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This extra interest is guaranteed— even when interest rates go down again. Monthly Income You can choose to have your interest as monthly income if you wish. Or give 90 days' notice and lose nothing. At any Nationwide branch or agent. Investors, who comply with the statutory requirements, should reap the benefit of BES relief ' oh the subscription price of their shares, The Subscription List opened at 10 am on ' Wednesday, 27th February, and will be dosed not later than 5 p.

Shares will ss a be allotted on 18th March sufcjectto the ss B minimum subscription being received. Applications will only he accepted on ilw basis of information in the prospectus on the official application form a tthelcic k. Applications will be considered srrioJy in the onier in which they are received. Copies oflheProsxKtuswfth application forms attached, on which basts onlyapplicatiOflS for shares will be accepted, arcavailabiefrooi: The steep decline highlights the potential importance for higher-rate taxpayers to be allowed to dakn income tax re?

Losses on share transactions can generally only he used to reduce capital gains tax liability. So the maximum tax savings wiH be 30 per cent of the amount of the loss. But the Finance Act provides for orb Case in which a taxpayer can opt to set a capital loss against income rather than gains, thereby reducing his in- come tax bill at has marginal rate of up to 60 per- cent. This special relief is available only where the shares on which the loss has been Incurred are not quoted on the Stock Exchange.

There is a further condition. The investor must have acquired his shares from the company itself rather than from a third party. The snag with Acorn is the way in which the offer for sale was structured. All the new shares were subscribed for by Its merchant bankers, Lazar d Brothers, and then sold on to the public by Lazards. This means that investors were tech- nically buying shares from Lazards rather than from Acorn itself.

On a strict interpreta- tion the relief is not available — and that is apparently the view of the Inland Revenue. As in a normal CGT case, the shares must either have been sold or else declared of negli- gible value see below. A claim for relief must be made within 2 years of the 'tax year in which the loss arises. After that the loss will be available only for offsetting against a capital gains tax bill. Even if your losses are not within this privileged category you may still be able to put them to good use. Whatever the tax planning considerations, an investor will often be unwilling to cash in a loss, clinging fervently, if unrealistically, to recovery hopes.

The Capital Gains Tax Act pro-: If, for whatever reason;-: The opportunities to use these privileges in year-end tax plan- ning have expanded dramati- cally over the past two years. Last week's article and deci- sion tree suggested that savings through a pension plan would be a sound investment for almost every taxpayer. Publicity and Government action have opened, up many more oppor- tunities for the individual employee and the self-employed to start up and adjust pension contributions.

If you are self-employed or employed but not in an occupa- tional pension scheme, you can contribute a maximum of The right to carry back relief over six years is the biggest advantage that pension contri- butions have over the Business Expansion Scheme. This allows full tax relief on an investment in most unquoted companies but involves much higher risks than pension contributions. The biggest disadvantage of using a pension as a tax efficient method of investment Is that you will probably have to leave your money tied up until you retire.

A loan-back through the com- pany which has organised your pension plan is easiest to obtain through an Insurance company,. This could cover most of your contributions for this year. The only major constraint is that you cannot use your pen- sion. But be careful not to end up paying excessively high rates- of. But if you have cash available, most pension schemes allow em- ployees to enhance their pen- sion rights by making Additional Voluntary Contribu- tions.

BUt note that the Inland Revenue allows employees to contribute a maximum of only 15 per cent of their earnings each year into an occupational scheme. More seriously, some extra contributions could be wasted if you have invested more In your pension plan than is neces- sary to fund the maximum per- missible pension — normally two-thirds of final salary. Clive Wolman 1 m n i ST. It informs and advises on all aspects of finance and business, with articles on UK and foreign investment, pro- perly, pensions, taxation and insurance.

It enter- tains and informs on matters of health, educa- tion, travel and leisure — all of this every month. Tens of thousands of expatriates around the world already benefit from this magazine — ask yourself if you can afford not to join them. We Can Make Make At this time of change in the Financial Markets, this could be an 1 appropmte opportunity for you to review your own financial strategy: Investors in low-yielding gilt unit trusts such as the Abbey Capital Reserve trust will be affected.

Their methods of con- verting income into lightly taxed capital gains, by selling gilts before the dividend is due, are the specific 1 target of the new rules. The basic rate taxpayers who invested substantial sums in one of the dividend stripping gilt Or local authority bond schemes managed by Barlow Clowes or Poiolon York, will also find such investments less profit- able. But the greatest immediate damage will be suffered by those who invested directly as Individuals in the short-dated gilt market for specific pur- poses.

If you wished to tic up your money for less than six months, the most attractive option was to buy a short-dated gilt on which a dividend had recently been paid. You could then sell it within six months, before the next dividend was due. By then, the price of the gilt should have risen above your purchase price in anticipation of the dividend pay-out But by taking the return in the form oF capital gains rather than income, you could avoid paying income tax at your top marginal rate.

Gains might have been sub- ject to capital gains tax CGT at 30 per cent, but only if you had used up your annual exemption from CGT on gains valued, in. If you were worried about paying CGT. You would then have to pay Income on the two half-yearly dividends you received, but your capital gains would be tax free. From now on, the taxman may impose income tax only on your dividends but also on the accru- ing Interest on your gills as the dividend date approaches.

The amount of interest that has accrued by the date you sell will be calculated according to the formula used by the Stock Exchange for short-dated gilts. Jf you achieve genuine capital gains on year gilt holdings because of a cut in interest rates, that element of your returns will remain subject to the favourable. There is a further concession.

Transitional arrangements for the next 12 months should pro- vide comfort for many private investors. But with its Pension-. Save, Nationwide Is handling the whole operation. Under current legislation, only life companies can under- "vrite pension contracts, so Nationwide has linked up with Abbey Life assurance ana used: Marketing and investment will be handled entirely by Nationwide.

Abbey Life's agents will not he allowed to market the plan. Contributions win be col- lected by Nationwide and passed over to Abbey Life which will invest them back in a special PensiouSave fond run by ' Nationwide. But Nationwide should be able to do better. The self-employed can con- tinue the inflation-proofing in retirement by using the accu- mulated fund to buy an index- linked annuity from Abbey Life or any other life company mar- keting such annuities.

For investors who want a guaranteed return on their sav- ings that matches inflation, with something over, then this plan will attract them. This leads on to the second feature — marketing by Nation- wide staff. Tim Melvill e-Ross has been an innovator since joining Nationwide. This is his first major initiative since taking over as chief general manager earlier this month. He intends that at least one person in each branch should be trained to advise and market the pension plans.

Pensions advice to the self- employed comes in two stages: Bristol and West Britannia 7. SQ Century Edinburgh 8. Cheltenham, and Gloucester — -Citizens Regency — 7. Current account 3-year bond. No notice, 3 months' penalty Capital share. No notice, 1 month's penalty 5. No interest penalty 9.

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On demand, no pen. Also Monthly Income S. On demand with penalty 9. No penalty 9J80 3 years, 9. Inst, access no pen. Other accounts available 9. All these rates are after basic rate tax liability has been. This means liaising with the investor's accountant 9 Deciding where to invest the contributions. But all too often, advisers, concentrate on the second stage and simply ask the seif- employed person how much he can afford, to invest One suspects that most Nationwide staff providing pen- sions advice will follow the second course. If they are trained to provide a full service they could earn far more with a registered insurance broker or financial planner — but the intention is that they will re- main on staff.

The commission paid by Abbey Life will go to the society, not the advisor. This leads on to the third feature. Abbey Life is paying Nation- wide commission rates at the top of the scales laid down by the Registry of Life Assurance Commissions. In theory, such sums should be paid only to expert independent inter- mediaries.

Your lax inspector will have the right to tax any accrued interest on your gilt and other bond holdings over the next 12 months. You will not be taxed on accrued income over the next year if the value of the accrued income is less than per cent of your divi- dend income from the same holdings. So if you have been bond washing regularly for the last few years, you will be able to continue doing so for another 12 months. In that case, you should sell your stock as soon as possible, and possibly reinvest your money in a low-coupon gilt. The price of high coupon gilts Fell back sharply when the news of the tax change was announced.

Since then the price has partially recovered, so you should not suffer much of a loss by selling now. Low coupon and index-linked stocks from. They will, usually offer better value to basic rate taxpayers too.

Holders of low coupon and index-linked gilts have bene- fited from price rises over the past two days, as a result of the tax change. So too have those unit trusts, such as the. Britannia Growth Gilt fund, which invested in low coupon gilts. But gUt unit trusts such as the Abbey Capital Reserve fund, which relied on selling high coupon gilts before their dividend dates, will find their style cramped, at least from next February. The difficulties will be. Ifyon do deride to change groups, perhapt to switch to bettarpeifiuming fonds or as a OPT makes portability work.

