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They were held by Cossacks, who set out on raids of the auls — villages. They destroyed grazing lands, seized livestock and took as many prisoners as they could. Chechen reprisals came swiftly. Often the Russians were attacked even before they got back to their own lines. The most resolute fighters were the Dagestanis and the Chechens.

Their leader, Imam Shamil, had rallied his men to wage holy war against the Christians. They dreamed of romance, daring feats, riding in the mountains, brotherhood under canvas and fearless battles against the wild ones. War offered the means of becoming a man. Under the tsars, political opponents were generally sent to forced labour in the Caucasus, because they would probably never return home alive. The journey took nearly two months. His dog Bulka rode with him in the carriage. The general ordered a massive counterattack. After six months in the Caucasus the cadet wrote to his brother: In this open landscape the moors swarm with grey rabbits and low bushes where foxes hide.

When I return I will go deer hunting on horseback. If you want to impress people with the latest news from the Caucasus you can tell them that the most important person here — after Shamil — a man named Haji Murat, has just surrendered to the Russians. The boldest and bravest man in all Chechnya has committed an act of cowardice. As time went on, the young nobleman lost his fascination for the life of a soldier; during the summer of the second year he 36 The Angel of Grozny complained in his diary: What will be my fate?

Only time will tell. How I hate it! Tonight Knoring came in drunk. I drank a little too. Some officers brought prostitutes. Arguments, insults, we just barely avoided a duel. When common sense asks: Is it right, is it necessary? The Council of Elders had reached an agreement with federal forces: Both sides kept the agreement more or less. We met rebels in the village, and heard about houses that had been searched by Russians looking for vodka in the evenings. As everywhere, we were met with great hospitality. He invited us to stay in his home at the upper edge of the village.

It was a large house; Isa was a rich man. We sat at a table in the garden as darkness fell softly around us. A fierce struggle for control was being waged in the hills. Highest up were the Russians, whose searchlights swept the hillsides. In between them crept the rebels. The First War 37 Duba-Yurt was remarkably fortunate compared to neighbouring villages; only the outlying homes had been destroyed. To prevent the place from being razed by Russian artillery, the rebels had withdrawn two days before our arrival.

Crackling gunfire and the dull, distant rumble of heavy artillery drowned out the twittering birds. Isa identified precisely where the shots came from. Isa named villages nearby. They hung there briefly before slowly descending to earth. With thirty years of experience in the Soviet army, the president should have realised this strategy would not work.

Isa had lost what he most valued: European paintings, anything made of gold and silver, precious stones and metals. Chechen and Caucasian art was blown to pieces. We drove down into the valley first, then up the mountain on the opposite side. Out of three hundred houses, only a few remained unscathed. The inhabitants were in shock. We thought it was safe to stay here; because of the Russian promises, few people fled. When the bombardment started, all we could do was rush down into our cellars.

He had lived twenty years in Siberia in order to earn enough money to build a house for his family. Now everything was gone. Some of the walls were still standing in the once stately house where he lived with his wife and five sons. They shoot as if they have a real enemy, but only civilians die. For us, it makes no difference whether Dudayev or Yeltsin is the leader; let the Pope rule, for all I care, if only we can live in peace. Later, we found one of the wounded at the hospital in Grozny: Her mother and sister had been hit by a rocket and were killed.

We went down into the valley again. On the flat stretch of land between Chishky and Duba-Yurt, beside the peacefully flowing Argun, the th Paratroop Division had its base. From here they fired heavy artillery towards targets in the mountains and the Argun valley. The projectiles could reach up to fifty kilometres. As he was holding forth about their successful battle strategy, a voice suddenly shouted: I lay down, but where are you supposed to lie in a flat field? The camp bustled with activity. The ABC one-woman crew filmed. Soldiers shot towards the place where the crawling marksman supposedly was; four times they threw grenades.

One less Chechen to fight. Some soldiers went out to find him, but returned empty-handed. Once again I was at a loss, wondering what to believe. Everything in Chechnya had two explanations, one Russian and one Chechen. Was it that the Russians were bored and wanted to show off for us, or was it that the villagers wanted to hide the fact that they harboured rebels? The officer invited us to eat shashlik with him — grilled meat on skewers.

