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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I finished "Portisville" about two weeks ago and have been thinking about the book since. Now that I've mostly moved into our new house, I finally have time to review Steve Cushman's debut novel. Let's cut to the chase - I loved reading this book. Cushman tracks the relationships of two fathers and sons: Jimmy, a house painter living in North Carolina, has been estranged from Truman since being sent to live with an aunt after his mother's murder.

Bobby has been rebelling against Darren since his mother left her drug-dealing husband. Ostensibly, this is a book about fathers and sons, but it's really about mothers and sons, and the lifetime pull that formative relation has on a boy's or man's life.

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Out of the blue, Jimmy receives a call from Truman ordering his son to drive back to Portisville, Fla. Is it to end Truman's suffering from terminal cancer or is it to settle the death of Dot Wills, a crime for which Truman was tried and acquitted.


After a life of small-time drug deals, Darren pulls up stakes and relocates Bobby away from where his mother has moved, destroying bobby's unrealistic hope that his mother will return to them. The two fathers and their sons converge in a satisfying ending. Portisville is rich in detail: The dialogue is naturalistic with a few exceptions regarding Bobby , relationships, motivations, and leisurely action are wholly realistic. This is a portrait of people in the new South, trying to get by, some legally, some not; love, death, personal growth and stagnation.

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Again, I loved reading this book and have enjoyed thinking about it since. I highly recommend "Portisville. I'm not sure what I think of this book. I know that I couldn't stop reading it, that the story was that compelling, but I find myself wondering, What was the point? For people who love reading, that is the point, the only one that matters, but I am a mother and have responsibilities and I hate thinking I have spent hours of my life on something pointless. The story is about Jimmy Wills, a grown man who is suddenly forced to re-live his past with a long-lost mother when his estranged father calls him home to his small home town with an outrageous request to kill him.

Dad, acquitted of murdering mom years ago but convicted of another crime which led to hard time, is now suffering from terminal cancer and wants to be put out of his misery by his own son's hand but Jimmy is not only appalled by this, he doesn't even really want to go back home to Portisville, to the place where he grew up but lost his mother. At the same time, the sheriff is re-visiting the Wills murder as a missing persons case unfolds which has some similarities to the old, unsolved Wills murder.

Sheriff Davis is forced to again doubt the innocence of his lifelong fried Truman Wills in the murder of Truman's wife. Meanwhile, Bobby, a boy whose life parallels Jimmy in some ways, is desperate to see his mom again, now that his drug-dealing dad and her have split. This desperation, along with Jimmy's heartache over his own mother, drew me in as I am a new mom myself.

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However- without revealing the truth of the Wills murder here- I was left wondering at one point if Jimmy's dad would turn out to be the killer after all and if the reason would be his having found out about Jimmy's inappropriate relationship with his mother. This is after a memory of Jimmy's is described which made me view Jimmy as the victim of borderline sexual abuse.

The reason the book felt pointless was that it didn't resolve things satisfactorily, though reading it was good throughout. It was like watching the series "LOST" which I watched in marathon sessions while pregnant- it was very good while you watched it but there were a lot of loose ends and the ending was terrible and made me feel I'd wasted a lot of precious time on it.

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It depends on whether you feel that reading a good story is valuable enough for you or having a point to it all is the only way you'd spend time on something like a good book or good TV show that you will value Portisville. I liked this book quite a bit. The father doesn't seem to care much for his son either. It's an interesting book with an odd underlying story that doesn't really go anywhere a college girl has been murdered near Portisville and the timing coincides with the son's visit.

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This is a book written with heart, and a book that doesn't sugar-coat or have a happy ending where everything is all neat-and-tidy at the end. This is a good read about a man who comes back to his home town to face old tragic circumstances from his youth.

The mystery of his mother's death This is the first time I've ever written a review. I'm an avid reader and read around 4 books a week. This book took forever to read. It drags on and on and on. It put me to sleep a few times. Only reason I read it till the end is to find out what happened to the missing girl. Book ends and you still don't know what happened to her. Even for free it's not worth wasting your time reading. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through Portisville. Steve Cushman is a good writer, giving ample time to personal and landscape descriptions, just enough to grab your interest, but not too excessive making you tired.

I will buy more books by Steve Cushman, and I heartily recommend Portisville. I started reading Portisville on my Kindle last night at bedtime..

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I really shouldn't of done that, as I got "caught up" in the story and couldn't quit until the very last word! Although Truman was charged with the killing, he was later acquitted, and the crime has remained unsolved. The murdered woman still haunts the dreams of her son, who was taken away at the age of 14 and raised by an aunt in North Carolina. Jimmy has tried since then not to think too much about his father, this hard and bitter man who had never so much as called him on the phone until his eerie demand to be killed.

In this tautly written debut novel, Steve Cushman paints a portrait of quiet desperation and flickering hope, of the tattered decency of a small-town family not quite able to free itself from the terrible weight of what really happened. Add Steve Cushman to the roster of the Rough South school of literature.

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