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Nov 08, Shirley rated it really liked it. The truth is that the cover caught my eye before I even realized who the author was. Honestly, another blogger told me that it was available and that's when I realized who the author was. That almost never happens. And for the record Even so, I didn't make the request to review it until I realized it who the author was So, on to the important stuff.. As expected, Ghost of a Chance was a fun romp into a new Kelly Apple series. There was plenty of smexiness and funny banter between witty characters to make the first installment of the Pinnacle Point series a quick, entertaing read.

And then there's also the interesting use of powdered donuts Let's just say I'll never look at them the same way again I received Ghost of a Chance in exchange for a fair and honest review. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I got the copy thru Netgalley: Thank you very much: Quick Read First-person point of view This book got my attention by its description. I guest for me its timely, halloween and everything. Having an affair with a ghost was something: At 1st, i was confused on the concept. It was not clear on the beginning how he became like that.

How come he has a job and still have connections?

Ghost of a Chance (Pinnacle Point, #1) by Kelly Apple

But as the story goes on, and he finds out how to do sexy time, i don't care anymore! Favorite par I got the copy thru Netgalley: Favorite part was the scene with donut. I think i'll have my own private joke when i saw or eat one: The sex scene totally was great. Well sequenced, well detailed and the reader would want for more. I like that the character have a future reference on what to do to his partner on their next time together, that makes the reader imagine it: And what are the studies done on that laboratory: I hope these series would have clarification regards how on earth the ghost and the zombie was related: Jul 12, Angel Hatfield rated it it was amazing.

Chance had alot of rotten luck before he died.

A Ghost of a Chance

After he died he became a ghost he was tied to the Belmont Hotel where he had last resided. Chance was extremely happy as there were many kinds of people going through the hotel. Then Mitch McClintlock asked if he would like to join his private investigative firm. Even as a ghost Chance could carry physical objects. Also get a Chance had alot of rotten luck before he died. Also get a hard penis. Chance has a new porn addiction as he knows of no other release. Then he sees an ad for Pinnacle Point Pharma - a facility for strange and unusual sex problems. Chance is spotted by a staffer with pink hair- Alison.

This is a novella but I was very happy with this story. A very easy read. It also had a good end toit. A very good plot and great writing. I laughed alot reading this story. I just loved this story. I loved the ins and outs of this story. I received an ARC of this story for an honest review. Nov 08, Christi Snow rated it really liked it. At this point, I know when I go into a Kelly Apple read that it's going to be fun, fast, and really sexy.

This book did not disappoint. I read the story when I had a horrible headache, but even with that, Chance kept me giggling. I loved his snarky inner voice, while at the same time, I feel really sorry for the guy. It's hard being a horny ghost. But then he answers an ad for Pinnacle Point Pharms and meets Alison and really sexy times ensue. I'll never be able to look at a p My Quickie Review: I'll never be able to look at a powdered donut the same again.

I loved how open she was to him and helping him out. This was a really fun one and I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the series I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. Nov 25, Debi rated it liked it Shelves: Ghost of a Chance introduces us to Chance Harker.

In life, he was having a crisis In death, he's working as a PI, hanging around a swanky hotel, and feeding his new porn addiction on the manager's computer after hours. Seeing an ad for Pinnacle Point Pharma, Chance believes he can end his new found ghostly virginity. A research facility for strange and unusual sexual issues sounds so prom Ghost of a Chance introduces us to Chance Harker. A research facility for strange and unusual sexual issues sounds so promising, he pops right over.

He is spotted by a cute, pink haired staffer while he's stalking the labs. Sparks fly and it involves donuts I did get this book from Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review. Short but makes me want check out more of Kelly Apple books. Nov 17, Katrina Berry rated it it was amazing.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This is the first part of a new paranormal short story series that combines romance and the supernatural.

See a Problem?

Well-written, funny and erotic, you will find yourself easily envisioning the story as it progresses as if it were all happening right in front of you. A quick read, it is still well-done and the characters are fascinating. I giggled, laughed and snorted during some of the scenes while getting all warm and squirming in my seat at the hot I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I giggled, laughed and snorted during some of the scenes while getting all warm and squirming in my seat at the hot bits. This could easily be expanded into a full length standalone or series but even as it is, the book is fantab!!!

