Artificial Societies: The Computer Simulation Of Social Life (Social Research Techniques & Methods)

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The Social Debate over Human Enhancement. This publication presents an introductory evaluate to the social debate over enhancement applied sciences with an outline of the transhumanists' name to avoid human nature and conservationists' argument in security of it. Methodology and Clinical Applications. The publication is split into components.

Social Research Update 6: Computer simulation of social processes

Extra resources for Artificial Societies: Although no territory changes hands, war results in costs to both sides, but especially to the weaker side. Thus the heart of the model is a tribute system in which an actor can extract resources from others through tribute payments, and use these resources to extract still more resources. Alliances are also allowed so that actors can work together. Perhaps the most useful outcome of a simulation model is to provide new ways of thinking about old problems.

In the present case, the need to determine whether or not the model was successful in generating new political actors forced the specification of explicit criteria for recognizing a new political actor should one arise.