We call it optaKKfy. Secondly there arernany wdl-run. Cnntzan nous wili noitnally be isttiad within boo days of receipt of appKcuisM. Unfti can be realised at ary time and payment -will n o rm ally be mad e. Andiied annual accounts tnll hr wit to uoithokhnand a irpon on thr progreo of the Food, together tt-nh a bst ol t-jrtcnr hokfinca.

There in Tankenstein, a threefoot-tall character house 7-; eyes reveal water bubbling IT- merrily away inside his un- ji lagged body while steam comes out of his seams, and Dragula a fireeating creature snorting out smoke in a draughty room. Ghostly gusts waft through the cracks around doors and windows, and Demons Bill and Demand gloatingly tot up the cash as the meters spin round.. The kids will love it, but all this is part of a serious effort " by the Energy Efficiency Official EEO , set up by the govern- ment in October After the ' horrors watch out for the hooded monk and the odd bat or two , the hard sell begins V with a bumper bundle of useful 7.

This sets out the actual amounts that should j, be saved on fuel bills when everything is done properly. For new mortgage appli- cants, part of the valuation re- port now has a special section. Pin-pointed are such items as lagging for hot water cylinder and exposed pipes, loft insula- tion. Details letterbox flaps need draught- proofing. Tbesociety will help you pay for any work. But do not ex- pect instant results in an old house. One of the greast factors effecting heat loss in any build-. Homes; ing is it shape.

The more sur- brought face area a building has, the greater the heat loss. A rect- angular building will tend to trap heat and arr in the top corners, while with a spherical shape the air will circulate more easily. So, could you live in tern of energy rating for homes. Nectar the company that the idea across the Atlantic, says that building regulations approval has been given for the timber-framed, structure which is wholly factoryq-made. Details on A showhouse under construction from F. Developers and archi- tects have been asked to sub- mit plans for homes for first- time buyers,, and higherpriced bousing, all to achieve -a high degree of energy efficiency.

Building will begin on the Exhibitioo. Peter Walker's recent can for conser- vation as a major feature of all homes, old and hew, is welcome, but with so many bodies involved;' surely some-: British and French in search of retirement places in the sun. After three years in the dol- drums, the property market is coming back to life.

The large luxury hotels that dominate the Croisette — the elegant promenade that frames ' the waterfront — have also been finding new customers to re- place their v anishing traditional clientele. In its stately and old- fashioned way, Cannes is com- peting more aggressively for the lucrative international business of congresses, business conventions and H Incentive " trips — the excursions companies lay on to reward deserving em- ployees. Fortune has even been smiling on the casino. Some 90 per cent of receipts came from 50 to players, a. But since Cannes experi- enced an abrupt end to the property.

Worst hit was the market for medium-price fiats FFr 17, to FFr In Cannes about per cent of estate agents have gone out of business and the number of building firms has fallen by 40 per cent. Promotion of new Prices were held down both by the recession and by the loss of confidence that followed the devaluation of the French franc after the Socialists took office in French purchasers also suffered from the introduction of the wealth tax in France, and by regulations designed to stop French citizens dodging the clutches of the.

Since then Cannes has prospered on north Europe's passion for the sun. It remains packed for four months in the year — including the Film Festival in September. But it has been fading as a winter, resort in the face of competition fuelled- by- cheap air tiwel -and by the popularity of skiing. They have a Middle East- ern clientele which can still afford to hire a floor or two at a time. Cannes remains a mag- net for the rich and the beauti- ful.

Two years' ago a FFr m Palais lies. Mme Anne- Marie Dupuy, elected Mayor in However, international competition is tough. David Housego L ftfs i l ' l! Thefiop- p any 's thatched cottage at last year's exhibition has been, a slow seller, but the tbateber, Bob West has just obtained a contract from -Bo vis Homes. The interior is based bn solid timber posts and beams, made' possible by the centuries-old aisle frame construction.

Set in a beautifully mature location, each house has been deveriy positioned among elegant scots pines to ensure maximum seclusion. All are south or south west facing, most with four reception rooms, five bedrooms, two bathrooms and two shower rooms. One of the reception rooms and a shows: Naturally the kitchen and bathrooms are fully fitted. The units are from the Mape and Royal Bathroom ranges. Fireplaces are built-in and the surrounds constructed to the purchasers' choice. Chertsey Hampstead or Fulham? Particu lariyas they hare sun tfarikns and your own integral ftarafle.

Wc offer tl ic same qua! Aisoui Sicas Cottage 3bcd. Secluded court- yard settings, with prices ottrac- tivoly structured from only E Have a central courtyard and feature in most cases doublo garages and even a granny flat. Home's built by local builders who are proud at their reputation as quality crafts ma n. Send fervour brochure Hugh Booth Developments Ltd. Chateau d'Geic near Gstaad. Exeeilont opportunities for forelgnon Pricos from bwFr , Occupation or investment Freehold. F6f sale lock stock and barrel. Convertible -to small hoBcUnats. Private iisbln g alone J,V km. It is designed to be elegant and sophisticated, creating a calm haven and yet just a few minutes -from the excitementof the vilamoura marina.

Town Houses and apartments with vast roof. Super Valmer, South of France All houses have large terraces. The estate has a large swimming pool with excellent beaches and golf course nearby 15 minutes from St. Tropez, stunning views to the islands of Hyeres across a green zone park makes this the jewel of Montpelier's developments. A sense of adventure is one one thing, a high risk of infec- tious hepatitis is quite another.

The tious hepatitis is quite another. I would Hotels is at 7 Conduit Street. Wl; Mandarin Inter- '-ceived in-Manhattan, and is. Utell International - The plain fact is, however, are- still hardly known in What they tend to have in at Ban da House. Hammersmith, Tokyo would be high on my Street, London, EC4; and list for a holidaymaker or busi- Marriott at 80, Regent Street ss visitor to thait city. Utell International What they tend to have in at Banda House. Hyatt; a first choice common, however, is a very London, W6, represents many been adapting to a more adven- in many U.

When leisure means learning new skills r-V. Saga see and wonder why so many Euro- touch on the sensitive subject assured. You can some of them. Saga also offers study weeks contact Eurorentre through the some of them- -. Antt nAPoaidin I can do no bpttor than to holidaymakers. Jorg whisks us around the Jung- frau ski area. We hear chaf- finches singing and nature seems undecided ton whether lo salvage what's left of.

DOC veterans, for whom Wengen is Mecca, can scarcely remember a worst winter. But Thomsons have enough faith in the resort to let us see it below Its best. The DOC was formed 60 years ago by a few English eccentrics who could ski better than the local farmers. They used tbe mountain rail- way rather than walking np —hence the dnb name. Som original members are still alive; many others are in their sixties and seventies.

His wife Kitty has never worn skis and yet she has accompanied him to the same hotel The Eiger for 35 years for a month each winter. The DOC almost never go anywhere except Wengen. True, he ' uses mainly BMW - supplied components and an Alpina. It's not just a very fast car mph maxi- mum and in 6. I steamed up Dover Hi!! So much so that Britain is the only country where toe manu- facture of Alpinas has been licensed. Sytner of Nottingham will manufacture Alpina cars this year.

The typical Alpina owner in Germany drives between three and four' times the national average mileage each year. Here, too, the average Alpina covers 20, miles per annum against a national mean of. By increasing the engine's output and torque, raising the final-drive gears, modifying toe suspension and fitting different wheels and tyres. There are no grotesque bolt- on body bits for appearance reasons; just a few aerodynamic aids that are necessary to smooth the airflow and reduce front-end lift at maximum speed. Alpinas remain full four- or five-seat saloons which any BMW.

Might this not mean' that buyers would go for these instead of an Alpina? In Britain and Ger- many. There is a flourishing expi market to Japan, where a rea fancy foreign car with ult high performance potential trendy among the. Althou they drive on toe left in Japi as we do. Alpina buyers ins on left-hand steering.

The Toyota Corolla GT is powered by the peerless four-cylinder, valve engine first seen in the rear-wbeel drive GT and due to go in toe Lotus X two-seat sports car in toe autumn of next year. This hp at 6, rpm lHitre engine is a dazzler. It pulls untempera- mentally at 30 mph in fifth and feels only enjoyably hard working at 7, rpm.