Kudos and thank you to Ms. Apple for the fun ride! Nov 10, Cathy Geha rated it really liked it. Chance Harker is not your typical ghost…no…he is a horny ghost on a mission.

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Sure, he helps Mitch out with the PI business and hangs around the hotel he last lived in BUT he also wants to get laid. What happens when he sees an ad posted by Pinnacle Point Pharms and goes to visit the place provides a new twist on steamy erotica that I have never before imagined. I see a series in the future with potential that will be readers by those who might want to chuckle over a bit of paranorma What a hoot! I see a series in the future with potential that will be readers by those who might want to chuckle over a bit of paranormal erotica. Thank you to NetGalley and Season Publishing for the copy of this short story to read and review.

Jan 10, Reelika Raimet rated it it was amazing. Feb 11, Kris rated it liked it Shelves: Stephanie Once Upon a Chapter rated it liked it Dec 07, Denise rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Brenda rated it liked it Jun 07, I'm going to assume that Ghost of a Chance is the result of the unfortunate intersection of an author getting a nice, fat advance for a story proposal with that author's inability to connect with his characters.

Because-- day-yum --this was bad. There are some neat ideas in Ghost of a Chance--the fusion of technology and magic, elder gods who are more "real" than reality--but I am going to assume, given his long body of work and fan base, that Simon R. There are some neat ideas in Ghost of a Chance--the fusion of technology and magic, elder gods who are more "real" than reality--but they are buried in the layers of a shit sandwich of repetition. Enter our intrepid heroes from the Carnacki Institute. The Carnacki Institute being the run-of-the-mill secret agency devoted to hunting paranormal beasties and ghoulies.

Hey, I can't knock the trope; I've used it my stories. First, there JC Chance, the suave leader who is too confident for his team's good. Then there's Melody, the geek girl, who cares more about high tech gadgetry than people. And finally, there's the ironically named, Happy, an over-medicated, neurotic psychic. That, folks, is the extent of characterization. In lieu of giving the characters any kind of character arc, any real personality, the narrative instead reminds the reader, incessantly, that JC is confident; Melody loves technology; and Happy is Dialogue consists of witty banter, which, after about pages, moves from clever to tiresome.

Basically, Happy moans and groans, begging to take his pills; JC tells him, "No, be strong," and Melody scowls and announces that her machines are picking up massive readings, power she's never seen before. This, for pages. JC is the only one who gets character development, in the form of an awkward and unbelievable love story. First, there's a brief mention of how JC, for all his urbane charms, has never been in love and therefore, is really a sad, sad fellow. A few pages later, he meets the ghost of a beautiful girl and falls into too-stupid-to-live love.

He runs off to save ghost girl from the villain, leaving the rest of his team to fight their rivals from the evil Crowley Project. Erik and Natasha, also cardboard characters, are nevertheless the most interesting characters in the story. Especially Erik, with his cat's head computer. The antagonist is the standard, ultimate-evil-out-to-destroy-all-that-is-good-and-fuzzy archetype, right down to the evil "Bwah-ha-ha" laugh. The imagery is vivid and gory, but unoriginal, "hellish" stuff. Demons, blood, and more blood. As a reader who grew up on a steady diet of Stephen King and other horror writers, I found it downright mild.

I may give Green's Nightside novels a try, but this is the first and only Ghost Finders novels for me. Jun 07, Elspeth marked it as dnf Shelves: I don't know what it is about this book, I have tried to read it a couple of times now. It just doesn't hold my interest, and Green isn't nearly as funny as he thinks he is.

Feb 04, Squee rated it did not like it. I'm starting to think that I'm some kind of literary masochist. The last several books I've read have been downright painful, and Ghost of a Chance does nothing to break my unlucky streak.

Ghost of a Chance

The book starts out with the three main characters setting up shop for some ghost catching. Cue the clumsy infodump summarizing each character. There's a rapid buildup for something scary--it's terrifying and off the scales and eeeeeeevil! But their leader, stereotypically brash, oh-so-handsome and overconfide I'm starting to think that I'm some kind of literary masochist. But their leader, stereotypically brash, oh-so-handsome and overconfident JC Chance, stays totally cool and fixes it all in a snap.

