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Twinkle finally gets the power to have her voice heard and has to decide if she'd rather force everyone to publicly face their mistakes or use that same platform to bring people together instead. I'm quite excited to see what Sandhya Menon does next! PS this is definitely one of my top 10 reads of as well. Jun 17, Alyssa marked it as to-read Shelves: OMG it's almost like Menon is going to go through all of the Khanna women's names! Jun 09, Mavence rated it it was ok Shelves: I love the idea of having an Indian American YA heroine to read for once and a budding director as well, this was a first time for me.

A Local Singer Discovers Her Half-Brother—and Revives Her Career | Sarasota Magazine

Twinkle Mehra is a year-old "groundling" , as what she calls herself, and seems to make it a life goal to be promoted into the ranks of the "silk-feathered hats" aka Shakespearean highschool hierarchy 2. She was spot on the insecure teenage dork and I was so excited to see her strip the wallflower status. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to see that because harharhar she could be pretty annoying and begrudgingly self-centered in her own way. I really did want to finish this at first but I realized why should I even continue if I don't really care about the characters anymore?

From Twinkle, with Love has important points to convey but I think a younger audience might have liked this more than I did. For a year-old MC her voice and those of others seem very young and not fit with their age. Idk, it's just me huhuhuh.

A Local Singer Discovers Her Half-Brother—and Revives Her Career

Here are some points that I find problematic: Twinkle's inclination to film wasn't really my thing here. I don't want to be offensive or anything but, her idea of filming a gender-bender Dracula was just too disappointing. She was passionate for making her art and I thought she'd be doing an original. I get that she was trying to bring a feminist-inspired theme, but a retelling????? Aside from the cute premise of the romance here I really thought I get to see a deeper presentation of creating such an intimate art.

But I think the author highlighted this part as Twinkle's "reawakening". That just because she's a girl, doesn't mean everybody can trap her mouth shut. To do this just because of a petty backdrop somehow relays to the readers that girls can freely flip the "girls-had-it-so-much-worse-than-you-guys" card for almost every petty thing.

I just hoped Twinkle had spoken out more with important shifts in the story. I mean I love Sahil but sometimes the romance was kind of too orchestrated for me. I love his dorkiness and his overflowing support to Twinkle.

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The initial monologues of Twinkle especially in the first few chapters. I'm sssssooorrryyy but I can't. View all 4 comments. Jun 25, Jeann Happy Indulgence rated it liked it Shelves: This is such an adorable read! I loved Twinkle's struggle with pursuing her passion despite her disconnect with her parents, her isolation from her old best friend and making connections with new friends, and her love for film making. Twinkle and Sahil are cute couple goals tbh. She was a bit immature in her thinking at times, often battling against the "ideal" guy in her head that wasn't actually real which was a bit frustrating.

But overall, I found this a great coming of age story that was co This is such an adorable read! But overall, I found this a great coming of age story that was completely adorable. Jun 04, Megha Patel rated it it was amazing. My heart is an emotional mess. I loved everything about this book.

From Twinkle, with Love

It made me feel all kinds of emotions. Happinedd, sadness, laughter, anger, nervousness, and God knows what else. Seriously, it was all amazing. The plot, characters, and the format was another thing I loved. Twinkle's chracters was amazing and I loved her. Some may say they found Twinkle's behavior frustrating or annoying but I related to it. When I am not thinking straight I tend to lash out at everyone too, i My heart is an emotional mess. When I am not thinking straight I tend to lash out at everyone too, in fact I think we all do that.

She has been invisible her whole life and then she finds a chance to shine. So she grasps to it with all her heart, but when things start to go a little different than what she had imagined them to be and she freaks. And of course with time she comes to her senses. I really loved her character. She has flaws and insecurities like we all do and she knows what she is good at. She took the chance to bring her dream to life and change the world with her vision. She goes for what she wants and I admire that. He is so precious. He is sweet, kind, fun, smart, selfless and so pure. He is just so freaking adorable!!

He has his own insecurities and flaws but damn if I could find a guy like him. He is truly perfect in every sense. The way he can make anyone feel comfortable and loved shows how pure his heart is.

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  • I just adore him so so much. He brought his face closer; his lips brushed mine. It was a little slow-burning but once it happens it's all I wanted. It was sweet and adorable. So loving and refreshing. It definitely made me jealous. Like I want that.

    Anyways, it was perfect. Only complaint is that I would have liked a few more chapters of them after they got together. But that's really not a complaint, its just me being greedy. Sandhya Menon did it again. She is definitely one of my favorite authors now. Love the way she tells the story and of course my Indian heart is always overwhelmed every time she includes any Indian phares or anything.

