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Using water on a tissue turned a VG book into a Fine book. It did remove some dye, but it doesn't show on the book, just on the tissue.

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Sometimes paint or plaster drips can be chipped off with a knife. I prefer a pocket or steak knife with a rounded blade. The third method is the magic Magic Rub eraser. They work on uncoated paper better than the above solvents. I spent an hour cleaning a Ruttledge Everest DJ that was intact but being white paper, showed a lot of dirt.

It came out sparkling. I used to get these erasers at art supply stores or Walmart. Now I buy boxes of a dozen on Amazon. Wear one down so you have a 1' x 1' surface to rub with see photo below. Get extra Magic Rub erasers to have one everywhere you handle books. Magic Rub Eraser worn down to make a larger and softer erasing surface. When traveling I make my own hand wipes by rolling a white wash cloth and placing it in a zip-lock bag.

Pour in some alcohol, and the cloth will stay wet a long time. Turn it over when it gets dirty. Boneshaker by Cherie Priest Boneshaker is set in an alternate-history Seattle with deadly zombie gas! Cherie Priest may have returned to the South, but she's certainly left her mark on the Pacific Northwest. I love all of the Clockwork Century books, but Boneshaker is known and loved for a reason.

But even better is a whole collection. Hoffman is a brilliant Oregon author who is often overlooked and underappreciated. Permeable Borders is a collection about place and family and magic… and if you're lucky, inanimate objects may start talking to you. Traveling carnies Al and Lil Binewski breed their own carnival oddities through drug experimentation and radiation. Their children include a boy-fish, conjoined twins, a hunchbacked albino dwarf, and one son without any such talents.

Well, the siblings fight, the carnival becomes a cult, and things spiral out of control Okay, maybe it's not all set in the Northwest, but it certainly packs a punch. At once humorous as well as speculative, in this all-too-short collection, July is a roller coaster of emotions. Reading it is like listening to the saddest Morrissey song on repeat while watching old Chris Farley clips. In one word, perfection. The First Machine Dynasty by Madeline Ashby Religion turns to science to provide for those left behind in the coming end times, resulting in self-replicating humanoids for humanity's use.

Set in a near-future Pacific Northwest sparsely populated after an enormous earthquake, this robot family drama follows the growing pains of Amy and her psychotic clade-type of Stepford wives.


Artificial Intelligence and its evolution — and mankind's relationship to it — is explored in this fast-paced adventure. A visit to the Virtual Reality Museum of Seattle's Pike Place Market is one of the more interesting stops during Amy's escape from bounty hunters and the government. Ricochet River by Robin Cody I'm usually not drawn to "coming-of-age stories," but this one stuck with me. Set in the s in the fictional Oregon town of Calamus, it follows three high school kids as they struggle with small-town life.

I grew up in a small, rural logging town, and Cody nailed the type of people and places with which I was raised. The whole novel resonated with and reflected my own adolescent experiences. Vlautin creates a short, enjoyable, sad, and humorous tale that got me hooked on his novels. The Motel Life is the perfect read for something simple yet very well written. Who in Hell Is Wanda Fuca? Ford The first in Ford's Leo Waterman Mystery series, this book captures the character of Seattle and the Northwest and introduces a terrific private eye.

Waterman gets entangled with environmental activists when he goes looking for the missing granddaughter of a local mobster. Northwesterners will know who Wanda Fuca is, but there are many more twists in this offbeat noir. When the new patient Randle McMurphy shows up, he brings some much-needed relief. This is one of my favorite books.

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Dies the Fire by S. Stirling wrote about what would happen in the Pacific Northwest after technology dies, the last supermarket has been looted, and the government collapses. Dies the Fire sweeps away the zombies and gets to the really interesting part: How would we survive if civilization collapsed?

You can't help but imagine whether you'd take up a sword, grab a bicycle, or sow seeds after the apocalypse.

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Part homesteading, part medieval fiefdom, and part wilderness survival, this story's long arc holds everything together with a little romance and enough gore to keep things interesting. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie The engaging story and believable characters can pull in reluctant readers, but this novel has appeal for all ages.

Alexie has a talent for expressing emotional truths without coming across as sentimental. This is the kind of book you want to keep handy so that you can pass it on to friends. Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn Half-human, half-Faerie, three sisters are torn between two worlds. A shape-shifter, a vampire, and a witch, the D'Artigo sisters are fighting to save Seattle from being taken over by Shadow Wing. Each book in the series rotates through the sisters' points of view while they continue to fight evil, create a makeshift family, and fall in love. Gloss did her research, drawing on pioneer journals and hand-me-down stories, and she writes with a quiet restraint that respects the characters and their vast surroundings.

Anyone interested in what life was actually like for Oregon's pioneers will love this book.

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It's the real deal. Ten by Gretchen McNeil Looking for a good fright? This book has all the hallmarks of a horror film, and a great twist at the end. McNeil gets all the details of the Puget Sound spot on, making it spooky in how familiar it feels. Set along the northern Oregon coast range in the late s, Trask was inspired by the life of settler, mountain man, and fur trapper Elbridge Trask for whom both a river and a mountain are named here in the Beaver State.

Trask is more than mere historical fiction, however; it is also an insightful and exceptionally well-crafted novel that captures the great uncertainty and promise the settlers undoubtedly knew all too well. A Memoir by Tobias Wolff Wolff's memoir retells his hardscrabble childhood in a dysfunctional family, but rather than inspire sympathy or pity, he evokes laughter.

Wolff's teenage years, spent in Skagit County, Washington, are filled with the desperation of enormous creativity trapped in a midcentury small town, which left me rooting for young Tobias's escape through whatever dubious means necessary. I read this in a memoir-writing class, and for me it exemplifies the fusion of humor and hardship.

Fire at Eden's Gate: Much like its subject, this engaging biography is characterized by its abundance of both verve and aplomb — an exceptional work that recalls the labors of an exceptional leader. Whether for crafting a portrait of an important political figure, or for distilling the unique essence of an American epoch, or simply because it is an altogether intriguing work of nonfiction, Fire at Eden's Gate is an important, singular, and unforgettable work that should be read by every Pacific Northwesterner.

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This is a decidedly idiosyncratic and personal book. Palahniuk's Portland is eccentric, dysfunctional, and perverse. If you're new to Palahniuk's work, this book may win you over. Raised on a Willamette Valley settlement in the early 20th century, Whiteley claimed to write this diary on scraps of paper at the age of six. Though her claims were disputed both in her lifetime and after, her writing is a unique window into our relationship with the natural world.

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Hidden History of Portland, Oregon by J. Chandler As a fan of local history, I found this volume to be a fascinating and enlightening collection of vignettes on the subject of civil rights in Portland and Oregon at large. These are stories you have probably never heard — stories about the displacement, mistreatment, and murder of the native population, the isolation and domestic violence endured by pioneer women, the struggles of black Portlanders against "socially accepted" racial segregation, the Chinese Exclusion Act, and more.

If you enjoy learning about local history or if you have a passion for civil rights, you will find this book immensely gratifying. Sky Time in Gray's River: Living for Keeps in a Forgotten Place by Robert Michael Pyle Pyle beautifully and poetically captures both time and place in this collection of essays.

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Village life and nature entwine in Gray's River, a tiny hamlet in rural southwest Washington, as Pyle meditates on the cycles of human, flora, and fauna. At once an accounting of both a year in passing as well as a simpler time in the not-too-distant past. Wildmen, Wobblies and Whistle Punks: Wildmen, Wobblies and Whistle Punks is a career-spanning collection of over two dozen pieces set mostly in Holbrook's beloved Oregon.