This encounter, while made to sound like a big deal, was just a warm-up. They return to home base, a supernatural fighting- and studying- organization called the Carnacki Institute, and are immediately redeployed to investigate a disturbance in the London Underground. There's a gradual buildup for something scary--it's terrifying and off the scales and eeeeeeevil! But JC, once again, stays totally cool and fixes it all in a snap in the last ten pages or so. Once they reach the Big Bad, it's over pretty quickly.

There's so much fail in this book it's hard to know where to start. Each character can pretty much be reduced to two or three character traits, and only JC gets any development and his character development is terribly cliche and makes no sense based on what the reader already knows of him. There is so much infodumping and summarizing in this book that it almost feels like author's notes rather than narrative in places. Here, for example, is the introduction to the Crowley Project: Whereas the Carnacki Institute is concerned with gathering knowledge of the unseen world in order to protect Humanity, the Crowley Project doesn't give a damn.

All they care about is amassing knowledge and power for the sake of the Project. The only investigate hauntings so they can take advantage of the situation and exploit it for their own ends. Some say they want to rule the world, and some say they already do. The Crowley Project loot and brutalise all the manifestations of the unseen world because they want to know the secrets of Life and Death. They want to rule not only this world but the afterworlds, too.

They want it all. Some of them eat ghosts, consuming their energies and absorbing their knowledge and memories. Some of them create bad places on purpose, poisoning the psychic wells of the world with awful technologies and bad intent, dripping bloody bait into the waters to attract otherworldly monsters. For the fun of it, and the sport. They create disasters and glory in destruction, and dance in the aisles of crashing planes. Just because they can. Do what thou wilt is the whole of their law. They are the main rivals of the Carnacki Institute, and so it has been for centuries.

Because the Light must always be at war with the Dark, or because Good and Evil simply cannot abide each other; or maybe because every coin must have two sides. Two organizations, forever at each other's throats; two small fish in a pond that is so much bigger than either of them have ever realized. The above passage is the narrator, not a character. It's one of the most ham-fisted, simplistic descriptions I've ever read.

Nancy Drew villains were more dimensional and better described. I've never read another book by this author but I know he's published quite a few books, yet this is woefully amateur work. Despite being evil evil evil puppy-kicking do-no-gooders, the two representatives of the Crowley Project that we meet end up teaming up with and helping the Good Guys. Then there's the gender and race fail. The main female character is Melody Chambers, described at least twice as "girl geek". That sound you hear? It's me rolling my eyes right out of my head. Melody seems to have little purpose in the book except to fuss over some gadgets and declare that her readings are off the charts!

Her instruments and readings do absolutely nothing to advance the plot. It's stupid, but I'm gonna do it! There are also lots of snide comments about her sex life holy shit, women have sex?! She declares near the end of the book that she intends to reward Happy Jack with sex for saving her life.

The male characters, unsurprisingly, are not treated this way. And then there's Natasha. She is the first and only clearly labeled POC in the novel, and here are some of the phrases used to describe her upon her introduction: Also, she's wearing a pink leather catsuit, the preferred attire of "half-breed" "femme fatales" the world over. I should note for the sake of balance that both the Carnacki Institute and the Crowley Project are headed by women Kim is dead and only appears in the novel as a ghost, but that doesn't stop JC from inexplicably stepping well out of his shallowly-defined character to fall in love with her at first sight.

Despite already being dead, Kim is in danger from the Big Bad Evil Whatever which is literally pulling her around to lure JC away from his companions. He fights off the Evil's illusions with his own willpower, and battles his way through multiple train cars full of demons to rescue a dead woman that he just fell in love with. The demons tear him up, as well they should, but fear not: Said girlfriend fawns over JC, constantly reaffirming his awesomeness just in case we didn't catch how awesome he was from the narrator's fawning. The only time I liked Kim was when she put the poor cat out its misery--she was mostly just there to motivate JC.

While the male characters avoid the unnecessary sexualization that the female characters receive, they don't really do much better in the characterization department. JC is a Mary Sue, a know-everything badass who knows or figures out all the answers and can literally kick demon ass.

A bunch of demons. With divine intervention when he finally becomes overwhelmed. And no, there is never a solid explanation given for this. Happy Jack has the potential to be interesting--a telepath in the world described in this book would pretty much have to be, as he is, heavily medicated, depressed, and nervous, but he just comes off as whiny and tedious most of the time. His biggest accomplishments in the book are in tandem with Natasha, undermining his standalone usefulness. Erik Grossman oh, how cleverly named these characters are!