He pointed to a slaughtered goat lying in the hot sunshine. Later his son approached me. My three fellow travellers decided to go anyway for the sake of the story. I stayed with Isa, whose face bore a stormy look all evening. It was almost midnight. It was frighteningly quiet. Despite the danger, Isa sent his son to investigate.

As he opened the door to leave, a tank thundered past. We heard it stop a short distance away and back up. Three figures hopped down from the vehicle. Isa gave them a tight-lipped nod and we all went to bed. The next day we left Isa, and I never saw him again. Sergei said he had a gift for me; he went into his tent and emerged carrying a red silk banner with gold fringes. A pale Lenin in suit and tie adorned the banner.

The hammer and sickle were embroidered in gold thread. Ulyanovsk — Grozny — Chishky. I felt I was carrying blood. I also carried with me my reflections on the spontaneous generosity they showed us outsiders — and the hate, anger and vengefulness they felt towards each other. Not where they were fighting, but in the village of Goity, where they came to recuperate.

After several weeks in the mountains they came down to get rest, food, hot water and a bed before taking up arms again. Above all, we fight for our families and villages. Rizvan would not discuss whether the struggle was worth the countless innocent victims. As we left the boyeviks, I thought about the pity of it all: At this point in the war, May , 80 per cent of Chechnya was controlled by the Russians. Yeltsin declared a ceasefire during the week of celebration, but the generals in the field completely ignored it. Presidents and prime ministers from around the world sat passively in the VIP stand as the Russian army marched past.

After the celebration Yeltsin wanted to crush the separatists once and for all. By the end of May, only a few villages were still fighting, among them the legendary Vedeno where Imam Shamil had taken a stand against the Russians in the nineteenth century. When Vedeno fell in early June, the Chechen leadership changed its strategy — they would no longer have bases, but had to fight in small mountain units.

One of the leaders adopted a whole new tactic. The sun was at its height and the morning freshness long gone when a police car followed by two military trucks drove into the centre of Budyonnovsk, a sleepy provincial town in southern Russia. They calmly parked outside the police station.

Bearded men got out of the cars and trucks, and opened fire. They were the feared Shamil Basayev — The Wolf — and his men, around a hundred and fifty in all. Ten days earlier he had lost eleven members of his family when the village was stormed. Attacking a Russian town should wake up the Russian people and make them protest against the injustice in Chechnya. From the police station the men moved to the city hall and the central square.

They raided two apartment buildings, battered down doors, took residents and people on the street as hostages. By evening twelve hundred people had been taken hostage. The Wolf set forth his demands on the hospital telephone: Russia must stop the war in Chechnya, pull out the troops and begin peace negotiations. Six armoured vehicles were hit by grenades and set on fire.

When a doctor forced his way through the sea of flames with a written plea to end the shooting, it stopped. A hundred and twenty hostages lay dead; more than a thousand remained. The women who hung out of the windows of the maternity ward waving white sheets had made the Russians appear to be the aggressors. For the first and only time, the authorities decided to negotiate with a terrorist leader. Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin was in charge of the negotiations, since Boris Yeltsin had left to attend a G7 summit in Halifax the day after the drama began.

Four telephone conversations later, Basayev released two hundred hostages. Chernomyrdin promised a ceasefire and guaranteed the Chechens safe conduct. But when we were thrown out of Vedeno, when they drove us into a corner with wild, terrible destruction — wiping out villages, women, children, the 44 The Angel of Grozny elderly, indeed an entire people — then we decided to go. When the war was one year old, a cold January day in , the next raid on Russia occurred.

Now it was the border town of Kizlar in Dagestan that suffered. He called a meeting of the Russian Security Council and roared at the generals, the security ministers and the border troops. Are you playing with dolls? The border guards fell asleep! We have several thousand troops guarding the roads, and these men just went right by! Three hundred years ago the first battles between Russian and Chechen forces occurred here.

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It was here the war between us began. Again the Chechens were promised safe conduct, but they brought several hundred hostages as protection. After suffering great losses from the well-armed resistance fighters, the Russians for a while halted their attacks. Some days later I sneaked across the border from Dagestan, the same route by which the fighters had made their retreat.