    This was one of my most anticipated books of the year and I was so glad to say that it did not disappoint at all. It was everything I wanted and more. I was overflowing with emotions th whole time. Well, From Twinkle, with Love was a breath of fresh air as it was wedged between a number of non-fiction reads and psychological thrillers. As a high school teacher, I probably love these teen novels with the same relish that my nurse mother enjoys her medical dramas. Sandhya Menon gives us the loveable protagonist, Twinkle, fully equipped with dreams of being a great Indian-American filmmaker and writing a series of "dear diary' Thanks to NetGalley for an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    Sandhya Menon gives us the loveable protagonist, Twinkle, fully equipped with dreams of being a great Indian-American filmmaker and writing a series of "dear diary' entries to her favorite female filmmakers Nora Ephron, Sofia Coppola, Ava Duvernay etc. Like any teen, Twinkle is dealing with the pressures of parental expectations, friendship conflicts, and high school crushes.

    Add to that an eccentric grandma and an ambitious film project, well, Twinkle is juggling a lot! If you're looking for a a light read, I would certainly press this book into your hands.

    Jun 19, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: Filmmaking, girl-power, culture, and age-appropriate romance all wrapped up into one very YA novel. Lessons about confronting situations and learning who you and others are make this a worthwhile read for the YA crowd. View all 8 comments. Apr 25, Abbie boneseasonofglass rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 23, Vanshika Prusty rated it it was amazing. Y'all aren't ready for this book lol Spoiler Free Review: From Twinkle With Love is an adorable, funny novel that will make you laugh out loud on one page, and cry in public on the next.

    I know that 16 year old me would've cried from joy because she would've seen a heroine just like her, the star of the show, struggling and learning the same lessons as her, and she wouldn't have felt so alone. This book meant so much to me, and I know it will to so many other marginalized, especially Indian, teens. I have only once cried on the bus before, and that wasn't even because of a book. Not only that, but the fierce, strong feminist thoughts, the determination to break that glass ceiling, the fight in Twinkle to earn the right to wear the "I am my ancestor's wildest dreams" shirt left me speechless.

    Twinkle is a teenager, she makes impulsive, foolish mistakes; she gets in head over heels on a bad plan; she feels like her career is now or never, and that is such a good representation of young adults, in my opinion. I know when I was writing as a 16 year old, I felt like I had to write the best book ever and get it published right away, or my career as a writer will never happen.

    Hell, I'm 18 and I still feel like that even though I know that that's not true. Twinkle was a relatable, funny, sometimes reckless, main character, and I am glad I got to meet her. I cried, I laughed, and I cannot tell you enough how important this book is. Aromisic language, ableist language Spoilery Review: May 07, kav xreadingsolacex rated it it was amazing. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    This is no way affected my review. This book was basically pages of me laugh-crying in the best way possible. From Twinkle, With Love is Sandhya Menon's sophomore novel, a young-adult contemporary about an Indian-American teen filmmaker, Twinkle Mehra, who tells her story through letters to her favorite female directors. I found that From Twinkle, With Love is an easy read in a good way. Twinkle is a complicated narrator, and I love that. We see her go on this journey as an aspiring filmmaker who is a young WOC and grew up a wallflower, but as the novel progresses she often screws up and makes very teen-like mistakes and has to step back and re-evaluate who she wants to be when she grows up to be a model filmmaker for future girls of color.

    I can just picture the people who are going to criticize Twinkle's character based on these mistakes, but I loved that she made them. No one is perfect, let alone this fictional teenager, and I think her anger being manifested in ways of lashing out that she later regrets is relatable to the mannerisms of many teens and gives us a chance to re-evaluate those mannerisms along with Twinkle.

    Again, I think these battles and struggles and screw-ups are realistic and refreshing to see. Romance-wise, the romance in this novel was so swoon-worthy I got chills. Twinkle starts off this novel vying for a handsome popular jock, Neil Roy, but instead builds a relationship with his dorky brother, Sahil Roy, and sparks fly.

    I loved the slow burn romance in this one because the bond between Twinkle and Sahil felt believable as they formed a genuine connection and said connection is the cutest thing in existence. Going off of that, all of the supporting characters in this novel were done brilliantly. The dynamics of Twinkle's family, with her mom, dad, and dadi and of course, Oso the dog , were so well-developed. I loved the inclusion of parents and other family members in this novel as those dynamics are so important to discuss. There are complicated familial dynamics in this book.

    Twinkle's immigrant parents are struggling with money, and that was another theme I loved in this novel. The distance from their home country, India, and their struggle with money put a lot of strain on their relationship that they had to work through in this novel. Peer-wise, yet again, I loved this novel. Sahil's crew, originally made up of two friends Skid and Aaron a gay black character!! Each character had their own distinct personality and their friendship was easily one of the highlights of my reading experience. Then, there's Brij another Indian character!

    And as for Twinkle's crew, there are some complications. Twinkle's kind-of best friend, Maddie Tanaka a Japanese-American character whose parents I also loved reading about! At first, I was hesitant about this plot because I thought it might step too far into the girls hating on other girls plot, but unsurprisingly, Menon handled it beautifully. A great new power female friendship is formed between Twinkle and another supporting female character whom I absolutely adored! Second of all, Menon finds a good balance between the stereotypical high school story and the multiple unique aspects she adds to Twinkle's story.