The same engine and alky five-speed transmission also go into the mid-englued Toyota MR2, previewed at the Birmingham motor show last October and soon to be released here. The rear-drive Corolla GT Coupe continues to be available, mainly for motor sport enthusiasts and amateur ralfylsts who don't feel at home in a front-drive car.

On some twisting cobbled hills in Portugal recently, toe new Corolla GT showed crisp handling, vivid acceleration and toe well-mannered virility that made the original VW Golf GTi such a cult car. The all wheels are shod with low pi file TD tyres which wo: Sevenoaks, Kent is care. Please write or teles hone giving expected number of Party and preferred holiday date so that details and photographs of relevant properties can be sent. Minimum letting period two weeks. They were -hard nhlprts. Fully equipped kitchen Daily maid service Daily and monthly arrangements Excellent location Standing tvaafifti ssr Dornoch r Golf Coarse ranked among the leading ten i courses in the world.

The digital exchanges offered must Have been already proven in service. Se Wadffi I tavS used i! Tef; H 11 SS. Jife 0 f blade which must the machines. His life and Art by David Robinson. There is the slapstick memory of Chaplin as a back. Neither agreed after- Chaplin, the satirical Chaplin, W aif-like figure seen walking wards on how the journey went, the senti m e ntal Chaplin, the ai one one evening on Sunset Chaplin said he mostly avoided wo manisin g Chaplin, the Boulevard.

And there can any biography, even of everything from a cold is the wonderful tale of film pages plus appendices, embrace December night, to a stray dog studio secretary Nelly Bly all these faces? Miss Baker, he writes, about the man and the artist? During the last Chaplin with.

If you want to know pages. Robinson attempt to us: Then, in , Mr editor of No vy Mir, managed the regime of the loathsome fcgyn Scammell received word from to get Khrushchev to sanction soviet puppet Husak. He did not allow it to time of the Prague Spring. And even [ master's life and work is clearly prisoner, and married a second of Russia in the First Worlc Dickensian One resents such touches only those who have reservations j M exception to that rule. It is time when be was released from War and the Revolution. The the man now have -a fund of chapter onwards mat toss is a a spate of new material.

It has exerted its pull, and he went hood was adorned with a author gives chapter and verse new facts to weigh. Not, we hasten to add. Soon Chaplin was making the legendary transatlantic leap to Hollywood and we swing into an immaculately researched run through the production visicissi- tudes, the scarcely less regular marriages and divorces, and the ' — growing murmur of American. Tier Josaf Skvorecky now 61 is new character many f h wnda l toe most gifted of all toe Czech problems. He popular book, and I can think made his name with The of many good popular books: But translated into English in Husaldan and this is her first novel.

Sbe- toe Party become heroes In a local uprising against toe Nazi occupiers. Husaidan and this is her first novel. It provides fodustry did appear there. Influ- Indian politics and music. Based on secure place for himself in 20to part of tne biography, but it is W nrst: The On the other hand, without of Sehtoeik.

The Engineer of Governess contains a fine these very flaws, could he have Human Souls shows both influ- character portrait of an appar, achieved what he did in taking enoes, but is very much entiy affable and efficient she has always remembered a governess who lived with her family for 35 years. Base d on these memories, she has written a convincing novel. Solzhenitsyn joined up, fought fc? Some readers may be put off satirical but affectionate, expert, and his range very wide.

They should not be. It ligence and good will. He is in this new collection of stories, world of toe forced labour is a gripping picture, both of a one of toe most independent- and a new novel. The novel is camps that he was later to prophetic figure and of the minded of all exiles from about two Americans living in describe in toe Gulag Archi- totalitarian society, which re- behind toe Iron Curtain.. Florence on toe GJ. The It was, however, A Day in f bout toat it cannot bear to himself: He is a simple and tender. The stories exile, toat first brought him Moscow Correspondent from kind ' of intellectual Scfaweik, are lightweight but skilful and country who finds himself a vividly evoked, the story is professor in Canada.

He Is a simple and tender. Tvardovsky, toe brilliant and from She has now produced a vast book which, to traverse, toe reader must be prepared for rather too much desert of repetitive assertion and too few oases of cogent argument. In effect we have two books: Divisions with the interests were favoured and Muslim Jewish ones denied.

To Peters historically established identity: When Peters is providing is self-defeating, in- such a policy is perfidy — charac- second, a tendentious account historical data and relying on auc. Although British consular reports she mo? Britain between and In recent years Arab writers made no binding pledga! They were given an realisation that an independent impossible task, and should not" Arab Palestine will only emerge be blamed forthe consequent.

At one page we Arab leadership. Now the safe has been opened to release to the. Set in EVance during the occupation. Of weakness and fortitude. Killing for Company by Bnan Masters. In Brian Masters comparable report of toe life and crimes of Dennis Nilsen. The very detachment with which he describes the unthinkable— boiling down of heads in cooking-pots; toe constant digging np of corpses and the placing of them in front of the television set to provide company: Nilsen seems very happy to analyse his own behaviour, keeping Masters busy with a constant flow of reminiscences; poems; drawings.

He seems as surprised by his holocaust as toe outside world. A study of this comprehensive and compelling account prompis at least one reader to suggest that Nilsen was a very, very, nasty man, needing a Calvinist minister in. For Eyes at High Hcftborn, London , WC1 and wougtot about a revolution in the way that spectacles ' are boogM and sold.

First, you had to book an appoint- ment with a qualified optician, which had all the overtones of a gloomy medical encounter. If you could only go in the lunch- hour you might have had to Wait as I didV at least a fort- night to be slotted in. Once your eyes were tested the optician look you through the range of frames displayed around the shop.

None of them was priced.

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Steven Isaacs changed all that He made baying specs easy, fast, and above all, fun. Anybody can walk off the street into any one of the II branches of For Eyes he how owns and have. If you already have a pair of glasses, and want another like it. Large notices round tfbe sbap tett him every- thing he needs- to know. Every frame on display. Porsche, Oliver Goldsmith or Versace. Rayban glasses are still very popular and mirrored sunglasses are the coming thing for the summer.

The public seems to have greeted Steven Isaacs arrival with something akin to raptur. Men, It seems, are becoming braver, buying more specs and becoming less shy about admit- ting that they too would like some flattering shapes and colours. When from April 1st only children up to the age of 16 or 19 if in full-time education and those on supplementary benefit will be entitled to subsi- dised NHS glasses moral: That's air very well,. I hear you say, but what about prices? Steven Isaacs claims that to begin with his prices were about 15 per cent to 20 per cent lower, than his rivals but that since his arival they have droppeo.

Needless to say, his activities haven't endeared him to the optical establishment who are wont to wring their hands and winge on about the "commer- cialisation of optics. Here is the first hand from a rubber. West overcalled with - one O A K J 5 diamond. He turned to profes- sional woodworking a few years ago, and runs a one-man firm.

As the name implies he specialises in chain, but will happily accept other ailing pieces. He deals mainly with antiques, but can also cope with more modem items, like Danish rosewood for example. He's gifted and immensely painstaking: This is exacting and time-consuming, so such repairs aren't cheap; but the results are worth the price. Richard Holmes points out that he's solely a woodworker and can't take on upholstery or caning. Richard Holmes is at 1 Baronsmead Road. London SW13, telephone Listed from top to bottom, prices for optical glasses include single vision lens and tinting, with the sunglasses pre- scription lenses are extra.

Unda Farrow acetate sunglasses in a wide range of colours, includ- ing fluorescent pink. Tickets for either event can he obtained from Save the Children Fond. As to the fashion, what will be on show. Paul Costelloe as well as clothes from such established r etail ers as Burberry, Acqua- scutum, Jaeger and Marks and Spencer. Not surprisingly, all those who became accustomed to. If you'd like to learn bow to master these intricate matters Scenes from HARRIET BRIGDAJuE is an artist who seems to have a special following amongst city folk — her own whim- stele touch is no doubt a soothing antidote to worries about whether the pound is steady or the index is going np or down.

She is pr bably most famous for her charming anthropomorphic animals, I am particularly fond of her sheep myself hut no doubt to please her city fans there is now a series of ele- phant bankers, sheep clerks and bear stockbrokers all depicted going about their city business. The gallery in Eariham Street Is open from Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm, while the City branch is just open on Mon- days to Fridays from 10 am to A look around that immensely chic establishment Joseph pour la Maison, at Russians lifted their boycott': Belyavsky, tied with Korchnoi far ahead, of" their rivals.

Adorjan, Hubner, Miles,- Tok- makov and van der Wiel: Ree 5i, Torre 5, Ligterink 4. Korchnoi nor, at the end, main-' tain. John Nunn, had an. Belyavsky and -Korchnoi are specialists at high tournament scores. The rook move is so artificial that I even wonder if Miles touched the wrong piece;.