Hunched down in the moonlight, we crossed a broad, frozen marsh; when not frozen, the area was impassable.

The Angel of Grozny: Orphans of a Forgotten War - PDF Free Download

In the cold, starry night the flat marshland seemed endless. But we crossed unnoticed into Chechen territory. They had stood their ground there for five days. The driver stopped the car by a group of houses and we were ushered in to see Raduyev. He sat in a bare, frigid room. Gas and electricity were long gone. A small, thin man with deep wrinkles etched into a ravaged face, he looked older than his twenty-eight years.

He gave us a dark, gloomy look through blurred, yet shining, eyes under heavy eyelids.

Through a broken window we could see black branches reaching nakedly towards the sky. When our towns are bombed, nobody raises an eyebrow any more. But if we go beyond our borders, the world press stands on tiptoe looking for sensational news. We are suicide warriors ready to die.

The best way to die is through jihad. The rebel leader deemed their hostage action a success. We broke through three lines of Russian soldiers. No military analyst can explain how we managed to do that. I have just one answer: His eyes flitted here and there, from the door to me to Anders and back again. It can happen at any time, and at any place.

Two or three more strikes at Russia, and they have to give in. If we attack strategic targets, the war will become so expensive that Russia will have to pull out her troops. When the workers strike and the students scream for their monthly cheques, the authorities will have to give in. Now I have to plan sabotage instead. But he believed that with different political leadership in Moscow the war could be ended. But financial aid from the West encourages leaders in the Kremlin to continue the war: The money goes directly to financing the war. We looked at each other, shivering in our jackets.

And shook our heads. He pointed at our Polaroid camera. The camera that had helped us in so many situations. A photograph of themselves could be among the things needed to get Russian soldiers to let us through roadblocks. Preferably posing with a Kalashnikov. For many soldiers this was their only photograph from the war; very few could afford a camera in the The First War 47 nineties. Salman Raduyev also wanted a photograph, so Anders took pictures of The Lone Wolf in a sheepskin coat with me in my dark pink jacket. The young man put the picture into his breast pocket, and later I would hear from people who met him that he showed them the picture and said: The wolf — borz — was a symbol of freedom that had become established through centuries of battling against the empire.

The free, wild wolf was the Chechen; the tame, cowardly dog was the Russian. The separatists chose this beast as the emblem of their republic. They saw the wolf as the only animal that dared to take on something stronger than itself. What it lacked in strength and size it made up for with limitless audacity and courage. Moreover, the wolf was loyal to the pack and ready to sacrifice its life for the others.

It loved freedom, could not be tamed, and would rather die fighting than surrender. The Chechens focused on the characteristics they liked best, and forgot that the wolf is a beast of prey that mercilessly pursues every weak, defenceless animal. The wars of the s destroyed the Chechen social fabric and drove brutality to the extreme; slave trade with hostages, killing of innocent people, torture and abuse — on both sides — became widespread. But tales about the wolf have been kept alive and told from generation to generation.

This poem is from the Soviet era: We are wolves, Compared to dogs, we are few. To the sound of double-barrelled guns We have declined over time. As in an execution We soundlessly fell to the ground, But we have survived, 48 The Angel of Grozny Even though we are banned. There are hardly any of us. We, wolves and dogs, share one mother, But we refused to surrender. Your lot is bowls of food, Ours is hunger on frozen ground.

In the January frosts You are allowed inside, While we are surrounded by A tightening ring of red lights. You peep out through a crack in the door, We roam in the woods. You are really wolves But you had not the guts for it. You were grey, Once you were brave, But you were handed scraps and became slaves.

You are glad to serve and flatter For a crust of bread, But the leash and chain Are your prize — and well deserved! Tremble in your cages When we are out hunting! Because, more than any bear, We wolves hate Dogs. In Boris Yeltsin toured Russia, encouraging its regions and small nations to claim more power from the Kremlin. A year later, while Gorbachev was on holiday in the Crimea, the old communists staged a coup in Moscow.

All telephone lines to the luxurious dacha were severed, and the leader of the Soviet Union was cut off. Boris Yeltsin threw himself into the battle against the coup plotters. Standing on a tank in shirt sleeves, he roared to the masses gathered to protest the takeover. In Grozny, then a Soviet provincial capital, Jokhar Dudayev nodded in approval.

