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Yankees , and other aspects of our culture, but at the end of the day a lot of this thinking creates unnecessary tension and antagonism between everyone. Instead of seeing people in groups, a better perspective is to see everyone as an individual worthy of respect, equality, and kindness, regardless of what groups they may be categorized in.

I personally try to identify with everyone in some way. I believe at the core of human beings, we are all just trying to find happiness and enjoy life — and in that sense we are all connected as one, so there is no need to divide.

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  • We can ignore those who say their governments have ceded too much power to bureaucrats in Brussels. But these people know that if they welcome unlimited numbers of migrants, they're inviting large numbers of people to risk their lives and those of their children to make the journey and that smaller European countries will struggle to manage the overflow.

    Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism

    They're right that not all these migrants are truly refugees, and that encouraging so many to leave their home countries allows autocrats in North Africa and the Middle East to drive out those who don't support them. It is not racist to acknowledge that the best of intentions sometimes produce terrible consequences. Further, democracy is undermined when growing numbers of the decisions that govern people's lives are made by people who don't stand for election within the borders of their countries.

    Dismissing the hopes and fears of those who turn to them exacerbates the problem of us vs. Challenges that are serious for the United States and Europe are even more daunting for developing countries. The introduction of automation and artificial intelligence into the workplace will create more turmoil for workers in wealthy countries, but it will be profoundly disruptive in the developing world, where there will be fewer factory jobs to pull less educated people from the countryside into the urban workforce.

    Governments without money to invest in technological innovation—and to upgrade education systems and retraining programs to help citizens profit from it -- will create fewer opportunities for young people.

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    Social unrest will test the resilience of governments, and political officials will stoke more conflict between us and them to protect their own power and influence. The result will be a widening of the divide between wealthy countries and poor ones -- and between rich and poor within each country. And if we focus mainly on the demagoguery of the populists who try to take advantage of these trends, we will only widen the gap between those who can afford to ignore them and those who can't.

    The choices we make, particularly online, help algorithms understand our interests, wants, and needs better than our friends and families do. Add the reality that people are easy to influence. Fake news generated on the Internet shapes public perception in ways we still don't fully appreciate, and a coming wave of digitally sophisticated fake images and video will complicate things further.

    It's not difficult to imagine a world in which technical specialists looking to make money help politicians looking to gain power understand and manipulate us in ways that undermine the political influence of citizens in every country. Over time, people wise up. They become less easy to fool. But they can easily become more cynical, and that can lead them to turn their backs on politics altogether, leaving elections to be decided by the angriest and most opinionated.

    In the meantime, there are choices to make. Or rewrite the social contract?

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    Both strategies can work in many countries, at least for a while. Both demand capable government with the resources to construct and sustain these systems. The construction of walls won't kill the idea of responsive government. It will simply create a form of digital apartheid that ensures some are well served while others aren't served at all. And, increasingly, as in the United States. Reinvention of the social contract is going to be politically impossible in many countries for many years to come.

    The sense of crisis isn't yet strong enough, because so many globalists continue to profit from the system as it is, and walls of various kinds will protect them, temporarily, from real danger. Things have to become much worse, particularly for the winners, before they can become better for everyone else. This is the ultimate failure of globalism.

    Our 'Us Vs Them' World: 5 Reasons Why Globalism Is Failing

    Where and when it becomes possible to experiment, efforts to rewrite the social contract will work most easily in countries with relatively homogenous societies, borders that face relatively little pressure, and the means to continually expand economic productivity. But this principle can work in any country where a positive political consensus is possible.

    Remaking the relationship between citizens and government is much more likely than the construction of walls to create lasting security and prosperity for the greatest number of people. History and personal experience show that people give their best when the best is required of them. That day is coming sooner than we think.

    The Us vs. Them Mentality: How Group Thinking Can Irrationally Divide Us

    Even those who think they want war will change their minds when they see its costs. Human beings use their natural ingenuity to create the tools they need to survive. In this case, survival requires that we invent new ways to live together. Share Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email. The Failure of Globalism" by Ian Bremmer. West Virginia women offer help to opioid addicts. Latest from CBS News. Man found slain woman's abandoned golf clubs after talking to her views. Russia blames Israel for missile strike that downed Russian plane views.