Tost material with a winning- attack. This bishop cannot be taken, while Black. White enujd aheeadx resign, hut continues until a respectable movp- nseaL. Mitchell Britain , world postal olympiad Todays prbhlem; where White has a variety of plausible tries, caught out several finalists.

Unique sHe just off Whitehall in the heart af Government — one of London's fore- most service blocks. Professionally designed and decorated as three suites. Three bedrooms each with bathroom en suite, two fine reception rooms. Fully tiffed and equipped, kHchen. Granary — -2 Reception, 4 Bedrooms. Underurna Car Parking 2 Liunderettw. Choice of Meytair or adjacent to Konaingion Palace. Mountcurzon Management Ltd London - Telex: Principal Apart- ment has 37fr retention.

Bedroom and Bathroom Lower blnsonerte has 2 Reception! Pas sen gar Lifl. For details, and entriei apply to the Secretary, 5 Ellis. Chalfont St Peter, Bucks.

My two example hands today are taken from last year's "Silver Level E5camirtatiojj: If he returns a clul. There can be no advantag in. The trurai bidding with one diamond;. I- shall- draw the trumos'ra two rouhe be able to. This 'hared 'of medieval ijrien- drur sits. At first sight it" seems- like a mixture of church and -anfcient manor -house. Hundreds rrf candles light a vast room with vaulted celings. A large lea fire burns.

Here and there are displays of fruit, arranged as. Elegant couples chat qustly on deeply cushioned settees against a background of Vivaldi. A door opens onto a courtyard: The bar - is Abacs, and the place Is central. Palma on the island of Majorca. It is but one of the many surprises that Majorca holds for any who be- lieve in the Image of a land, v-here Bass and' Lowenbrau have taken over from local wines, and. This year, once again. Majorca will be the single most popular overseas destination for British tourists.. The jets of Thomson. Those crowds can have their bene- ficial effect — they help to.

It was outside Palma fewr busy airport last summer that I had another reminder of the fact that the. Baggage and bodies had. That's another thing about. At times it rains. The nest thing that new-. An energetic crow would find it around RO miles across In one direction, and nearer 70 in the other. Major- can road systems tend to be a bit confusing in towns, hut out: Ca'an Pas- 'tilla and El Arena! The fact that children and the sub-teens like the company of their peers en masse is about the only, argument for choosing them.

Palma- itself, however, is another cup of Sangria. There are some very- good - hotels in- deed along the Pasen Maritimo. It is a pin- that thp better hotels, like the Victoria and tire Son Vjda. Old -Palma -is divided neatly in. Facing inland the cathedral and the old wealthier districts of the city are to yonr right --It Is here that you will find the museums, beautiful old houses, and a sprinkling of boutiques and res- taurants. At the height of the summer there are just too many people what with the local resi- dents. This is the district -of small bars and.

A small plate of calamares healed up in a microwave is not my idea of tapas. Those who have not been to Majorca for a few years will find that the belter shopping has now moved from Es Bom to the Avcnida Key Jaime III, where the main target for shoppers is he Majorcan pearl shops. The heller- Majorcan pearls are. They are not real, of course, but they are a fine reproduction usually com- posed of reconstituted finely ground mother of pearL Another bargain is shoes, but although the workmanship appears good the leather has always seemed to me that flimsy wafer thin stuff much favoured by ihe.

My two visits to Majorca last year pre9en ed two totally dif- ferent aspects of tbe place: The second was a business trip, feel- ing foolish In collar and tie while the worlff'-went hy In bikinis and Bermuda shorts. There is something distinctly- unsettling in being in a dark suit while all about you are wearing sweaty tee-shirts — but -is doesn't make it easier to get into Abaco.

The island b'oaats a. Like for like they are probably a little cheaper than the rather -better known- proper- ties of the Algarve. The Algarve or the -Costa dpi Sol are belter for activities, such as riding and goir. I rented a villa from Meon Travel. Most major tour operators offer hotel holidays on the island and many of them rent villas ami apartments. With tbe agreement of my doctor who furnished me with a certificate 1 set off for Heathrow. The' certificate was unneces- sary. A wheeled chair was brought out at the airport hy a voung man who acted as aty bodyguard until deparmre. The official took os.

We were not even asked if we had anything to declare, much less required to open our hags, which tourists to" New York will realise is an unnsuaf occurrence. After a night In a Los Angeles hotel we were assigned an official at the airport She took our tickets and passports to obtain our landing cards and shortly afterwards handed the. We were given particularly convenient seats on the aircraft and the usual official un- availing our arrival at the refuelling stop in Tahiti anti at our destination, Auckland, the usual official to see us through and. Nobody ever asked For any sort of evidence that I was really' incapacitated, uohody asked far any money.

It has put thoughts into my head for any future journey lo ' distant parts. Thus its average trip was d. The Charade's performance bears this our. On a tong journey, a sensibly , driven Charade dierel does-, better than 70 mpg, providing it is cruised on the motorway at rapli and not at the S3 mpg for the urban cycle. Tbe yellow pre-heat light goes. In traffic, it ticks over with a con- ten if d mutter. And ire high roof lets the Tallest driver's" sit , comfortably, knees toeetlier, behind the wheel.

That makes it by far the- cheapest diesel on the British' market as well as the smallest. Everything works with, typically Japanese precision. Not motorhis who ex- pert a tmail car to spend iiiom of its life at 70 ntph and mor cn the Qctorwav. On a pen sion, they are comer ned ahuu: They' may only drivt 5. Tlu and-corro-ton warranty is fm eight years, subject to inipoc tiari st rivp and five years at ; cost of.

The unknown quantity is i! Hav ing driven the Charade dic. Ring fer A Bror. Indoor swimming poof, sauna and massage, sun terrace. Me - The grand hotet Oi the mountains. Rhone 21 Telex R. Information Office CH Wega's. The quality of these villas and the high standard of the service we provide will i-iHtthme to give you a truly memorable holiday. New Corinth for Mveenae. Ry back to GetwicV on April 24th. Sklathos — Ponuoal and the South of France. Prices include reiurn Bight lor rencaJ onlv and CttK. H vgu ipvccutc personal tarvice and individual IUCV t-on ask for our sought-after brochure.

Please write or telephone giving expected number of parry and preferred holiday dates so thac detail, and photographs of relevant properties can be sent- Minimum lifting period two weeks. Regular or First Class puaremeed busi- ness or leisure travel at prlcus to make an accountant smile. C seteebon or iniereutmo countr as- pertles. DO fit regions of rural. Send lor a tohv how' Also holidays. In Tuscan v and Greet Britain. In To, luim, tal: Luauiy hunker uiult Culluijes. Prke includes vm tirjlish biraLrjst. Also lax Free Sal TH- Mnrltw HOdae.

From Monday 6 h February our now address nnri telephone number In central London will be: Tucker, casting, though 1 must hasten to rummaging in his dustbin for Hume to life; he is half wav to becoming the Swiss Alps where he is an alcoholic, and is a thoroughly pursued by Rick and his pretty unpleasant chap. Mr Goldins is child-wife Mary Lou with whom a good novelist, and a likeable inevitably Barclay falls in love, man.

Mr Golding is a good novelist, and a likeable man. Golding and Bar- "Jt slop at nothing. In addition both arc Subject to an inordinate amount of attention from American professors of literature who want to write biographies and critical studies about them. To the ordinary' reader whose life remains safely mil of the -public domain, and whose morning post does not invariably include requests for Graham Greene s Dr Fischer. Into Hie twenty-first century: Adaptations and jktensioni era suggested oruviomy lor new Tdesf yles. Department ol Agricultural Economics nn. Income distribution and vs, Uutson.

An analytical survey "An aushonrative and comprehensivi fir J. X pp Sapromber and effective scope lor.. Jubilee Houm economy countries Wasion' Favall. A guide lo processes and procedures py A- O. IJeale Advocates pnncmiee basei on in- lamauonallv acceptod. Tn the held nf Maieriais Supply.

Penuisuiv Cm or Air Trrn sport,. Jubilee House Weston Ffevall. Here in Gold- ing -it Is the biographee who himself suffers the biographer's zeal. Tt might have been fixed by ]' One. January- day Jn ,' along with the sweep ol Bern-. Tide enough- Just too ihasy people.

Bis- jnarmerr -was cotrrteous.

