram maos a obra para preparar a boda do ano Ele descobriu que alguem chantageara a sua esposa Depois de deixar o seu marido, infiel e ladrao, Lucy teria de fazer face a enormes dividas sozinha.

O milionario Marcus Canning decidira que chegara o momento de ter um herdeiro, mas, para isso, primeiro precisava de uma esposa. Lucy sabia que Marcus a escolhera por conveniencia, contudo ela sempre o amara e nao conseguiu resistir a aceitar a proposta dele Treat yourself to four unputdownable romances this Christmas We have celebrated her wonderful writing with a special collection, many of which for the first time in eBook format and all available right now.

When Jason McCready and Cary Adams were thrown together on a Yuletide skiing trip meant to please their children, they struck sparks off each other immediately. Then they realized that the fire burning between them was more than mere chemistry. It was the harbinger of a love that would warm them through the holidays Christmas Eve MarriageA bride for the holidays? The only thing Thea's looking for on her vacation on the Greek island of Crete is a little R and R-she certainly doesn't expect to find herself roped in to being Rhys Kingsford's pretend fiancee!

It definitely isn't relaxing being around Rhys-in fact being with him is exciting, exhilarating Back home, Christmas is coming and reality sinks in. Perhaps it was just a holiday fling? Rhys is a single dad, and Thea's not sure there's room in his life for her.

When Italian businessman Luigi Costanzo discovers that Megan, his beautiful estranged wife, is also the mother of his child, he is incensed! She's left him no alternative: Megan is less than impressed when Luigi turns up on her doorstep-the week before Christmas! Luigi is as arrogant as ever-and still as impossible to resist. But Luigi is adamant Megan will be a wife to him-in every way-once more! Christmas Bonus, Strings AttachedSecretary Lyndsey couldn't believe her sexy private eye boss had actually proposed!

Of course, it wasn't for real - although they'd be sleeping together! Perhaps if she took his mind off business, she could make him yearn to spend this Christmas Day - and every day after - with her Maggie Russell era una chica de ciudad que de repente se encontro sola en mitad de una inundacion, hasta que el duro Finn Gordon acudio en su ayuda. Lo primero que hizo fue llevarsela a su granja y reirse de su incomoda ropa de diseno Tras cuatro noches de pasion desenfrenada, Maggie tuvo que regresar a la ciudad muy a su pesar. Volveria a verlo algun dia? Si, pero esa vez ataviado con un elegante traje.

Habria ido el apuesto terrateniente en busca de su chica de ciudad? O milionario italiano sabia perfeitamente o que queria Ricardo Salvatore odiava mulheres ambiciosas e isso era precisamente o que Carly parecia. Segundo os rumores, estava disposta a fazer qualquer coisa por dinheiro.

Ricardo planeava ficar com a empresa que ela administrava, assim A inocente Carly sofrera de solidao e de falta de amor, em crianca, e, depois, nao permitira que ninguem se aproximasse dela Contudo agora tinham de trabalhar lado a lado e viajar juntos para os locais mais maravilhosos do mundo Seria sua esposa durante um ano, contudo o casamento nunca se consumaria O aristocrata italiano Lorenzo, duque de Montesavro, tinha de se casar, porem apaixonar-se nao fazia parte dos seus planos.

A turista inglesa Jodie Oliver parecia a candidata ideal para ser a sua esposa por conveniencia. Lorenzo gostava do aspecto vulneravel dela. E quando viu que estava a acordar para a sensualidade, comecou a lamentar a ideia de nao consumar a sua uniao De repente, el millonario Nash Connaught formaba parte de la vida de Faith otra vez; alli estaban los dos viviendo bajo el mismo techo, como habian hecho anos antes. La diferencia era que esa vez iban a compartir tambien la cama. Cuando Nash descubrio que aquella habia sido la primera vez para Faith, reacciono drasticamente.

Inmediatamente se puso a hacer los preparativos de boda! Iba a casarse con ella solo por una cuestion de honor? O acaso aquello era parte de su venganza por lo ocurrido hacia diez anos? Katie Crighton habia accedido a formar parte del negocio familiar, pero seguia sintiendose un bicho raro porque la mayoria de sus amigos y familiares tenian parejas estables La increible atraccion sexual que desprendia Sebastian Cooke era una peligrosa tentacion para la inocente Katie.