As chairman of the executive committee in the Chechen national congress, he called for a mass mobilisation against the coup, while others sat on the fence. He demanded that the Soviet administration resign and the parliament be disbanded. Jokhar Dudayev, the only Chechen with the rank of general in the Soviet army, had commanded a division of long-range strategic 50 The Angel of Grozny bombers carrying nuclear weapons at the military base in Tartu, Estonia. He left the air force in March after refusing to participate in the military intervention and killing of civilians in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

Take as much sovereignty as you can swallow! That was exactly what Jokhar Dudayev intended to do. After the coup a series of demonstrations — and eventually a general strike — took place in Chechnya in protest against the local Soviet government. The revolt was a real revolution, not a quiet one as in other Soviet republics. Dudayev also liberated a prison with six hundred inmates, some of whom became his guardsmen.

Criminals, from con men to convicted murderers, were released. During the autumn of Dudayev consolidated his power, took control of the police and their weapons arsenal, bought, stole and coerced equipment from local Soviet troops who operated without leaders while the power struggle went on in Moscow.

In October, Dudayev won the presidential election with 90 per cent of the vote, and nationalistic groups won all the seats in parliament. The first week in November, parliament declared complete independence from Russia. The second week in November, Yeltsin proclaimed a state of emergency in Chechnya and sent in six hundred Interior Ministry troops. They were immediately surrounded by Chechen snipers at the airport, and locked in the terminal. The soldiers were disarmed and bussed out.

They left the republic. For the time being. Dudayev was absolutely determined to see Chechnya break away — not just from the Soviet Union, but also from Russia. In December the Soviet Union was dissolved, and the fifteen Wolf Hunt 51 republics received their independence. As a result, these two men who once had fought the same fight — against the Soviet Union — now became bitter enemies.

And it is these two men who must bear the main responsibility for the Chechen tragedy. Dudayev began a war of words with Yeltsin. For its part, the Russian government introduced an amazingly ineffective trade embargo and cut important subsidies; the only thing the Russian state paid was pensions to help local Russians remain in Chechnya.

A Moscow bank robbery by Chechen criminals netted almost a billion dollars; most of the money was brought back to Chechnya. However, the main reason for invading Chechnya was the political ambitions of Yeltsin and his inner circle. If Chechnya seceded, the spirit of rebellion could spread to the rest of the North Caucasus, and all of Russia could fall apart. During the winter of the war became even more intense. The bear, with all its strike power, was on a wolf hunt. But the chief wolf — Jokhar Dudayev — always got away. We were transported from place to place, to new houses and streets, with new instructions to wait.

He never slept in the same place more than one night. One evening the Chechen middlemen drove us to a house at the edge of Urus Martan. Late the next evening they took us to another house. We were told to sit on a sofa. The rebels had communal worship — zikr — tramping after each other in a circle with heavy steps and shouting out prayers. When they sat down to eat, they looked worried, worn out. The Russians had begun a new offensive, and wintertime was difficult.

When the earth is frozen and the rivers dry, heavy Russian vehicles can move around easily. We were led from the living room into another room. He set down a chair and left the room again. We sat on soft cushions on the floor with a small gas light burning. The press secretary returned, and we understood that it was time to take out our notebooks, tape recorders and camera equipment.

He was small and lithe, with a thin face, an eagle-beak nose and a well-kept moustache. His eyes were dark and intense. When he began speaking, his manner and speech were as meticulous as his dress. Tonight he had decided to direct his shots at us: During the first year of the war the Chechen attitude towards the West changed. Oh yes, the West criticised. Oh yes, the West protested. Oh yes, the West mentioned the war in conversations with Yeltsin.

We had hoped to get help in establishing a democratic state governed by law, but you betrayed us. The UN should have instituted harsh economic sanctions against Russia. It will be a battle of the Muslim world against the West. When someone corrected him, he cried: Let it be five. Western Europeans are fascist and egotistic. Every week refugee reception centres in Europe are set on fire, with live human beings inside them.

