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I convinced her to let me hold the Ring. I ran my finger over the sides of the solid-gold ring's etched grape vines. The vines felt inert. I examined the purple cluster of grapes set atop the Ring. At each Sovereign's coronation, he would add a grape to the cluster. I ran my forefinger over the cluster. I felt each grape. As I'd suspected, the deep purple grapes were sculpted from a rare color of precious opal.

Precious opal can be manipulated to transmit on a low intensity frequency, but because of its density, it can't transmit more than a few mikra. I didn't know why, but somehow the Ring was transmitting a signal that interfered with Sini's implant. As I suspected, if the Ring was removed a short distance from Sini, it would be out of its transmission range.

She fell asleep while I held the Ring. She'd be able to sleep as long as she didn't wear the Ring. When I have time, I'll look into what could cause the Ring to transmit that signal. I'd procrastinated and never taken the time, and my inattention caused Sini, not me, to suffer. The only logical hypothesis I could come up with was that the Ring had adjusted the strength of its signal.

I had to figure out how and why.

A Bastard's Oath

Because of the great distance that a properly manipulated fire opal can transmit, Sibyls use fire opal pendants for wireless access from anywhere on Tirano to Vision, their vast computer network. If the answer to Sini's problem existed, Vision's search engines would find it. For two deci, I searched Vision for every variant of "opal" and "transmission" that I could think of, but I kept coming up with the same result.

Every variety of precious opal was too dense to transmit more than a few mikra. I'd reached a dead end on precious opal. The only thing I could think of was that at least one of the grapes on the Ring's cluster was a different type of opal that could transmit a further distance. Tomorrow, I'd have to convince Sini to let me examine the Ring's cluster, grape by grape. With my mind wound so tight from frustration, I knew I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. Zhun'Mar's portfolio caught my eye. His historical archives were notoriously dull reading guaranteed to act as a soporific.

I could accomplish two things at once. After viewing a few milli of an archive I'd be anaesthetized, and I could later tell Sini that I'd found the archives useful. I opened the portfolio. It didn't contain as many archives as I thought it would. I flipped through the archive inserts. All but one of the labels were written in a language I couldn't decipher. I never did figure out how the dancing lights related to an archive entitled "Vineyard Micro Management - A rainbow of colors swirled on top of table.

I sighed, another light show. That typified the night, another dead end. I reached to turn the reader off. A female face confronted me. If not for the depth of the crow's feet around her eyes and her gray-streaked black hair, the image could have been Mom. In fact, if I had a maternal grandmother instead of a maternal genome chart, that's how I always imagined she'd look. But I get ahead of myself. My story begins decades ago on Terra with my projection of the effects of the Precession of the Equinoxes Cataclysm.

This must be a novel archive instead of historical data.

How to become an Outlier

I hadn't viewed a good novel in ages and a good old-fashioned cataclysm always hooks me. Even though I was intrigued, the effect of the long spin overpowered my urge to stay up all night reading. I needed some sleep if I was to help Sini. Instead, I'd view a little of the novel each night before going to bed, beginning tomorrow.

At the time, I thought it would be a relaxing diversion from the stress of trying to solve Sini's nightmares. Little did I realize the significance of what I would learn! It reputedly contained a treasure trove of vintages from the Arvor Rwohn Vineyard before the Radani poxxra wiped out all of Tirano's original vineyards. Sini's love of wine matched mine, so hopefully she'd enjoy the day even though I hadn't solved her nightmare problem. A Vhirko opened the door to Sini's quarters and I entered. Sini sat alone at the alcove's conference table.

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The bags under her eyes had deepened overnight. She poured herself a cup of tea. But I've got an idea I'd like to test. I couldn't imagine how she kept from scalding her throat. She poured another cup. They were made of the same type of precious opal. The other grapes looked the same, so I assumed they were precious opal too. I'm not so certain now. After a few lacti, she spoke. The other opal might have programmed not to begin transmission until the feedback indicated the precious opal's signals weren't received.

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Who would anyone go to all that trouble, and why? But one step at a time. First, we see if there's a different opal hidden in the cluster. Then, we figure out why. As I reached for the Ring, Sini's private vid-console beeped. She pulled her hand back. They haven't left me alone all morning. Can't I have a moment's rest? If you don't answer, the Vhirko will think something's wrong and storm full force through the door. I don't want that when I'm examining the Ring.

I handed her the Ring and she slipped it on her finger. The holo of a plump, balding man appeared. The Count raised his head. I see Lord Chancellor Kuinsi is present. For reasons I never comprehended, Rheginahld Nhoth had served as Speaker of the Archonan Assembly for more than a deka even though his father was the disgraced and thankfully dead Colonel Ohlav Nhoth who tried to usurp the Throne and kill Tarnlot.

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