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In order to not lose the money, all four agree that Lilli and Hans should get married for a year, then divorce, and return to their old spouses.


Together, they go on a honeymoon cruise where — slowly but unavoidably — the newly arranged couples fall in love, Lilli with Hans and Gwendolin with Albert. And goes after Hans.

So the inheritance stays with Lilli and Hans, and Gwendolin stays with the financially solid Albert. You can easily hear the new Nazi influences in this story: Their name was later erased and substituted by Eduard von der Becke.

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To make this story work, you need a screwball director like Ernst Lubitsch, and you definitely need actors and actresses who can turn such a script into fun. German film operettas of the s were full of such people, even in Nazi times. And talking of film operettas: And that makes the marvelous music somewhat tiresome. I found the other two leads, Julian Schulzki as Albert and Linda Hergarten as Gwendolin more convincing, they certainly have the catchier tunes.

Editor Georg Schumann — Ernst Eulenburg , No.

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Oratorische Werke Band 5: This is one of the editions that shares the fortunes of both sufficient awareness of textual critique and fidelity and beautiful hand engraving of the highest quality. A rare treasure, completely worth purchasing the cloth-bound printed version. Copyist Hermann Kretzschmar — Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe , Band 44 Leipzig: Copyist Johann Heinrich Michel L ; L ; L These files are part of the Orchestra Parts Project. L ; Unknown Scribe.

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Arranger Salomon Jadassohn , piano reduction. Arranger Julius Stern — Editor Edward Elgar Ivor Atkins View at Internet archive.

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Arranger Salomon Jadassohn Arranger Selmar Bagge This file is part of the Sibley Mirroring Project. Arranger Robert Schaab Arranger Arthur Willner II Piano Solo C. Universal Edition , n.

Arranger Michael Zadora Arranger Paul De Bra. Arranger Philipp Roth — Henry Litolffs Verlag , n. Editor Frieder Rempp Page size is Passio Domini Nostri J.

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Christian Friedrich Henrici — , as Picander. Bach Digital source list. The numbering system used here is that of the BWV catalog.