One spring evening a few months later, when new foliage once again hid the rebel bases, the Chechen president left his headquarters to make a telephone call. He was driven into the forest above the town of Gekhi-Chu, along with his bodyguards and two advisers. They parked the jeep in a narrow gully and the advisers hooked up a satellite phone, which only worked under the open sky. There Jokhar Dudayev dialled the Moscow number of Russian parliament member Konstantin Borovoi to discuss possible peace talks.

Wolf Hunt 55 It was a long conversation, a little too long, or just long enough for a Russian warplane to pick up the signal, take off from the base and fire an air-to-ground missile that found its target with a direct hit. Continue the fight till the end. The trips to Chechnya changed me. When I went back to Moscow to recuperate, I became depressed, had lost my drive. I just wanted to go back again.

Real life was in the mountains, where people were waging a life-and-death struggle. Little by little I became almost anti-Russian. The basement apartment was still a basement apartment. Capitalism was spreading, and things began to get on my nerves: One evening I telephoned my foreign editor to say that I was planning to leave for Chechnya the next morning.

Yes, once in a while I call to have a chat. Everything was packed, the tickets purchased, my travelling companions were going to pick me up the next morning: I called the French. The tough journalists were speechless when they heard about my mother. As a freelance journalist, to a certain extent I did as I pleased. But now, with this travel ban, I suddenly had no money for the trip. Covering a war is expensive; you have to rent cars, the drivers demand sky-high prices because of the risk and on top of it all come the bribes.

Didier had a bright idea: We ate soft cheese and dry bread. Once again we were taken from house to house, from car to car, until we were set down at a crossroads and told to walk up a wooded path. I was startled by a pair of dark eyes staring at me through the foliage. Several dozen men with dark beards, green headbands and black uniforms stood concealed among the trees with weapons loaded, like stone statues, all the way up the hillside; and there, suddenly, just ahead of us, sat Aslan Maskhadov on a tree stump.

Aslan Maskhadov stood out among the Chechen leaders; he was quietly spoken and had calm, gentle eyes. Today he looked at us with a sly grin. If helicopters happened to circle overhead, they would see little but green forest. We asked him how the war was progressing. We asked about the Chechen will to fight, the mood, tactics and strategy. It would be the first time those two leaders had met, which in itself was a major victory for the Chechens, who had been asking for a meeting with Yeltsin all along.

In two months a presidential election would be held in Russia, and Yeltsin was not doing well in the polls. Peace in Chechnya would have a positive effect. This was major news, and on our way back we pondered how to get that news out. None of us had a satellite phone, and the only functioning telegraph offices were far away, in Grozny or Shali. At a crossroads we happened to meet a correspondent for Agence France-Presse. She graciously let us use her telephone, provided she could report the news at the same time.

Making A Strangler - The Office US

We each wrote our own story. I dictated mine with satisfaction 58 The Angel of Grozny to a secretary at Arbeiderbladet. They told me to try once more. So the woman with the satellite phone had saved me. Peace negotiations were held in Moscow. After a two-hour meeting on 27 May an agreement regarding a ceasefire and an exchange of prisoners was signed. Yeltsin got his peace before the election and the Chechens got their meeting with the president.

Further discussions between the two parties were scheduled for the following day in a government dacha outside Moscow. Meanwhile, the Chechen delegation was isolated in the dacha, with neither meetings nor access to the media. They had been part of an election stunt. In the second weekend in July, Russian planes bombed the high mountain town of Makhkety, where Chechen military leaders were gathered.

Several buildings, including the city hall, were devastated and dozens killed. The rebel leaders fled in different directions. Maskhadov crept along the riverbank. Former President Yandarbiev walked up towards the tree line, where he waited until nightfall, and then rode further on horseback. For three days they kept moving around, ate leaves and drank water from streams. They made their way through deep forests, gorges and ravines, and when Maskhadov and Basayev met up again they would almost be swept away in the strong current of a tributary of the Argun River. The entire leadership and all the boyeviks escaped from Makhkety; the only casualties, as so often before, were civilians.

