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You may attempt to appeal your ban if you feel you have been wrongly banned. Finn and Jake's tree house I built in terraria. It seemed fitting for such an adventurous game. If I'm not mistaken, those aren't grass, but leaf walls placed using the leaf wand. If that's the case, they are indeed viable as real walls for NPCs.

I think they increased the drop rate in one of the later patches. I get them from the great tree almost every time now. Sometimes you get lucky for some things. Then you never find other things you've taken for granted lol. I dunno if they've changed it or if you guys just don't explore underground much but I've had more than I can freaking count in a single medium world, pretty much just digging straight down and exploring whatever caves I find in the process as well.

It's 2 screenshots put together. The background shifts like that as you go up, but he's not much further up so it looks repeated.

Adventure Time // Finn & Jake's Tree House - 3D model by Gustavo Santos (@gustavo__san) - Sketchfab

As someone who somehow ended up with this game in his library, but can't remember how or why, can I get an ELI5 summary of what this game is about? I love the pixel graphics but I haven't gotten around to playing it. At a glance it just looks like 2D Minecraft to me, but I hope it's much more than that.

Oh it is so much more. There is way more to discover than in Minecraft. There are Thousands of different weapons and dozens of bosses to beat but at first it can be confusing, You just have to explore and use your guide npc when you don't know what to do with something. I highly recommend visiting the Terraria wiki they have a step by step beginner guide that is helpful. Terraria is probably my favorite game of all time I highly recommend it to anyone.

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That's so weird, I literally started playing this weekend and then I get this reply. I've only played about an hour or so but I can tell it's going to be really addicting. What's the story behind the basement? I don't remember seeing all the classrooms and body of water. Those are for the NPCs in the game.

The tree house is just inspired by AT. The lake was there but i didn't want to fill it in so I just covered it. Where's the captured cloud? OMG, you're a legend! In the distant future around years , as seen in " Lemonhope Part 2 ," the tree grows much taller, reaching far up into the clouds. However, it is later revealed in the series finale " Come Along With Me " that the Tree Fort was destroyed, but a new tree was planted from a sapling of Fern's remains, revealing that the massive new tree was not the treehouse.

Robert Wilkinson Primary Project: Jake’s Treehouse

The entry to the tree fort is the storage site for the treasure Finn and Jake collect on their many adventures. Without all the heaps of gold, the entrance is a simple empty room with a wood front door on one end, and a ladder leading up into the hollow trunk of the tree on the other.

The entrance can best be seen in the episode " Video Makers " when Finn is looking for a video camera. Some of the gold was spent by them, and the rest was melted by Wildberry Princess. The treasure room is now completely barren of any treasure, with the exception of a single gold coin found by Finn at the end of the episode.

It appears to be completely hollow. The entire interior of the tree trunk is covered in boards. The hollow trunk is completely filled with treasure. There is an intricate web of ladders to get around it. One of the ladders leads up into the canopy where the living room is located. The inside of the trunk is very rarely shown as it is empty and relatively insignificant. Aside from that, it was shown in " Guardians of Sunshine " when the whole front of the tree was blown out.

The living room is furnished with a brown colored couch, a little table they put BMO on when they play video games, as seen in " Business Time " several long tables, and a large monster-skin rug. In the corner, there is an old phonograph and what looks like a wood burning stove with a pile of kindling next to it. This is the room where Finn and Jake typically spend their leisure time, usually doing activities such as watching movies or playing video games on BMO.

There is a clock on the wall that says, "Finn and Jake - Timeless. Above the couch there is a picture that seems to be a nude lady except the picture is torn over it to cover up the areas children would not want to see,as said in the paragraph below. There appear to be two living rooms: The rug room is located one floor above the couch room. The 'couch room' may be the kitchen, as it contains the semi-nude painting referred to in the Kitchen and Trivia sections below - see: Painting in Living room. The bedroom is over the living room and is accessed by a ladder made of planks nailed into the Tree Fort tree's trunk.

The jaws of a very large shark are hung on the wall over his bed and a spiked mace hangs from the ceiling. The skin of some unknown six-armed beast lies on the floor as a rug. A large tree limb growing through the room has an old battered desk on it. There is an insect in a jar under the desk, as seen in " Her Parents. Their room in this episode is much larger, more bare as the root next to the bed is gone, and it has a fireplace.

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There are also many peculiar looking television screens that are on the walls that can be found throughout the house. So far the small TV's have found no use in the series other than acting as potentially noticeable decor. On Finn's bed is his Eskimo-style sleeping bag on top of many pelts of various evil-looking furred and scaled monsters.

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Jake sleeps in an open drawer of a cabinet, which also holds his viola, a picture of Lady Rainicorn, books, bones, and some of his other personal possessions such as a mug which looks to hold milk, ties, and a locket of a "J" covered with jewels. It appears to be where Finn and Jake keeps their tools and equipment that require maintenance; it is here that Finn gains the material and equipment that he uses for creating Neptr in "What is Life? The attic is seen in "Rainy Day Daydream. There is also a picture of Lady Rainicorn near the rug.

It seems to be very dirty, and it is presumed that nobody cleans it.

Seemingly, the only way to get into the attic is from the weapon room the branch directly below by climbing into a bucket and using a pulley system to haul the person or objects up. Otherwise, one must use the bridge that is connected to the living room will grant access to the attic. It seems to be an abandoned area since there are only a few items that are useful. However, it appears that Finn and Jake do use it sometimes. The yard has several features including plants, a pond which is sometimes shown with nymphs , and currently is the residence of Football , a well, a yurt the round hut structure , a mechanical device that might be an electrical generator, and a vegetable garden in the back.

The well does not have water in it. Instead, it is the entrance to the Beneathaverse where the Gnomes rule. The Den is a small room connected with the Living Room presumably used for miscellaneous purposes.


It has a large gauntlet, a small gauntlet, and a small bomb that resembles a nuclear weapon. It also has a bookcase, a chair with a pillow, and a desk with a notebook near the large gauntlet.