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The Ninety and Nine.

Kingdom of Heaven Parables (Matthew 13)

The parables of Jesus: Language of Jesus Bibliography Films. The Parable of the Prodigal Son in arts and culture. Luke 15 Parables of Jesus. L'enfant prodigue The Prodigal Son The Prodigal Son L'enfant prodigue Ants'hillvania The Prodigal Son Dives in misericordia Reconciliatio et paenitentia Retrieved from " https: Doctrines and teachings of Jesus Parables of Jesus.

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Parable of the Prodigal Son. The Master and Servant. Pharisees and the Publican. The Workers in the Vineyard. The Budding Fig Tree. The Talents or Minas. The Sheep and the Goats.

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  8. Parable of the Wedding Feast. Thomas 9 1 Clement Parable of the Growing Seed. Parable of the Hidden Treasure. Parable of Drawing in the Net. Parable of the Rich Fool. Again a man sells everything he has to buy a treasure he has found. No doubt there were many pearls on offer to this merchant, but he found one far superior to to all of them. The merchant could not resist this pearl, and he sent himself broke to get it.

    It might be stretching this parable a bit but I cannot help asking why Jesus chose a pearl rather than a gold nugget or a diamond. A pearl need not be melted down and purified, nor does it need facets cut upon it so that its glory may be seen. We cannot improve it in any way, or make it more valuable than it is. This one-sentence parable evokes the simple image of a man looking into his chest of family treasures —something you might do from time to time.

    Of course some of your family "treasures" may have little value in the outside world, nevertheless they are true treasures. The man in the parable brings out some things that are new, and some things old. The scribes and other religious leaders were often challenged by Jesus to rethink their traditions. Certainly those scribes and lawyers held some ancient truths and should have held on to them. However there were new things the Lord was giving them in the gospel, that they should count among their spiritual treasure too.

    The point about the yeast is that it permeated and leavened all of the dough into which it was placed. It is a world wide kingdom, a kingdom spread through all the earth. Note — Making bread: Those who do not make bread themselves may not be familiar with the process of adding a little yeast or sour dough to fresh dough, kneading and proving the lump of dough, and setting it carefully to rise. Even those who do make their own bread may use an automatic electric machine. They may not understand or appreciate the process. It is probably worthwhile taking the trouble, if you get an opportunity, to see how bread is made in the old-fashioned manner, the better to appreciate the parable of the yeast.

    The figure of leaven or yeast is also used by Jesus and the apostles to represent the very opposite of what it does in this parable. Jesus said, for example, "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees" Matthew We have to choose which of these leavens we will nurture, and which we will kill. The birds of the air can come and make nests in its branches. This parable is also in Mark 4: The mustard plant can grow very large, so that even birds might nest in it and find refuge. The seed however, is as small as those of the other brassicas.

    So it will be at the end of the age; the angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous, and will throw them into the furnace of fire; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Father, we bow before You. This is Your word meant to build Your disciples up in the faith as the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ as those who trust in Him.

    We would be instructed by Your word in Spirit. Apply this truth to our own hearts and our own circumstances and by the Spirit Lord, keep us from failing to see the glory and value of the kingdom.

    Parables of Jesus

    We ask it in Jesus' name, amen. In these three brief parables, Jesus reminds us of three things. First, He reminds us that the true value of the kingdom is hidden to some. His disciples couldn't believe it.

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    Surely not the glorious kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. Surely no one could underestimate how valuable that is. But He reminds us here that the true value of the kingdom is hidden to some. Secondly, He reminds us that belonging to the kingdom is worth more than everything else. And then in the third parable, He teaches us that though the kingdom is mixed in this age, yet it will be purified in the judgment.

    And if we are truly citizens of the Lord Jesus' kingdom, then these truths will make a practical difference in our lives, in our thoughts, in our attitudes, and in our priorities. And so I'd like to study them with you today. The true value of the kingdom is hidden to some. The first one you'll see there in verse 44 as Jesus tells the story, or the parable, of the treasure hidden in the field.

    There we learn that the true Christian sees the worth of the kingdom, even though it is hidden to the eyes of the world. Look at the parable. The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field which a man found and hid again, and from joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and he buys that field.