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This looks horrible -. A letter -ayqpany- prcttyiL women. The Bernstein family,- In -the.. Film Society; which settled in Ilford. B risen just Empire, Jed the Bernsteins into in the end -to Granada Tele- novel- after that horror was discovered - the world of entertainment vision,". And so into who disliked oratory. He is as much This may not be Be nistem was recognised as the difference. While brother Cecil Mr Sidney. I think he thinks cinemas; and television. What a cinema future.

But Mr Golding leaves Lou. Brocken House, trt Cannon Street. A Life of Robert BirJe. Hamish mirrors with ' Renaissance Hamilton ffl There were torium all in gold, with stained certainly quite a few masters glass windows and floors which and boys, not to mention a i are either marble or. And all this at. Unable to design his school, they sharpened the 0 wn buildings, he was at a kniv es for jhe pogr rpaiLwbiai. By the time he had architects he emploved.

O Wi4h uncanny flair, the govern- ing body of. Donat Gallagher has —: Man on fashion of his environment. Grandfather ran a seedy prep Boyars. Marxism defence of Charlie Chaplin: Fm anyone separated frenL rehgion already familiar with, the riowte. There good collection comes -in. Wetden- feld and Nicnlson. One daughter a sehotri- Anti-semittsm features again, One daughter '-". Hamish squalor, cold and heartbreak; Hamilton. Mr Hearnden does not dodge routine spy - thriller in which Kitticlas -sensibly turfis down a CIA mole penetrates London: A ation, but already he can be world war would probably break, seen succumbing to the world- nut in but at least the weariaest-that- watt- to -charac- Labour P-arty was finished: T stories, but not a strictly Gay bars, a girl terrorist named headmaster and his villainous more importantly, the source.

WEAVEfi served m the. Brian j T heni. Hfe seentt," alyays; jo- but hit was. The plot is divorced but the divorce,. Nazis or the war or the suffer- never quite taut enough to be made neither of then! The setting stan and then deteriorates into private detective and leahs. The plot owes wish a man who answers it. Step raise that now, i am having! Martin Rnssell -leads his. He makes 'us laugh background than necessary on. But hoqd t in revenue for his having, ' the Ts.

He has ness of people: MjrninTor to mankind has c Aldiss In rthis. AVsrotf'SA on this Scalp. The shops have scarcely ever been able to offer as wide or diverse a selection of sentimental offerings and many of them are pretty and desirable enough in their own right- to give lasting pleasure throughout the year. Though manufacturers and designers tend to be rather lavish with the hearts when their thoughts turn to Valentine's -Day, in the best of then the hearts are 'sweetly integrated into the design and don't merely an after-thought. Telephone your order on Whether you feel iike.

The gold bead necklace,, strung. If you're not worried about calories. Oioose from white, milk or plain. Or, If chocolate isn't his or her thing, there art boxes heart-shaped of course of fine sugared almonds for Just 99 p. Pimlico Road, London SW1, specialises in all things pretty and beguil- ing for bedroom and bathroom.

In pink, blue or red hearts on a white ground, the cotton kimonos make very attractive dressing-gowns or can be worn when Just relaxing around the house. These are made from the same heart print fabric in the same choice of colours. The bags are lined ' with a water- proof. However, Nina Campbell has her own special heart print fab- ric which comes in a soft pink, blue or green on white and which she uses to make up a few of her own accessories. Out-of- town readers may order them by mail, adding f l to the cost to cover postage and parking.

If you prefer to give:. I in a variety of shapes, some round, some heart-shaped. Nin Campbell will post them to ou of London readers. SW3 by fold- up into. Fin cushions were a traditional gift in Victorian times when girlr- would make them to give their loved one. Today it seems easier to buy them. Worked in pale green, pink and. She often makes special occasion jewellery— a necklace of holly for Christmas, this delicate pale pink and cream necklace nf hearts and rosebuds, above, for Valentine's Day and enchanting ly pretty primrose ones for spring.

The European Monetary System, the prospects for action to develop a-community in financial services, London as the European centre for project finance and as a point of access for venture capital will be some of the leading themes of this conference. Under the Chairmanship of Mr. Roy Withers, ere The Rt. Perhaps " advice " is too strong a word; hut at least Peter Powell presents the sundry alternatives, and the Manpower Services Com mission will send free packs of information for those who ask.

On Saturday lunchtime, more- over. Stuart tlrundy's series about Motown, known to us wrinklies as Detroit. There's a belief that Radio 1 lister ers can't concentrate for more than in minutes at a time, but hour- long Motown projerammes ease the listening with a plentiful lubricant of Motown discs. So much about education. Mow the culture, for this has been on outstanding week for plays.

The story is not unlike ihat. We meet them first in Scotland, where the girls are. The good news is that Father has been offered a iob by bis rich but mysterious friend Mr Morpurgo. He will edit the Lovegrove Gazette, and there is a house waiting for them in Lovegrove. When they arrive, they find that all the furniture has been sold; but they settle in, and soon go to visit some cousins near by.

Two more instalments to come; if they can remain as full of in- cident as this first they'll be worth wairinc for. Mother and children arc pi eyed wi -h immense sympathy. Then two real block-busters from Northern Ireland, both directed by Robert Cooper. Because tile story is told through the medium of inti- mate letters, the character of their writer shows through, and we are lef: The author is a retired Cap- tain.

In hospital, the staff look after the appalling intimacies, either with kindness or with mockery according to their ' character: I think, a mis- I calculation on the author's part I to involve George in a series of affairs, recorded in his diaries in detail and duly discovered with his wife. Nor was I happy about tho intrusive voice of a fellow- ' victim, who died but insisted chatting with George from the hereafter. Try drive 16 36 These days, service is for the public susccplibic to adver- tising 6 DOWN lFamphlet of auto-dub in motor-cycle event 5 3 English.

Meanwhile the National stands still with all the other Arts Council clients in receiving a 2. The increased grant to the RSC is certainly a result of the Priestley Report which, in its investigations last year into the RSC and Covent Garden, found both organisations seriously under-funded. Well, the RSC was certainly in trouble. The NT feels it has been penalised for running, over the past three years, an efficient shop.

This year's Stratford-upon- Avon season has just been vindicates programme in black and white BBC 1 8. Raring from Wetherby Rugby Union Preview 2. Rugby Union 4 15 Highlights of this afternoon's match from Lans- dovne Road. Dublin between Ireland and Wales; Final Score 4. MS Regional Variations 5. Dublin," on the march between Wales and Ireland: The other artistic director. Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Jan McDiarmid as Stay lock on April South West Plvmouth —Spotlight Sport: Highlights of the second day's play in Christchurch between New Zealand and England.

I -on don; 3. Laurence Olivier and James Muon. Hunter, Dum- barton Road. Glasgow Gil; Mr D. The small-scale tour- ing. So is the annual visit to Newcastle, opening this year with the entire Strat- ford season on February Louise Page and Robert Holman. Priestley enters into the spirit of all this activity and ends up recommending direct funding for the company by the Treasury. This suggestion has been welcomed by Terry Hands but frowned upon by the Arts Council who. The great value of Priestley resides, in a less practical vein, in its anatomising of a great company.

It is riveting to read what he has to say about pro- duction costs budgeted to in- crease in by Night Live and Night Thoughts. Z5 am Cartoon Time. Chico Hamilton and Johnny Griffin. Chippenham A slmultaneout broadtail with bBC 2 7. Soft sell It is company policy to supply new wigs for all main theatre productions. These are made of good quality European hair and flue laces for longevity.

Animal hair of the yak is used for facial hair and occasionally wigs. The cost of making them in-house was found to be 90 per cent of that quoted by outside contractors. Priestley and his team take you to the nerve centre of the BSC. They face a challenging spring future by the RiveT Avon and in the Barbican fastness. Now they must make it work. Deficit, at last and some will say not before time, is a dirty word in the RSC vocabulary.

C0 As Radio I. K-N 2 retum- ing to the diagram but. R-R7 ch and RxR. RxP followed by R-B4 and Black wins with three pawns against one. Solution to Problem No. The annual Video Software Show. This spirited sales jamboree held ui the bowels. It shows just how vast the pre- recorded video market now is in Britain, with over 50 com- panies vying for -business- And it also indicates how the show- biz razzmatazz once unique to cinema is now moving busily sideways to wrap itself round the small screea The casual visitor -Jo the Software Show — not that any such person Is allowed, of course, and one mustn't doubt that all those hellralsing ten- year-old children were really accredited video dealers and journalists — would have his mind terminally boggled by the sights inside.