El no dejaba de intentar seducirla, hasta que ya no pudo aguantar mas. Despues de una perfecta noche de pasion, Katie deseaba algo mas Era o seu novo chefe Kate chegou ao escritorio como em qualquer outro dia O milionario Sean Howard ficara destrocado depois da sua separacao com Kate. Ao ve-la novamente percebeu que a atraccao continuava a existir Pouco tempo depois, Kate nao so ia para a cama com o seu chefe Tinha uma nova missao: Suzy nunca se considerara um risco para a seguranca, porem, o coronel Lucas Soames insistia que ela era, precisamente, isso.

Ainda por cima, com a finalidade de proteger a sua importante missao secreta, o duro milionario, embora amavel, obrigou-a a fazer-se passar por sua amante. Agora, estava escondida numa maravilhosa villa italiana, onde a atraccao que havia entre Lucas e ela nao tardou a converter-se numa paixao desenfreada Madrastra de la novia. Fria y calculadora con sus sentimientos. Huye del amor y no tiene ninguna intencion de volverse a casar. Ahora que sus hermanos pequenos han crecido, ya no tiene responsabilidades familiares. Lo ultimo que quiere son ataduras y compromisos emocionales.

Decidido a llevar a cabo el ultimo deber familiar, Brad irrumpe en la ordenada vida de Claire. Ella lo provoca, intriga, enfurece y excita Esta seguro de que, bajo esa apariencia fria, se esconde una gran pasion. Que ocurriria si esa pasion aflorara? Pertenciam a mundos diferentes, mas isso nao os impediria de viverem aquela paixaoMaggie Russell era uma rapariga da cidade que, de repente, se viu sozinha no meio de uma inundao, at que o duro Finn Gordon foi em seu auxlio.

A primeira coisa que fez foi levla para a sua quinta. Depois, riu-se da sua incmoda roupa de marca e comeou a tirar-lhe pea por pea. Ao fim de quatro noites de paixo desenfreada, Maggie teve de regressar cidade, com muita pena sua. Alguma vez voltaria a vlo? Sim, mas, desta vez, vestido com um fato muito elegante. Teria ido procura da sua rapariga da cidade?

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O principe precisava de uma esposa urgentemente. O pais do principe Luc D'Urbino estava imerso no caos e so um casamento real podia resolver os seus problemas Anos antes, Carrie Broadbent tinha partilhado uma noite de paixao com Luc, mas depois ele tinha-a rejeitado. Por isso, ficou tao surpreendida quando ele voltou para pedi-la em casamento Mas, entao, ele ameacou trazer a luz do dia um segredo familiar que podia arruinar a sua reputacao. Carrie tinha que aceitar aquela proposta Seria sua rainha e sua amante. Um grande planoNem sempre os grandes planos correm de acordo com o esperado O oligarca russo Kiryl Androvonov tinha um rival, o multimilionario Vasilii Demidov.

Por sorte, Vasilii tinha um calcanhar de Aquiles, a sua irma Alena, que protegia a todo o custo. O grande plano de Kiryl era seduzir a encantadora Alena e, quando tivesse conseguido que se entregasse a ele, utiliza-la para chantagear Vasilii e conseguir assim o contrato que completaria o seu imperio economico.

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Aparentemente, o magnata russo nao tinha nada a perder, pois a propria Alena podia ser o premio mais cobicado de todos Luta pelo poderEstava fascinada por um homem impiedoso, mas muito atraente. Laura Westcotte era a unica candidata que cumpria todos os requisitos para o trabalho de secretaria de Vasilii Demidov. Talvez ele se tivesse visto obrigado a contrata-la, mas era demasiado cinico para confiar numa mulher Laura estava desesperada por arranjar um trabalho e sabia que devia impressionar o seu novo chefe, um homem complexo.

Porem, o que a aterrorizava nao era a reputacao de frio e impiedoso do russo, mas o poder magnetico da sua atracao por ele. E quando se apercebeu de que corria um perigo terrivel, descobriu que ja estava a merce de Vasilii. The lives of two sheikhs are changed forever When a storm leaves Mariella stranded at Xavier's desert home, desire soon takes over, leading to a night neither will soon forget-for more reasons than they can imagine!

But an unexpected encounter with the enchanting Samantha McLellan shakes Vere's steely reserve. Though love is not an option for the sheikh, he knows that somehow he must have Sam. A procura de um futuro diferente. Tinham-se reunido tres geracoes de Crighton na casa da familia para uma grande reuniao familiar. Infelizmente, a esperada celebracao acabou por ser uma encarnicada luta pelo poder, com a heranca familiar como premio.