In any case, the peace was over. And when the presidential election was over, my time in Russia was over, too. For the next ten years I watched events from the sidelines. Chechnya got independence of a sort by agreeing to put off the question of constitutional affiliation. Aslan Maskhadov was elected president by a large majority in He never managed to control the republic, or to prevent the spread of wahhabism, a radical form of Islamic fundamentalism to which Osama bin Laden, among others, adheres.

Chechnya lay in ruins. Most of what Russia sent for reconstruction disappeared along the way, while money from the Middle East was used to build mosques and madrasas, as well as for weapons. Islamists destroyed the relationship with the outside world by executing Western health workers, engineers and journalists.

Their aim was to strengthen the pro-Russian regime in Dagestan and then, together with Chechnya, create an Islamic federation in the North Caucasus. People began hoarding food again and made plans to flee. On 7 August a few thousand armed men, led by Shamil Basayev, moved across the Chechen border into Dagestan. They took control of several towns and declared Dagestan independent from Russia.

Two days later, Boris Yeltsin announced the name of his new prime minister, one unknown to most Russians — a former intelligence officer who had dedicated his life and career to the KGB. His name was Vladimir Putin. The new prime minister would distinguish himself by following a harder line against Chechnya than even Boris Yeltsin. On 9 September , a bomb exploded in the basement of an apartment building in Moscow. About a hundred people were killed. The most expensive and 2.

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Are there any specific rewards for doing Ibadah during the month of Dhull Hijjah? Is it permissible to fast on the days of Dhul 2. October - Haidh Menstruation Does the previously done wudhu of a woman who has Istihadha break with the beginning time of each Salaah? If a woman has Istihadha and makes a fresh wudhu for Asr. The time of Maghrib I missed many years of prayers which I cannot calculate and many years of fast.

Rarely I do, but only when I felt. I met a boy at an Islamic convention. We were volunteering together, and had some small conversations here and there — nothing private, nothing I would like some advice on where to do udhiyyah. My mom in law stays with us permanently since the day I got married. The problem is she back bites about my husband and Is it ok to do makeup for brides and for women that are going to social events?

Most brides these days do not have September - Marital Is it permissible for a girl to end her engagement due to religious reasons? My friend is engaged to a boy since 2 years. She accepted the offer because her family wanted her to marry him. September - Parenting How long can a mother breastfeed her child? How long can a mother breastfeed her child? Is it allowed to wear different colours scarfs with a black abaya? Can we wear a black abaya with black designs on it? There are many different September - Haidh Menstruation How should a menstruating woman perform Hajj?

I intend to go on hajj this year. However, I will be menstruating whilst traveling so i will be pure just in time for 9. September - Marriage Nurturing a healthy relationship Question: I am married for almost a year. Is it permissible to use water permeable nail polish whilst performing wudu? Will the prayer be valid? There is a water permeable nail polish. Why is stoning and honour killings common? Why do females get half the inheritance amount of males? Also, why are stoning, honour killings so prevalent today in the name of Islam? September - Haidh Menstruation Can I take a contraceptive pill to prevent my period during Hajj?

Can I take a contraceptive pill to prevent my period during Hajj? As the doctor told me that the pill may not completely stop the 3. Is it permissible to pay interest with interest? The person sold their property with the intention of purchasing another property, the purchased property was Due to having a baby at the beginning of Ramadan last year, I was unable to fast.

I have not been able to keep Qiyam al Layl — The night prayer Make it a habit from tonight! August - Marriage Secret Nikah Question: A boy has proposed to get married to a girl and she has accepted. However as the boy is What should be done with the umbilical cord and placenta after childbirth? Muslims strive their utmost during the whole month of Ramadhan yet 7. Is it permissible for a female to get her eyebrow pierced? What about her belly? In the Name of Allah, the Most 1.

Does this fall under the same July - Marital What should one do if all parties except the mother of the boy approve of the nikah? A boy and a girl want to get married. Both families are happy except the mother of the boy. She disapproves of the nikah July - Marriage I regret being the second wife. What should I do? I wish to congratulate you for the great help and teachings we are always receiving here, whether it pertains to new Muslims or getting July - Lifestyle Ramadhan Timetable The best way to make this Ramadhan a most profitable and successful one is to fix yourselves a daily routine.