    A swoon-worthy romance, a brilliant coming-of-age narrative, beautiful inclusion of casual diversity, From Twinkle, With Love is not a novel you want to miss. Sep 13, Alice-Elizabeth marriedtobooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sandhya has firmly cemented herself into my top favourite author lists of all time My emotions were messed, I need lots of ice-cream and iced coffee and a re-watch of a silent movie from the s round about now!

    But in all seriousness, I was extremely anxious reading Twinkle, since I absolutely loved Sandhya's other novel Dimple and wasn't sure what this one was going to be like. But I was left far from disappointed. The main character Twinkle is an aspiring filmmak Sandhya has firmly cemented herself into my top favourite author lists of all time The main character Twinkle is an aspiring filmmaker and dreams of going to a top school to study films. She is from an Indian-American background and I loved the scenes in which she spends time with her family.

    When her classmate Sahil wants Twinkle to help direct a new film for a festival, she jumps at the chance. She also has a crush on Sahil's twin brother Neil. After some mysterious emails arrive in her inbox, she thinks that Neil is sending the emails but during this time of working with Sahil, her feelings may have potentially changed. Twinkle is written in a diary format which is one of my favourite formats to read and write! It flowed well, had a good range of characters and I loved Twinkle's honesty. Jan 16, nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: I couldn't wait to get my hands on From Twinkle, With Love.

    The minute I had the book in my hands, I jumped to read it. As with When Dimple Met Rishi, this book epitomized everything I adore in a feel-good rom-com, that was also a story about growing up. The star of this book is without a doubt Twinkle. She is not a straightforward character and I absolutely loved that about her. Most of you guys know how much of a sucker I am for flawed characters, especially flawed teen characters.

    Twinkle was the perfect example of the kind of imperfect characters I love in my books. She screws up a lot during the course of the book, but she learns from her mistakes and rises up much stronger than she was at the beginning. You get to see so many facets of her personality. There was her goal-oriented, talented, big-hearted side, and on the opposite end, there was her angry side which we get to see frequently. I loved every part of her complex personality. I also adored how she found comfort in writing letters to her favorite female filmmakers. I found that to be a charming and compelling aspect of From Twinkle, With Love.

    Twinkle's family members also made for a fantastic addition to the story. Sandhya Menon portrays what life is like for a family of Indian immigrants and she does it beautifully. You see the ups and downs and the cultural blends. I saw many elements of my own family life in Twinkle's family and you guys have no idea how good it feels to have you depicted in a book like that. Every member of her family was fabulous, but Twinkle's Dadi grandmother was especially precious, and I loved the bond between them.

    From Twinkle, With Love also explored complicated friendships. Twinkle's shaky relationship with Maddie, was a strong focus of the story and was yet another element written with a lot of tact. Sahil made my heart so so happy. He has had a crush on Twinkle for the longest time, but she has had her eyes on his twin brother. Twinkle finally begins to see him for the perfect guy that he is in this book, and oh gosh! I don't know how Sandhya Menon continues to write boys who turn me into a possessive reader who side-eyes anyone who wants to claim them as their book-boyfriends.

    I can't wait for more Sandhya Menon books in my life! It is safe to say that I was not disappointed, and I really enjoyed this story all about filmmaking. Twinkle is awkward and relatable, and the letters make for a unique format. Full review on The Candid Cover. Jun 18, Warda marked it as to-read.

    See a Problem?

    This is going to be hilarious, dramatic AF and swoon worthy and I'm here for it! May 26, Kayla rated it it was amazing Shelves: This has been one of the best contemporary books I've read since like forever. Twinkle was such a sweetheart oh my god! Her point of view was so funny and entertaining to read about and the style of the book through her letters to her idols and her future self told the story perfectly. The idea of the film making was just so cool. I've never read 'Dracula', I have seen the movie and a few retellings but I am a massive fan of 'Midsummers Night Dream' and this went beautifully into the story.

    The rom This has been one of the best contemporary books I've read since like forever. The romance was so pure and fluffy. The couple just fitted together perfectly and there was a lot of chemistry. It wasn't exactly a slow-burn relationship but it went at a perfect pace.

    The best part about the romance was the aspect of reality, Twinkle has admired this one boy for ages in her life and now feels things for another boy and that's life. You don't just have feelings for the same person all your life. Overall this was a amazing book and if you haven't picked it up yet just going do it!

    The thought struck him: He might have unknown siblings. He learned that his father was Buddy Yochim, and that he had a sister, just one year older, who was also in the music industry. He set out for Bradenton. After a dizzying day of being introduced to new family members, he met Twinkle.

    It was like looking in a mirror. What was intended as a one-night-only affair led to more collaboration. The band has become one of the biggest live draws in the area. The response to the record inspired the group to shift the focus of their live shows from covers toward originals. Fans can even book vacation accommodations to travel with the band.

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    The idea of Twinkle, now 52 and more than 25 years removed from her major label success, getting a second shot at the big time seems unlikely.