Combine Boris Badenov with Dr. Frankenstein, give the result an extra coat of slime and bad dialogue, and you have Erik. There was no real camaraderie between the characters. In fact, if this book is any indication, I'm not sure that this author can characterize his way out of a paper bag. Which is a shame, really, because when the author isn't endlessly infodumping, poorly characterizing, and putting out cringeworthy dialogue, he's pretty damn good at creating a chilling atmosphere and vivid, horrific imagery.

There are some really unsettling passages in this novel. Alas, they never last and are quickly undermined by JC's ability to shrug it all off. Oct 04, JC rated it did not like it. Do NOT buy this book! It's not even worth the nickel you'd have to pay. I think the publisher was so desperate for a new Simon R. Green series that they took his first draft and just edited it for spelling and grammar and published it.

The dialog between the characters is stilted with the only interesting bits coming when they're bic Do NOT buy this book! The dialog between the characters is stilted with the only interesting bits coming when they're bickering. Bickering is fine, but when they ceased there was no longer any differentiation in their individual voices.

The story telling is ham-fisted at best, with little or no suspense built up between scenes. The entire book telegraphs itself from beginning to end. I knew from the beginning how the book would go, and wasn't surprised that it ended the way it did. In fact, the only thing that did surprise me about the ending was that I actually made it to the end. What's really sad is that it did have enormous potential. Ghosts, ancient beasts, telepaths, demons, techno-mages, and a main character with an overconfidence problem Instead all that potential just comes off like an ambitious story that got handed to a lazy and mediocre writer.

I would hope Ace fantasy would realize what they did to ruin this book, but when its sales tank if they tank , they'll more likely just blame Green and say, "stick the Nightside series, Simon. May 08, Carly rated it it was ok Shelves: I've now read at least one book in most of Simon R. Green's major series, and I think I'm going to give up. I find the concepts of his books tantalizing in general, and even though there's nothing I fundamentally dislike about his books, I'm just somehow the wrong audience type.

Ghost of A Chance is an urban-fantasy action adventure story--basically what you'd get if you mashed together Ghostbusters with James Bond. Something has taken over the Underground. Commuters have been whisked away by ghost trains and terrible things have bubbled up from the deeps.

Most of the commuters who could be salvaged are now sectionable. Due to my disapproval of GR's new and rather subjective review deletion policy , The rest of this review can be found on Booklikes. View all 9 comments. Feb 21, Caressa rated it did not like it. Ok, I know not to judge a book by its cover, but honestly, who hasn't picked up a novel because the jacket art was compelling? Or likewise passed on an amazing sci-fi or fantasy novel because the jacket was ridiculous? Whoever did the artwork for this novel ought to be fined for dishonesty in advertising.

My husband was startled when I started laughing hysterically two pages into the story. Yep, it was when I read the physical descriptions of our "heroes. Our other sidekick, Happy, who looks like an irritatingly yuppy chap on the book cover, is actually the British embodiment of Seinfeld's overweight balding loser George Costanza.

Dumb Bunnies - Ghost of a Chance

Oh how I laughed and laughed. And then I put the book down. Nov 30, Chris rated it did not like it Shelves: Made it to page 66, then put it down for a few weeks and have no interest in going back to it. Elspeth's review nails it. View all 6 comments. Nov 15, Kori Klinzing rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Honestly, this was my least favorite Green book to date. I'm used to his often absurd situations, but this book didn't stand out among the rest of his books, it just seemed like one among the herd, though it was still an entertaining read. The characters all had that somewhat sarcastic and often preachy quality to them that his main characters often do, and frankly, it made his three main characters difficult to tell apart. Which is really bad, considering that he gave them such different backgr Honestly, this was my least favorite Green book to date.

Which is really bad, considering that he gave them such different backgrounds. And the fact that it's yet another Secret Agent type book doesn't do much to distinguish it. But the plot itself was fast paced enough to keep one's interest, and the ending had a nice, incredibly Green twist to it. But my biggest complaint was the romantic entanglements in this book. Green has written romance before, and while it's not his forte, he's always let his characters ease into the relationship so that it at least seems like a natural culmination of something.