Within a few days you July - Lifestyle What happens to the souls in the barzakh? The life of this world is nothing in comparison to the life of the Hereafter. The experiences, happiness and sorrows of this life are microscopic 5.

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  • Sam And Sam.
  • Can women have men hoors in Jannah? | Ideal Woman;
  • Starlet?

I feel so worthless and i feel like a loser in life. This affects my Imaan and i feel lazy to do prayers. July - Marriage Cast and Cultural differences in a marriage Question: Is there any basis for meman, surtee, Urdu etc. Why do people place such importance on that? To me, finding a good 2. July - Marital Dealing with a lazy and selfish husband Question: My husband and I have been married for years and have 3 children.

When we got married I knew that my husband was poor whereas 1.

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June - Articles Have you prepared for the blessed month? With the arrival of a wedding or special occasion in the family many of us find ourselves busy from months before making all the necessary Can I eat at a restaurant if the worker says the food is Halal? In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the June - General The truth about Music Over the centuries, many Ulama have cautioned the Believers about the dangers of listening to music.

Whilst many Muslims have listened, others have chosen to I am a 4th year female studying medicine. From this year onward, the teaching is primarily practical training which requires us to work in A couple has a certain amount of gold which is in the custody of the wife. Will she have to pay on her own June - Advices Steps to becoming a better Muslimah Question: How should I improve in becoming a good Muslim?

There are many different ways to prepare basbousa according to region and country; June - General Is it obligatory for a pregnant woman to fast in the month of Ramadhan? Is it fardh and obligatory for a pregnant woman to fast in the month of Ramadhan? In the Name of Allah, the Most 7. If a man irrevocably divorces his wife once but takes her back without a new marriage contract then is his marriage valid? It is full of those 1. Can you please provide us with some guidelines regarding the national anthem being sung by our school during its various functions?

Is it permissible, I need to know if supporting any sports teams or clubs is allowed in Islam? And by supporting, I mean like being a diehard Is it true that burning of Bakhoor, Oudh and other incense to fragnate the air through its smoke is Sunnah? May - General True Love? Can we write stories? If yes, what are the things we should take care of while writing them? Can we give the characters May - Lifestyle Circulation of unauthentic messages Question: A lot of such messages with unknown source keep on roaming and people spread these messages without confirming their authentication and when someone tries May - Salah Prayer Do women have to perform ghusl on the day of Friday?

May - Lifestyle Tips for effective studying The first thing you should do to enable you to study with ease is to condition your mind to love what you are studying. May - Marital Is it permissible for the husband to live abroad away from his wife? I am currently studying and working full time, while my husband is also working but we have no children yet.

Unfortunately, we have an 7. May - Inspiration The love of Allah Give yourself a moment; think about the person who you love the most, the person that you are most attached and close to. May - Parenting Dua for conceiving Children Question: It has been just over a year into my marriage. Soon after my marriage, my mother in law started building pressure on us to visit 7. Sister Fiyona Valli for Idealwoman. They are Health and 3. Is there any duas to be recited when one is worried and depressed? In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the 2.

May - Marital Does the husband have the right to deny permission to the friends of his wife into his house? I am recently engaged and Inshallah will be married soon. April - Inspiration Who is the ideal woman? All great men have been nurtured in the laps of women. April - Marital Will a married woman be able to choose a husband in Jannah if she does not desire to be with her husband in Jannah?

The wives of the believers will have their husbands in Paradise, and the unmarried woman will have whatever man she desires in Paradise. Please give me information about Salah on travel.

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I have to attend my classes after having a journey of 3 hours. I miss my I was divorced recently. All my belongings clothes, jewellery, household materials, etc. We never asked them to We will be discussing the following points: I have a slight problem.

I am meant to marry someone who is acting weird towards me he gets angry over anything I say. True Beauty lies in your Heart and in Who has custody of the child in the case of divorce? The father or the mother? My son wants to marry a Shia girl as he is in love with her. Should I Wear Niqaab? I wanted to know if I should start Niqab, I am 12 years old and just hit puberty.

My mom wants me to wear 4. It is also common in 3. My question is regarding reciting Quran in the form of Dua while a woman is in her periods. Is it permissible to recite Surah 1. I want to ask you a question related to kindergarten of my son. You can be equal to a man in….. I walked through its districts and roamed through its squares. I wanted to explore its condition and discover its hiding If we remove the link of the Sahabah It seems to be that in the hustle and bustle of this Dunya 9.

