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Family dinner is a great time for parents to teach and reinforce good manners. The breakdown of the family dinner has resulted in many kids missing out on proper manners that were commonplace in generations past. Not outdated traditions, but basic things like setting the table properly, holding and using utensils correctly, waiting for everyone to be served before eating, engaging in appropriate dinner conversation, excusing oneself when getting up from the table, clearing your place, and pitching in with cleanup.

When families have dinner together on a regular basis, good etiquette becomes naturally ingrained.

What to Teach

As technology has increased, certain practices have decreased. Take thank-you cards, for example. While thank-you notes can be emailed, I prefer a good old-fashioned, handwritten, snail-mail thank-you.

Why Manners Count

Writing a thank-you note, whether it be handwritten or emailed, is not only "good manners," but it also reinforces the concept of gratitude. Have your children write thank-you cards for gifts they have received.

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Obviously at the beginning, this is something the parent does, but you can include a quote about the gift from the child in the card, have them sign their own name, include a picture they drew, or involve them in another way. When children are responsible for picking up after themselves and keeping things tidy at home, these same expectations will be easier and natural to follow when they are outside of their home.

Recent research also suggests that chores build character, develop confidence, and create a sense of pride in children who do them. Children will seek and demand our attention every second if we allow them to. As parents, it is our duty to teach our children how to act in social situations—this includes conversational turn-taking and not interrupting.

Children need to be taught what's polite when meeting new people as well as greeting people with whom they are already acquainted. A great way to teach this is through role-playing. Practice making good eye contact, having a firm handshake, and using courteous salutations such as, "Nice to meet you!

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  2. 1. Model desirable behavior and manners.;
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  4. I was the unpopular kid. Now I'm a parent. Here's what I learned..

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Raising a Polite Child

Model desirable behavior and manners. Here is a link:. This is an important developmental phase taking them on to the next stage where they will have a healthy sense of self and the ability to say no when it is appropriate. They are not yet always ready to share things, though when they feel good, they may spontaneously hand a toy to another toddler.

By letting them live through this phase, and learn what it means to interact with another person, they move on to a phase where they can empathise with others, and are happy to share their things. If we try to force this too early though, they become fixated on the earlier level, because they never completed it, and this can lead to insecurity and inappropriate selfishness later. I feel like hubby and I are setting a good example for the most part but we are human and we get off track at times yelling, losing our cool, patience.

I was in the car today and she was yelling loud. Hi Brittany, I love it that you are so onto yourself! Brittany, I have a 4 year old too, as well as an 8 month old. Thank goodness someone else feels like I do! I felt terrible after first reading this article; so much of this is brand new information.

It costs $233,610 to raise a child

Parents are thrown into parenting with little or no training, and most of us who work with children started off with nothing to go on when it came to handling them, other than how we were treated by our own parents. Some of us have had to do a lot of personal healing around those issues before we were able to understand how children think and feel.

Your little ones are fortunate indeed…. Hello Heather, I am happy to know that you found the article helpful. I have also checked out your site and am happy to endorse it, since the awareness I find there is sorely needed in South Africa. I will be in touch. Thank you, this has really made me think. Thank you for helping me to be aware of the effect this would have on my daughter if I were to continue.

Thank you so much for sharing this Amelia. Wonderful that you understand these issues so well, and I am sure that your little one will grow up under your care, having learned to be spontaneous in her appreciation when she is big enough. I have a question though. My usually very polite and quiet mannered toddler was given a chocolate bar from our neighbourhood bread man today who she knows and is quite familiar with.

What should I have done in this situation? Lol any help would be appreciated! Wow… This is a tough one. Of course you have no idea why she did it, as we never know what makes toddlers say what they do. She might just have wanted him to give it to her not you, or a hundred other things, like she might not have been the the mood for it at that very moment toddlers have not yet learned to be dishonest, so she was just saying what she felt at the time.

This makes the giver feel good, and models polite behaviour for the child, without pressurising her. Thank you for your reply. Again, thanks for your input, I really appreciate it. I was very shy and I know my parents only made me feel more social anxiety by trying to push me to talk.

They do what they see us doing. Thank you for this reminder! Unfortunately many of the good behaviors are diminishing instead of developing as she gets older which puts more pressure on us as the little brother copies her almost always! By the way, with teachers at school, she is extremely polite.

The comments I get from neighbors or school about her might as well be about another child bc she is not polite like that at all with us at home!!! Thanks for ur help: Hi Sher, I hear you that this is becoming a big problem for you.

I was the unpopular kid. Now I'm a parent. Here's what I learned. - CNN

They probably know inside that they need to have a big cry to feel better, so they will push the boundaries, unconsciously wanting you to set a limit so that they can get it all out. Just stay nearby and let them know you understand that they are upset and are creating a safe space for them to get the upset out. Sometimes you have to physically restrain them, though often they just want to know you are nearby and that you understand they are upset.

Once they have done enough crying, they will be calm, peaceful and well behaved. So wishing you luck and let us know how it goes. Your email address will not be published.

Flag Day & Flag Etiquette

Raising a Polite Child 33 Comments. A smile A nod Direct eye contact Playfulness A physical touch they initiate Excited behaviour A shout of joy Skipping or jumping up and down. This entry was posted in Confident Kids and tagged aware parenting , child , childrearing , children , confident kids , conscious kids , make it fun , polite kids , toddlers.

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