Girls scantily dressed as mice ply you with balloons: It's like going to Heathrow to take the plane to the Cannes Festival and finding that the Cannes Festival has come to Heathrow. Every video company has a rainbow-hued catalogue wooing you with its wondrous products; though the lesser com- panies make do almost entirely with scrapings off the big distri- butors' shelves. And if you step down into the Penta's lower ground floor, you Hill be assailed by the- experience of seeing the future and finding that it well sort of, works.

Here lurks the Phillips Laser- vision stand, proving that these much-touted shiny discs are in- deed superior in picture quality, if only just to cassettes. And the 3D video stand next-door lures you into the horror of the green-and-red spectacles, wherewith you may see excerpts from something called The Mash. This is like a music critic being un- able to go to a concert and ask- ing for a scratchy record of the performance to be sent to him to review instead. Video has to be. And not all the daft vaudeville pizazz, and nubile nymphs lavishing publi- city orisons on us, will help to disguise the fact.

Joseph' and His Brethren 17 Mar Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostn ; 5 Apr Handel: Messiah 20 Apr Bach: Our Saturday Juncii wfctparttat bofti sans ai moa um3 2J0pm. Educated to degree sUndaniaged The' half moroccn of-, a quarto- Lady of the- v Lake. You can have it made up. The hexane allows the other ingredients to sink deep Into the leather and by the next evening the books should be orapletely dry and ready for the gentlest of rubs.

This treatment does not arrest chemical - decay, but it makes the leather more supple, prevents the nasty- brown snuff- like powdering, and gives the bonks a. Most people -will be content to treat the symptoms until a cure is found; -. It is highlv inflammable— and must be kept away -from smokers. Connolly's Hide Food is much cheaper but although it works well enough on the upholstery of vintage cars, it is not suitable for books, being liable in remove the colour and gilding of lettering. Some dealers com- mit atrocities with saddle snap and even with varnish, but this.

I am glad to see from an unraov- ing wall of ruined books at one of the fairs, usually renders them unsaleable. Cloth is much less durable. Backus, a -preparation sold by dealers and available direct from Edgar Backus of Leicester, appears to improve softer cloths, but I am doubtful if anything docs much gnad. Judicious work with a crum- bly rubber can take away excessive dirt, and I leave it at that. Stronger than boards and cheaper than leather, cloth na-.

It was many years before labelling was satisfactory — even in the s publishers some times acknowledged the existence n! Lnnc-mn pessimists find much support m the history of book technology. The best material, vellum, was overtaken first by leather then by cloth and recent! Invented by the second century and still in common use in the 18th. Norman shortly before he died has needed nothing more than a rub with a piece of bread, and my illustrated Ariosto of Vellum-bound books, although still available at reasonable prices, arc chiefly I7lh century Italian theology and are now valued more for their form than their content.

I know an Oxford collector who maintains an ancillary collection of limp vellum, irrespective of content, alongside several others which have greater intellectual coherence. For centuries vellum com- peted successfully with other materials. Ir was even used for account books which were not made to last, and the shift to calf was more a matter of changing tastes than of move- ments in relative prices.

The main raw materia! Though it has -only been open to the public since 19S0. Since " a succession of dedicated -curators — sup- ported by generations of donors and lenders, since there '. The present curator' is Brian Coe. The museum is above all an' enter- taining place. At a time when more and more museums strive " to appear like satellites , that have, failed to Slake orbit, this' one actually looks: A parallel section of the museum covers the history of moving 'pictures, ' from- Javanese shadow shows and eighteenth century magic lantern slides up Ip the latest technologies: The museum's outstanding treasures Include one of the few surviving cameras made to Daguerre's own specifications -By the- Parisian optician Giroux in.

Projector,, which showed the world's first true colour films, before ". A- -favourite exhibit is the re- construction of the studio of E. The firm was unusual in keeping' ill its nega- tives and much of its apparatus from the. Tins weekend sees the start of a new exhibition devoted tn the work of James Jarche.

His evocative docu- mentary pictures demonstrate what a sharp eye and quick response a news photographer needed in days hefore motor drires. There is every reason to see the Kodak Museum very soon: The loss to ibe London region may be York- shire's gain. Neary on a winning side against Ireland. England undoubtedly re- kindled hopes for better things ahead when they beat Scotland. To realists, however, no other fixture in this season's champion- ship has the potential excitement, glamour and significance of the game In Paris this afternoon.

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For weeks now there have been forebodings in Wales that the team who have won the cham- pionship for tbe past two. A narrow squeak against Argentina, and a poor showing against Ireland until tbe closing stages, hardly brought the familiar contented glow to which Welsh- men have become accustomed. Both the Pumas and the Irish were beaten, which was mislead- ing. This, of course, was true.

But Wales, often un- noticed, have relied for too long on their brilliant backs to hide other deficiencies. France, meanwhile, have gradually been eradicating some of their traditional weaknesses: Both last season, and certainly in two wins against Australia in October, there was evidence that the French pack, and especially the front five, have accepted the need to knuckle down to basic graft and grind in the tight.

This more disciplined approach at scrummages and mauls has not detracted from the customary flamboyant handling in the loose. The French backs against Australia retained all their pre- ference for deep alignment If the space thereby created tends on occasion to be wasted by erratic passing, this, too. Is a blemish not as apparent as before. Sert- raline and Sangalli in the centre do not hold on to the ball as much as they used to do. The late change which brings Averons back on the wing sees tbe return of an experienced man for a norice, and does nothing to weaken France.

Gallic temperament remains the imponderable factor and explains why 1 discount tbe French defeat against Romania in November. A tide below strength through injuries eased off in the later stages, which is the sort of thing France are not likely to risk against Wales in Paris. More rele- vant possibly could be the French memories of tbeJr last two games against Wales. Wales, the underdogs, arrived with six new caps and scored fire tries against one. Last March ia Cardiff France were narrowly thwarted and after botii matches the inquests were anguished and bitter affairs.

Already it can be inferred that the French are going Into this match with caution. This is shown by the return of Fonroux as scrum half and captain. Harize 14 Rigbr wing T. Sangalli 12 Left centre D. Imbcrnon 4 Lock J. No huntsman keens tbe scent before Ins hounds more than Fouroux does the boll ia front of his forward;. Fouroux is an inspirational captain, too, more prone to gestures and bested loquacious- ness than most fall told, an addi- tional tide-show in himself for spectators.

Nine of ihe Welsh side played at Parc des Princes two years ago? This could be important, as Wales rend to start slowly and early domin- ance could be decisive if French confidence and rhythm are to be upset.

Full text of "Financial Times , , UK, English"

All rbe way through the answers to this m 2 tzb will be found in the lireouL the link play and the tackling. That supreme back row. Basuat anc the blond Rtvcs. Wales have given this special attention titi: A lot depends on Squire, too. I expect a fast match and high scoring shared, though l believe France will wss. Richmond, Virginia, Feb 4. Hie Nastase, of Romania, and the third seed. Manuel Orantes, of Spain, wero beaten last night in the quarter- final round of the SI 00, tennis tournament here.

Nastase was eliminated by Tony Roche, of. Australia, 6 — 1, 6 — 3. Roche and Okker will meet in a semi-final round match tomorrow night. Tbe other semi-finalists from the original lo- man draw will be deter- mined tomorrow when the fourth seed. Flays Corrado Barazucti, ot Italy. Serving and volleying like he did in h: Roche broke through Xastaje again in tbe seventh and mr. Orantes became upset when a call at -ail in tbe point tie- break went against him.

Orantes d the last two points of the ti and offered little resistance second set. Penn, b — u. A 6 O 1; H unwary. Madison Square Garden said t ev- il ay. The contest was due ro take place on March 2. Rodney, in Beaumont, California, the spokesman added. When he first felt the injury. Bobick stopped boxing for 30 seconds.

Celtic hope that Craig, their centre forward, repro- duces his scoring touch after his four goals in the midweek cup win orcr AJrdrieamans. On Monday, Celtic are at home to Heart of Midlothian, so they are attempting an Edinburgh double in 4fi hours. It is a busy weekend for Hibernian with two games in 24 hours. They also meet Pardck Thistle in the third round of the Scottish Cup at Easter Road on Sunday and they have named a party of 16 players to cover both matches.

Aberdeen, level on points with Critic but with two more games played, have a testing match against Particle Thistle at FlrhxLl today. Rangers will be unchanged against Ayr United at Somerset Park. Derek Johnstone is the Glasgow club's leading scorer with 17 goals and could well be the match-winner here. If he is not fit either Billy Pa ton or Brian Rodman will deputize. Dundee United, in the fourth place, drop John Holt, die full back, against Motherwell at Tanna- dice. Hearts have named a party of 15 players for their game with tbe bottom club, Kilmarnock, at Tynecastie, but Drew Busby, their striker, is doubtful because of a knee injury.