Are Muslims allowed to do yoga as a form of exercise and as a fitness programme? I am currently studying the aalima course and I began as a very dedicated and determined student. However, overtime my dedication and determination to 5. If I buy any kind of food, and realize it is Haraam right after I buy it, will it be better to throw away 1.

Do you ever experience a feeling For some it has even become a regular Inshallah literally means if Allah Wills. If Allah wills anything to happen, then it I wanted to know that do women need to cut 1 inch of all the hairs after performing Umrah or only cutting an inch A woman is a Musafir.

Her Haidh starts 2 days after she reaches her destination. She becomes paak after 4 days. Does she continue Is it permissible and is there any leeway in Sharia for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man? Recently in the UK some 9. January A brief 7. Can you please help me to understand the wisdom behind menstruation? Not the physiological, but the spiritual and Islamic wisdom behind it. I want to seek suggestion about marriage Wazeefah.

I was divorced for more than 3 years. Please give me suggestion that how can I get 1. Young Muslims are getting ready to hit the night scene. Branded shoes and designer clothes Is there anything wrong with visiting churches for sightseeing? He has made us the best of creation and made other creations subservient I am 20 and have loved a boy and we both wanted to get married. His family had no objections. However, my family did I would like to know what to do in the following scenario: A woman has her menstrual period for 7 days and sees a January - Online Business Hair accessories, hijab pin, beauty tools etc Low price on line shopping store for ladies, such as hair accessories, hijab pin, beauty tools and wholesalers,.

January - Crafts Custom Embroidery Type of industry: Stanger, Kzn Contact Details: Custom Ebroidered Juzdaans, aprons, pencil January - Crafts Handmade Quraan markers, eid gifts, wedding parcels etc Handmade crystal tasbeehs, tawaaf counters, quraan markers and baby bracelets for eid gifts, wedding kunchas, etc. January - Cooking Homemade butter pastries and savouries Indulge yourself in delicious, mouth watering homemade butter pastries and savouries. January - Online Business Products over internet Home based business selling products over internet example: All products are non murat.

I also run cake deco classes regularly. Wedding parcels,baby gift boxes and mithai parcels made to order. January - Catering Catering for up to people Catering on a small scale for up to people. You can see my work here: January - Homemade Delicacies cakes and novelty cakes for special occasions Specializing in all types of cakes and novelty cakes for special occasions. January - Catering Savoury platters for companies Butter biscuits and savoury platters for companies. I have reverted to Islam 5 years ago Alhamullillah and I learnt to perform ghusl and wudu from one of my male friends and You must be well aware of all the academic arguments in that Alhumdullilah for many years I have been praying Tahujjud Salaah, but recently I have felt it may be better to leave my Tahujjud and So I would like to get your opinion on an issue that I have with my mother.

Whenever I am with my friends and How long can a wife bear without her husband? Is there any authenticity with the concept that it is Sunnah to sleep with your face facing towards Qiblah and that one should keep Please help me in my problem. I am a 31 years old. I am very sad and depressed because I am not blessed with It has lots of naturally good things like the Vitamin A and C and Is dating allowed in the case that the guy promised to marry the girl when he is ready? This could take a year or He was created from a fluid, ejected, emerging from between the backbone and the ribs.

Is Mahr Fatimi preferable even though the boy is not financially sound enough to afford or is rich enough to afford more than 7. It is the subject of being conscious of Allah, the Majestic and most high. Is is permissible to write poetry and listen to nasheeds? Is there any rewards for doing so? Nasheeds and Islamic poetry serves to 1. While at work I never try to initiate any talk with males, except if needed. Some of the males at work do not pray The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.

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The book challenges conventional thinking on why women fight and are willing to kill themselves in the name of Allah. Drawing on personal interviews, insider resources, and other materials, Murphy presents powerful portrayals of women who fight in the Chechen jihad, including snipers and the mysterious Black Widow suicide bombers, as well as women who collect intelligence, hide arms, and perform other noncombatant roles. Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews.