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Try to clearly visualize a picture with these items in your mind. What type of metal are the bells made of? Visualize the brown, thick mud and sore elbows. The mind forgets the ordinary. You can create customized card sets choosing from concepts in physics, general chemistry, biology, and organic chemistry. This medical dictionary is a pocket glossary for psychology, psychiatry and mental health. Medical Terminology and Abbreviations: A list of abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes to help you understand complex medical terms.

A free game that lets you test your knowledge of medical terms. Over 30 word lists to choose from.

Medical Terminology Game 1 Jeopardy Template

The app is also available for Android devices. A short description of more than 1, common and obscure medical eponyms. This app contains lists of prefixes, roots and suffixes. Learn the most common medical terms, diseases, tests and symptoms.

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Voice enabled search with word prediction and smart options let you narrow search results to abbreviations. You can create your own decks and cards or just use the pre-made ones. Medical dictionary with common and uncommon words, terms and phrases. A multiple choice quiz.

Twelve different topics covering the anatomy of the human body. A medical variation of Scramble with more than 30 different word lists. The app is also available for iOS.

Medical Terminology Quiz

It is no secret that a lot of medical terms come from Latin or Greek. Most words are just too long and sound too alien to remember. When you know all the major building blocks of the medical language you can easily puzzle out the meaning of even the most complicated medical terms. Medical terms can be formed using several combinations:.

Medical Terminology Games

Sometimes a word may contain more than one root. To get started, just take your group of related words, look at their first letters and rearrange them to form something new that is easy to remember. This condition is usually caused by drugs, infections, pregnancy, OCP, uicerative colitis or tuberculosis.

We take the initial letter of each cause and see if we can create a meaningful word or phrase in this case, we already did that. Then we get the acronym: You can create you own lists of acronyms for various purposes: Of course, there are some officially recognized acronyms that you should explore as well. There are a few books that have been heavily optimized with the clear goal of not only teaching you the medical terminology, but also making sure you effectively memorize it. Medical Terminology for Dummies: The language used is very engaging and even entertaining.

The prefix will be the location, number of parts or time involved, while the suffix will be the condition, disease process or procedure. By knowing this structure, it is easy to break down each word into its parts to grasp the meaning of the whole word. A matching game is one way to learn what can often be a repetitive task. University of Minnesota General College's medical terminology site has games tailored to this need as does Quia Medical Terminology's site.

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If you are a medical professional, you will need to know a lot of words. For those who are just searching for new knowledge, the Internet has many educational games featuring medical terminology. From flashcards, word finds and crosswords to simple multiple choice games, the Internet is a vast resource for the specialized language of medicine. Jessica Edwards has been a professional writer since , writing for small start-up websites. Publications include articles on eHow, essays in indie magazine "Fallopian Falafal" and "The New Jew," as well as an independent poetry anthology.

1. What’s Medical Terminology Without the Visuals?

She holds a bachelor's degree in pre-chiropractic and athletic training from East Stroudsburg and Fairleigh Dickinson Universities, and works full-time as a certified emergency medical technician and firefighter. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

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Multiple Choice Games If standard multiple choice quizzes are your style, then there are plenty of companies that offer free or very cheap games online. Sheppard's Software is one choice and is listed in the references sections to get you started. Memory or Matching Games Picture-based games are great for the visual learners. Practice Makes Perfect If you are a medical professional, you will need to know a lot of words. References The basics of what medical terminology is with a small prefix and suffix chart. About the Author Jessica Edwards has been a professional writer since , writing for small start-up websites.