    Jesus, by the way, is apparently speaking these last three parables directly to His disciples. They had already asked Him to explain one parable. He had volunteered them another explanation of the parable of the tares. And these parables come after that explanation, indicating that Jesus shares these parables in addition to the ones that He had given to the multitude with the express purpose of helping His disciples understand the nature of the kingdom that they were supposed to proclaim.

    I mean, it's a bad thing to send someone out to proclaim a message that they don't understand. It would be like sending me out to explain to you a computer manual.

    The Wealth and Breadth of the Kingdom

    These disciples need to understand the nature of the kingdom, and so the Lord Jesus is explicitly honing and reemphasizing certain aspects of the kingdom that He has previously taught them. For instance, the third parable in this text, this parable which concerns the dragnet, clearly reiterates the truth with which He had taught them in the parable of the tares and the wheat. Apparently He thought that this was a truth so important that they could not fail to understand that if they were going to effectively proclaim the kingdom.

    And after all, that's what He was sending them out to do. He told them that they were to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of heaven. That was their job. And so it was essential that they understood what it was that they were to proclaim. Now even if we're not called to proclaim that good news as Christians, we must understand the nature of this kingdom lest we miss the blessing of it as it is set forth in the word. And so, here in this parable Jesus highlights certain aspects of the kingdom to edify His disciples, to reinforce certain things that He's already stressed to them, and to correct misunderstandings they had about the kingdom of God.

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    The story that He first tells here in verse 44 focuses on a man who, while digging in a field, unexpectedly comes upon a treasure. And when he finds that treasure, the treasure is so valuable that it's worth more than the field and it's worth more than everything else that he has. And so he goes out, he gives away everything that he has in order to purchase the field, and he obtains the treasure. And the story is actually a very commonplace kind of story. It would have not been uncommon for people in Jesus' time to bury family heirlooms and treasure.

    There were not secure places available to common folk, and in times of war or raids or because of fear of burglary, it would not have been uncommon to bury family heirlooms. There's a story from my family's past that approximates this one. When my father was a little boy growing up in Union County, South Carolina, every family reunion, on the afternoons, all the cousins would spend the afternoons with shovels on the old family home, the McDowell home at Liberty Hill, South Carolina, digging for the family silver, which had been buried during the War between the States to save it from the invader.

    And they would dig and dig and dig, and throughout his childhood years they never found it. Now there's a tag at the end of that story. In the s, my father went into one of his cousins' homes whose mother had just passed away. And up on the mantle piece there was a very large piece of silverware, like a serving tray. As dad grew closer to it, there was a London silver mark on it, and it was so thick and so laden that he could actually bend it with his fingers.

    That's how silvery it was. At any rate, this man buys a field and in it he finds a treasure. We're not told why it was that he was digging in a field that he didn't own in the first place. Perhaps he was a renter. But he comes across a treasure, and he recognizes that this treasure is more valuable than anything that he has, and so he is willing to sell everything in order to obtain this treasure. The disciples expected the kingdom to be obviously valuable to everyone. And they expected the people of Israel to diligently be seeking after that kingdom because it was so valuable.

    Now listen to the parable as Jesus tells it. The kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field. And a certain man unexpectedly comes upon it while he's digging and he sells everything that he has in order to buy it. Jesus, in this parable, indicates that the treasure is hidden to many. Not all will see the value of the kingdom of heaven. Not even all those in Israel will see the value of the kingdom of heaven.

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    Notice three aspects to the story. First of all, the treasure is hidden. It is not openly displayed for all. Not all see the value of the treasure. Secondly, notice that the treasure is found unexpectedly. This man was not in the field digging for treasure. He was digging for something else. Perhaps he was plowing his field.

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    And he stumbles upon this treasure. So he wasn't even looking for it when he found it. And finally, notice this treasure is worth everything. Jesus indicates that there is nothing in this man's life that can match the value of the treasure which he has found. And so this parable shows the incalculable preciousness of salvation for those who discover it and obtain possession of it without ever even looking for it. This parable reminds us of the exceeding preciousness of the kingdom, even if the world doesn't value the kingdom in that way. Now this parable can serve as a diagnostic for our hearts.

    We have to ask ourselves this question: Is the kingdom my priority?