Os irmaos convertiam-se em rivais e os aliados em adversarios a medida que se descobriam os escandalos familiares. O bom nome dos Crighton comecava a ficar manchado. Aprenderiam a aceitar as suas falhas antes que a familia desmoronasse? For the children's sake Lancashire, Clutching her infant son, widowed Marianne Brown headed towards the chimneys of Bellfield Mill. She had to get work and luckily the dark and brooding Heywood Denshaw needed a housekeeper - but the Master soon began to wish for more Sunderland, Wealthy farmer Luke Hudson gets more than he bargained for when he plucks a destitute young woman from the workhouse.

He may have rescued Connie Summers from a life of penury, but her spirit and warmth give him a second chance at love. But working together to help the sick turns out to be the healing balm both their hearts needed. Penny Jordan is an award-winning New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of more than books with sales of over million copies. We have celebrated her wonderful writing with a special collection of her novels, many of which are available for the first time in eBook right now. Leon had swept the young and innocent Chloe into marriage, but there was no happy ending for them, for there would always be another woman in their lives.

Leon's stepsister was so obsessive and possessive about him. Chloe, confused, repulsed and bitterly hurt, ran away. Yet Leon's Greek's pride could not accept his wife's desertion, and he tricked her into returning. Even if she hated and despised him - she could not deny she still wanted him Saul Bradford believed that Lucy Martin bore him a grudge for turning her out of her father's house - she was well aware of that.

Yet how could she resent him when she had helped to make him so unhappy in the past?

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She only wanted to atone for her bad behaviour by making him welcome to the manor, and by shielding him from her cousin Neville's sarcastic tongue. But Saul wasn't inclined to accept her protection Why was this arrogant new neighbor so determined to intrude on Sara's emotions - and arouse her passion? After her fiance's sudden death more than a year before, Sara had resolved never to fall in love again. But she'd reckoned without the strong-willed Jonas Chesney To her own surprise, Sara found herselfresponding to his kisses - responding with a fervor so intense it overshadowed all her memories.

Lady Eleanor de Tressail was simply mortified. Bad enough that before his death, her old-fashioned grandfather had ensured that their impoverished estate wouldn't have to be sold-by arranging her marriage. But to Joss Wycliffe of all people-the self-made millionaire who despised her! Mistaking Nell's shyness for aristocratic disdain, Joss contemptuously told her that he was marrying her only for her social status.

He never suspected that icily untouchable Nell loved him desperately. Her wounded pride kept her from revealing her true feelings. Particularly when Joss's jealous secretary did her best to widen the rift between them Poppy is devastated when crush Chris falls in love and marries someone else. She's certain she'll never love again Mocking and cynical, he is the exact opposite of fun-loving Chris.

And the powerful passion he has for her could be about to sweep Poppy off her feet! At the hands of Alexei Serivace, Hope Stanford had discovered that the world could be hers-for a price. Revenge had been Alexei's burning desire and Hope his means of attaining it. Her sheltered upbringing had only made the challenge more sweet. Now Alexei is back. And this time Hope will make sure that if he wants her again, he will be the one to pay the price. This New York Times bestselling author delivers a compelling novel of three couples whose love is sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

Nick parades his affairs in front of Fern even as he taunts her about his despised stepbrother - her forbidden love. Eleanor seems to have it all, but suddenly her life and her happy new marriage to Marcus begin unravelling. Zoe and Ben are exact opposites, but together they make a perfect team. Lingering Shadows - Penny Jordan's compelling dramatic blockbuster! Out of the shadows of the past. Linked by ambition and passion and held apart by the sins of the fathers Money, power, influence - LEO von Hessler had inherited it all from his manipulative, empire-building father.

But just how much of his business had been built at the expense of others' shattered hopes and dreams? Only a visit to English company, Carey Chemicals, could answer Leo's questions. Ambitious, relentless, driven - SAUL Jardine, corporate raider, knew just when to close in on ailing companies.

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Respected and feared in the business world, Saul had pursued his career single-mindedly, to the detriment of love and family. His life at a crossroads, he was now set to carry out one last transaction: Sensitive, intense, determined- DAVINA James had been forced to suppress her warmth and sensuality, first by her domineering father and then by her womanizing husband. Now, a beautiful widow, she had stopped yearning for love, turning her energies instead into confronting the business giants who sought to take her inheritance - Carey's - a way from her.

A confrontation which was to have unexpected and far-reaching consequences He was the man of her dreams!

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The same dark hair, the same mocking eyes; it was as if the Regency rake of the portrait, the seducer of Jenna's dream, had come to life. Jenna, believing the last of the Deverils dead, was determined to buy the great old Yorkshire Hall - to claim it for her daughter, Lucy, and put to rest some of the memories of Lucy's birth. She works from home, in her kitchen, surrounded by four dogs and two cats, and welcomes interruptions from her friends and family. History was repeating itself!

Chelsea had been innocent,