If France do not improve on their inept performance against Wales last November, Scotland can look forward confidently to win- ning tbe B international rugby match at Hughenden, Glasgow, today. So there is plenty of incentive, especially for the back row trio of Hegarty, Dickson and Hall. They are among seven players new to B international matches ; only five of die French team who were beaten 24—6 in Pcntypool, survive. A great responsibility therefore rests on the new centres, Laffer- rerc and BOIac. They are certain to be severely tested by the new captain Burnett and Frieli, two hard-running, swift-tackling centres.

McGaln- ncss Watt of Scotland. Deans l Ha wick l. Wyroslawsld f JordaahlUi, D. Lalnble t Lour des i: E, August i Mlro Irani , J. Originally, Headlngley would not agree to the use of replace- ments but after argent delibera- tions the Yorkshire club accepted a compromise— one substitute will be allowed instead of the normal two.

There is no consistency among clubs in dealing with players who have been sent off. His case is not expected to oom e before the Middlesex dis- ci pliaa iry committee until next month and the Exiles win review the position next week. However, Cole has been replaced hi the Bristol side to play Falmouth this evening by John Pallia, wbo is fit again.

To return to London Welsh,! Gareth Lewis had to drop out with a bruised thigh, after making his first appearance at Leicester. So there is rapid promotion for Fuller, the former Newport full bade who now works in London and joined the club last week. But the United Sates team lost six of the eight bouts ro tbe superior and experienced Soviet team Butch Smith, of Shreveport, was the other United States winner, outpointing Feliks Pak in the oatpointing peaks Pak in the b fS4 kg division. IZolb 1 ST mi: Gonzalez 'US', in the second round. C- fVcnexuolal beat T.

Franca i boat o. Vasil IW but H. Savchunko knocked oul J. Rayford i US i. In the second round. Bruin; Louis Bltras 4: Arbroath v Queen of South East Run United v Ainu Swan ley ta. Tllridalt V BoHoq Hovers 1 2. Trlng Town v Moiesey. Chorley v Barton Albion: Crook Tn v Vhum Albion: Nuneaton v Spcnnymaor unlied: Run- corn v Wycombe Wanderers: Slough Town v MJiwhead: Shvpwnv v Hast bias: Shefileld University v U mu ton: Clnb matches Army v Cara bridge llnlvoraiiy Heavyweight above 81 kgsi: I Colorado Rockies 4; Montreal C —ftnenr.

Hockey Middlesex must swallow championships: Leigh v Warnhgion XU. Porfidale V Feolberstooc Albans. Halifax v Hull 1. Final pools saga ut Croydon SCf. Wasps v Harlequins 2. Slough v London Mid-Surrey. Wetherby races at X. Soilas v Pkkett ; Knight v Tompldns 1. Britain v Yugoslavia 2. Ireland v England 2. Match of tbe Day A2MP v Gnlldford at Alderatiot. Bio eh carts v Norfolk Wanderers; Brpx- bouroo v Chohrtaford: Osmbtidge City v Welwyn GC: Norwich Union v nrord: Old Soummdlana v Beds Eagles: France v Wales, Ireland v En gland 4.

San down Park races at 1. Wresding ; Croydon promotion IB A— tomorrow Football: By Sydney Frisian There are several points of unusual Interest in die semi-final round of the county hockey championship, sponsored. When Middlesex navel to Ben Rbydding they can expect a taste of Yorkshire grit — no: The occasion is exceptional for Yorkshire, who has a chance of reaching the final for tbe first time since the event was inaugur-.

Much of their time in recent years had been spent behind tbe scenes of a Lancashire- Cheshire tussle for tbe northern title which Yorkshire won for the first time this season, having beaten both Lancashire and Cheshire. Yorkshire have come so far because of tbeir firm belief that attack is the best means ' of defence. Richard Yardley, at centre forward, has been tbeir main scorer and the power behind his success is the encouragement be receives from Hughes in- tbeir middle line. Bhajan Singh Flora, the younger brother of Manjlt, is a newcomer to the triumphant Yorkshire forward line tills year.

This match could resolve itself into a battle between line and column, for Middlesex usually play with three rows of tbreo with Rolf Horst operating -behind as the sweeper. The visitors, winners of tbe southern title for the last two years and nine times altogether, will miss Hhomson in tbe middle row as be is nor avail- able. He is a valuable linl capable of creating and chances, but Middlesex sufficient resources lu their ling party of 15 to fill tb Their three front runnel likely to be Brookeman, and Imtfaz, Wiltshire, wbo meet Suf Devizes, return to the so their last triumph in the season when they defeated umberland 4 — 2 in tbe fin: Tbeir ; well balanced with Lon.

Randle to do tbeir front r and Jamieson, tbe captain, spire them from behind. London League, where Ho -. L- to complete the qualifying n of It looks as if they wii to hurry. They bowled out the une unexpected link berween islands for and then reached Indore and Lords' is provided by for the loss of one wicket by Compton. Meet have been made in sntioned in India towards the end But for the loss of two and a ;ne, over which Bombay o' Uie war. Mndi Bangalore yesterday Mr R. The day began disastrously Tor re proiiflcally for them, Mehta, president of the Board of the Leeward Islands, who were he present day.

Jheir last six wickets for the captains Bombay to-. Master H and Broncho H winging their way over the last fence. It may be that wjtb Even Melody. Of the 21 runners for fhe Panama Cigar Hurdle the thr-ed to ireestershire this year, ckins. School before guin-j to Oxford ings.

Between them drey set the ,i right-handed fast University, has written to the score moving briskly. Ir is heard of it. It's never even been jl. Mr Page said h. Qgyjgs ba S scored three times. Broncho Wine Handicap Steeplechase. Broncho needs a strong throughout the last halt mile. Prince Pepe gallop to make the fullest use of Michael Oliver Is to be congratu- win have the mount on Royal strong with fine races in prospect has excellent Form, He has won i m-b a. He will give his deci- ilems other than to sion after he has met other y were to do with counties who are eager to sign i.

But, to Form when chasing home with a circuit still to travel, akhough Fred Winter is convinced Dancing Ned at Haydock, are aH Dickinson wisely steadied the that Bula dots not stay three and threats. Captain Edwards-Heath- runs he could be the main danger the Mlddleham trainer spoke last bets on die big Sandown face f.

Tnv swept aside again. At the fence before the cote, would like the gelding to 10 Royal Relief. Bom Oliver Carter and Jeffrey Hurdle. If no Infection occur the ence for a Wetherhy engagement, struck today. Broncho was tracked bv April no. Master a match for the best in the laud sandown. Millnun, who failed After a long haul be caught up to the last 16 and did There was a sign that the England pair might v. Briars is so long the way.

C r" reasoD armv singles championship- over W Germany B in the final. Cumser a s are ison confounded the D.! Currtl- sung onan rmrsoo. Turkey A West German v A. B- Miss Knight started well, win- loo mxop orumm ic-di. SjnJOj Tutfar Pmsocct r. B B w 5mJm xudar Prospect R. Floyd 5 Cameo Ship. Turnon — — 20, to complete a 3—2 virtorv ' M 2. I L effl itiG Birds Neat. Adamson 1 7 Toureen Chamolon ilb-li 2 Wondayle S. S-Vl 'l Walklnson Telcndos i4Uti. Bowman, al Tunbridge W'Cils. Soai ng promisingly well I Malor T.

Read 1 1 1 Saa Tycoon J. Urcjvcs Dor Arthur A. Webber is-it 3 5 DO C? RobmsvP c - Goody. E pan- A II. Final - England A 5. W Germany B 2. Gucroscr A Ur England 8 X. Weal Ger- many A 3. Ouan or- final round: Television BBC I j: Kara nos i Mrs H. B-l Part gale Inn. D-l Chance a Look. I land B O: Courtney beat P- G- I Glider. BrlllMi I A U. England A U 1 l? Tinkler ii Mach twa. Pearce 5 i5 00 MactayMh- T. Taylor 3 1 H OO Narvik. Barnes i4 0 Hint Bounce, T.

Furguson 7 21 Alklna 22 OO Rol Rig. Berry 7 04 0 Skiddy Hho'. Mangan 50 Wrtbbm Hall. U'Bllon, Mr J. RlnieD, European snow reports M: L 00 Straight Phan, M Naunhlon. Cuuldlng Wrtbbm Hall. Bowker 5 Matter H. T-UM1 Four Star. Brown 7 ,T - creysiDhB Ptitar. Canard, u- 12 -J Mr C. Cundall 5 P- Ptarmigan m re-os. Walton i, Anothor Cay, T. Dun 7 T- Baleh. Perry 7 Blaeberry Hill, Mn H. Moon Tnp Mr M. Nelson 31 Gone On. Stalonlit 04 Alcock, It'. U-ll-ll 16 Drum bo. HionMa 7 is Faro.

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O'Neill Golden Duckling. Turnbull 7 Tho Sea Lion. Flahar 7 Casiell Montorlos. Gaul dins Jamava ipm, Tudor Mysicry. OO Franch Tyrant, M. Bums 7 28 Boswell Boy, N. Gray K on to than , he said. Vereelt un 7- um. Stack Lantern Bay, F, Carr. CnlUnane 7 ooa Legal Phase. Vernene 7 D '. Hives 5 Fonuno Cookie J. Collins 5 Legal Extraction. Macltie 7 Mid Vale. Main Hul, Flylna Romany. V reco mm e n ded- 2. If you stand in the centre of Leicester Square and look over the roofs on the north side, you can.

This forms the hind part of the central house in the beautiful and still perfect Nash terrace, over the pediment of which remains the stone tablet which until bore the incrijgusng legend DIORAMA. This was the name devised from the Greek by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre for the entertainment which brought him fame but not much fortune, several years before he achieved more lasting celebrity as one of the inventors of photography.

Planning approval has been granted to use the site as a mosque for the Aga Khan, retaining only the Nash fagade. Daguerre was 35 when he perfected the Diorama. He was bom in , the son of a petty official in Carmeilies-en- Parisis. Con- cluding his apprenticeship in , Daguerre went to work as an assistant to Prfivost. These two buildings owe their long survival to religion. In two bombs fell on it, but the sturdy Georgian brickwork sur- vived to provide the outer walls of the present church.

When the Diorama foundered in the -late s the building and its contents were purchased by Sir Samuel Morton Peto, a railway contractor, MP and devout Baptist, who converted it in into Regents Park Chapel, with the interior fash- ionably refurbished in Byzantine style. The culmination of this phase of his career, how- ever, was the production of Aladdin which opened the new opera bouse, rue Je PeJener, and in which Daguerre em- ployed gas illumination to re- markable literally dazzling effect. It consisted of vast pictures, upwards of 70 by 40 feet, which were skilfully painted on specially prepared canvas so that some parts re- mained translucent.

On the back of the canvas were painted shadows and other supplemen- tary effects, which were only evident when light was shone through the picture from behind. Gothic architecture is beautifully illu m ined, the shadows projected with force and troth, and the secondary lights produced beneath the groitdngs of the roofs In all the delicate gradations of natural reflections, dressed in the soft tones of colour which they borrow Since each exhibition of the Diorama consisted of two pic- tures.

The landscape scene — a view of the Valley of Sarnen Ip S witzerland — undergoes similar changes, in which the bursts of sunshine are admirably executed, and particularly in the effects pro- duced in the sky and on the clouds, which continually seem to form new combinations of light, colour and arrangement. This was in , the year in which Daguerre first opened the Diorama in Paris, in part- nership with Charles Marie- Tbe picture was then arranged so that it could be lit either from the front, or as a transparency from behind ; and when additionally the light was varied by an elaborate arrange- ment of shutters and coloured blinds or filters, a remarkable range of effects of atmosphere and light and shade could be produced.

Thus in the architectural subject the interior of Trinity Chape , a part of Canterbury Cathedral, the whole is at one moment Subdued The reviews for the first showings of the Diorama were ecstatic, as by and large they were to remain throughout its life. Even so, one suspects the hand of Daguerre whose sue cess in his several careers owed not a little to bis flair for pub- licity behind the notice in Le Miroir des Spectacles , des Lewes, des Moeurs et des Arts: The illustration on this page shows chat a move- ment of some 73 degrees per- mitted the audience to face in turn the two tunnels at the end of which hung the pictures, masked at the edges to aid the illusion.

It was operated by a S srem of gearing so perfect at the whole weight of 20 tons A crowd of amateurs of all classes, artists of all kinds, above all ladles, whose opinion has so powerful an influence upon people of fashion, yesterday crammed the elegant rooms of the daily spec- tacle which has become tenowo under the name of Diorama. It is un- clear whether this boy, who figures in all the contemporary descriptions of the panorama machinery, was a real child or a figurative notion only. The Diorama must enjoy a con- siderable success in a country where love of the beautiful Is so general.

It must be said fiat those citizens who do not hasten to pay their tribute of admiration to the sew invention; so superior to tbo Invention of Panoramas , should hasten to quit the modern Athens ; jest as a Government which does just as a Government which does not magnificently reward men who dp such honour to France should no longer exert any - influence upon public opinion or the direc- tion of the arts.

Augustus Charles Pugin father of Augustus Welby Pugin was entrusted with the work of recreating the Diorama build- ing, perhaps because as a French emigre he was able to communicate easily with Daguerre on his visits to Paris to study the mechanics of the Diorama. The Paris Diorama was burnt down in , leaving scant record of its construction. The audience was already prepared for the Diora- mic treats in store as soon as they passed through the lobby and into the rotunda. The ceil- ing above them was of trans- parent fabric, and a dim light shining through from a lantern in the roof above illuminated a series of 16 panels with por- traits of the great painters Pugin has scribbled in his note- book a reminder to himself u to speak to Mr Arrowsmith abt.

I bad beard much of the ex- hibition before I saw it ; but truly " the half was not told me I expected from report to undergo an optical illusion'; but never could I hare formed the expecta- tion of such a complete and per- fect beguUement of the sense of vision as that which it produced. I anticipated the sight of a beau- tiful painting and well-preserved perspective, of which I was always passionately fond ; but the admiration 'with- which 1 was struck on beholding the Valley of Sarnen, and Trinity - Chapel at Canterbury, in the Diorama, ex- ceeded every emotion of the kind I ever felt before.

The spectator is introduced Into the amphitheatre while one of the paintings is ex- hibiting and after be has sur- veyed it a short time, a bell rings and the amphitheatre moves to the diameter of the circle, and in the motion the other painting grad- ually opens to the view. This motion is repeated about every 10 minutes, so that the spectators who remain half an hoar are three tunes turned to the con- templation of each picture.

The writer, who signed himself Pharos extended his apprecia- tion of the views and the seating arrangements for two columns more. Other si designed for the arir ist: Audiences never ct astounded by the rea pictures, and there i of anecdote to attest the lady who insiste must be allowed to the nave of Trinity C another who hurriec her. The current joke, too, live goat that was as a prop in Dague of Mont Blanc, taker, Valley of Chamonh alleged that only the of the goat was real legs were painted.

Such additions to i trompe Toeil they. The descrip- -axnroe for the Heidelberg, and an ew of Notre Dame de tes: We can judge the monu- mental scale of the exhibition, of course, from the Nash-Pugiu building itself. They removed the revolving inner shell of the audi- torium, and the machinery that drove it, though the containing rotunda is still complete, and today actually functions as a raked auditorium. Around it a muddle of in-built floors and rooms obscure but do not des- troy the original form. In the cellars, the massive brickwork necessary to support the machinery reveals a wealth of mysterious traps and vents.

Mainly due to its continuous occupation, the archaeological significance of the building has even now never been properly studied. If it bad been, it seems very unlikely that authority for its demolition would have been so easily ob- tained. As it is, it seems im- probable that any intervention can now save it for preservation either as a unique monument in Paris they commemorate the spot where their Diorama once stood with a plaque — or as a Diorama a serious pro- posal for the -refurbishing mid recreation of the exhibition has been considered.

Whilst awaiting its fate the building is in use by a number of experimental theatre and musical groups: Was he a nomad, or a rich entrepreneur? Did be exist ar all? Why is there no men- tion of its year span in any surviving Egyptian record? And Joseph, and Moses: These, it seems, are questions which have long exercised the minds of Bible scholars and archaeologists. My misfortune and the misfortune, I suspect, of a great number of others who were brought up as over- credulous little Christians is that I was systematically given such dogmatic doses of the Old Tesrament that it remained for years afterwards a huge intel- lectual blank, just images and ringing phrases.

The Archaeology of the Bible Lands constitutes a useful anti- dote to aH that anti-education. It is no mean achievement, even when you can afford to fly round the world filming rites, scholars and stained-glass win- dows, to make programmes as riveting as these, when every- thing in them combines to form series of gigantic historical question marks. In strictly technical terms, this series is excellent — the only pity being that such visual rich- ness has to be crammed into half-hour sloes.

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