It is so not the case in this book. Frankly, it looks like someone told him it needed more romance, so he just stuck something in there. The relationship between JC and the ghost, Kim, pretty much just happened at first sight. JC sees her across a platform and is so enamored with her that he's willing literally go through hell to save her, not to mention abandoning his teammates in the middle of a battle with enemy agents.

Which is just the advantage the bad guys needed to best them. And when Melody and Happy finally get out of the situation, they don't even berate him for it! JC is so in love with this ghost, that he goes from being the Bad Ass Normal, to having some celestial force from Outside our realm lend him it's power. Between that and the supposed suddenly sexual relationship between Melody and Happy based on gratitude, which seemed out of character for the sarcastic and machine-loving Melody, especially since I can't even tell if they like or merely tolerate each other based on the rest of the book I was this close to setting it down.

While the big battle at the end with the Thing causing the haunting of the station was gratifying and somewhat redeemed the grafted on romance of this book, I don't know if I'll be reading the next one. Though I am looking forward to the next installment of the Nightside series. Nov 03, LJ rated it did not like it Shelves: These days, ghosts turn up in the damnedest places. Members of the Carnacki Institute JC Chance, team leader; Melody Chambers, scientist; and telepath Happy Jack Palmer; are in the London Underground due to an entity are up against employees from the Crowley Project as well as something evil in the London Underground causing the trains to eat the passengers.

I thought this would be the perfect book to read in October and it started off well.

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The first chapter is passive enough yet First Sentence: Unfortunately, things go downhill quickly from there. Where Green really lost me reading this book was the characters. In this book, not one of them is interesting, empathetic or remotely likable. Where I knew it was time to stop reading was when I found myself hoping the nasty spirits would eat all the characters. View all 3 comments. Oct 29, Verybad Pixie rated it did not like it. Such a promising premise, such a rubber stamped, ridiculous waste of time. As far as I can tell, it's because she's attractive.

Somehow I don't believe that many Londoners go around saying,"Do you want a slap? I have one around here somewhere. Another quips ala Molly Metcalf "You say the sweetest things. Instead there is a peremptory summons to report to the arbitrarily scary, cold, one dimensional female agency head. They don't want to go but have no choice. Banal, overwrought waste of time. Don't waste precious time out of your life on this one. With this book, Simon R Green has proven, without a doubt, that he is unable to right contemporary urban fantasy that does not extend beyond his Nightside and Hidden Secrets series.

I applaud him for trying to create a story line that is distinctly more realistic then the above The concept has some potential, I admit. But the characters lacked any development and were horrib With this book, Simon R Green has proven, without a doubt, that he is unable to right contemporary urban fantasy that does not extend beyond his Nightside and Hidden Secrets series.

But the characters lacked any development and were horribly flat; the dialogue could have been lifted from any of his earlier books; and the dangers they faced were Simon, you hit an area you can't write in - please stick to your other series. Or go back to straight fantasy. Just don't inflict this on us again. I'm going to read the others too. Jul 12, Laura Martinelli rated it did not like it Shelves: There are books that disappointed me.

There have been books that made me physically angry. This book holds the honor of creating the rectangle indentation in my wall. The writing is terrible. The action scenes are lazy. Oh my Lord, I could go on forever about them. The villains are a complete joke. Her creepster partner is no better. And then he gets a Heavenly power-up. Oh, by the way, I flipped to the end just to see what the deal was—Fenris is apparently the Big Bad. And the last line is Douchebag asking the Ghost Girl if she can transform herself into a sexy nurse.

Dec 30, Karissa rated it it was ok. I really love Simon Green's Nightside and also liked the first book in his Secret Histories Series the only one I have read in that series so far. So when I heard he was starting a new paranormal series called Ghost Finders, I was eager to read the first book in the series. Overall it was okay, Green has created an interesting world but the characters were a bit cliche and hard to distinguish. I was hoping for more, but what was here is a start. The book follows two teams of "ghost-hunters". The first is the Carnacki Institute, the good guys.

There team consists of JC Chance a prodigy hunter , Melody Chambers a woman very focused on her technology and Happy Jack Palmer a pill popping telepath. The second team are the Crowley Project The evil team ; this team features a La Femme Nakita kind of telepath and a psychotic surgeon.