Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul (The Soul Mastery Trilogy)

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You are not alone. Many Souls like you have volunteered to come here with treasures of Spirit to assist this world to return to a Blueprint fueled by Divine Love. In fact, Souls have been dedicated to coming here for up to , years from planets that are part of other star systems.

These Souls have spent their existences there developing qualities of spirit that make up the Soul heritage you experience in your daily life. In these worlds where our Souls came from, we were known by our true families. We have given this memory of belonging, brought to us from those worlds to our consciousness here. It is my hope that the divine outpouring within the pages of this book will reawaken all that you are as a Soul: Access the Gifts of Your Soul brings to you, be sure to check out these complimentary books of the trilogy!: The Return Home from Separation.

Connect with your soul's natural abundance plus get free gifts! Soul Mastery Audio Book.

Soul Reunion

Our soul is part of a collective of souls who are deeply connected to us at many levels. It is natural for us to hold these heart longings. They allow our hearts to crack open to receive the divine love we long for. It really is much simpler and more direct to just reclaim what already exists in your soul memory and DNA, to brush off the dust and the barnacles on the soul and let all that you are as a soul of divine infinity re-emerge. What if your longings and desires were the voice of your soul, calling you to reunite with its unique riches and the pool of universal abundance it is connected to?

So here we are filled with a sense of service and desire to know in the most profound way possible our soul purpose and our reason for coming.

Spirituality and Philosophy

Yet we still seem to have these seemingly unfulfilled longings and places in us of dissatisfaction and disconnection. The wound of separation reveals itself to you continually through your fears, struggles, stresses and sense of limitation. You feel it through your physical pains and illnesses. You feel it when your heart grieves for the lack of knowing union with Spirit and the sense of home residing within you.

You feel it collectively when you witness or participate in outer disasters. You want to relinquish your wounds and the causes of those wounds. You have not fully known how to relinquish those wounds that have kept you from living from the place of spiritual union with the Divine. Life is meant to be a spiritual experience.

See a Problem?

When you reunite those places in yourself that are disconnected from your soul and Spirit, you experience the ultimate spiritual experience and the only true one. You find this truth by reaching inside for your wholeness and divinity with all life. You find your true sense of meaning and purpose by reuniting your aspects of self that have been held in separation with your expanding sense of wholeness. Love yourself enough to give yourself and every precious part of you the gift of union with the universal heart of love. We have become masterful in using our capacity for free choice to make our own decisions outside of our connection to Spirit.

In spite of this proclivity, the amount of unconditional grace our divine nature gives us is something to be deeply grateful for. Your soul chose to come here to experience a physical reality and chose to create a body to give it a means to have an experience of the six senses and to know aliveness in the physical dimension. Whether you saw the movie or not, the idea, is that your journey here started with the distinct choice to have the sensation of physical life. We all chose to step into the shoes of a human form communing with infinite Spirit.

Your body longs to be unified with your soul so that you can have the greatest fulfillment possible of this physical experience called life. It is continually regenerating itself to give us renewed possibility to know wholeness in all ways possible. The marriage of body and soul is a primary life purpose for each of us. And it is the only way for us to truly know divine fulfillment.

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There are two routes to take to experience union of body and soul. Second, the soul must honor the physical experience it has chosen.

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  • In the second instance, separation is known when we try to live a spiritual life which is not embodied. We keep our spiritual wealth in an energetic realm when we enter higher states in ourselves, leaving our body, mind and heart high and dry from being engaged in this energetic wealth we touch. This occurs in times of heightened states of meditation that take us to euphoric states, or bring us grand visions that we find difficult to implement.

    This also occurs in moments of disregard for our physical expression, or when we act from unconscious patterns of withholding from fully engaging in life here. The body, in and of itself without a conscious spiritual connection, prefers comfort and protection.

    Day 4 (OLD) - Manifesting with the Masters

    It is resistant to change and anything out of its structural comfort zone for maintaining a survival-based existence. The soul is the adventurer and risk taker. It came to this realm of physicality for the adventure of physical life. It already knew how to be a soul being.

    Chaos into Clarity. The Road Map to "Soul Mastery".

    This state is captured by the image of an angel plucking on the universal harp. It is the soul that loves the infinite field of physical experiences that provide endless possibilities for creation and play. It is the soul that guides us to experience what the capacity for physical and feeling sensation brings, the endless joys of being alive in a body: Our consciousness has lost its lighthouse of Spirit in attempting to navigate the complexities of human existence. The fact is, our lives only become complex and stress filled when our internal compass is not unified with Spirit.

    A human void of connection to love will choose overprotection or destruction, such as greed, fear or manipulation, as its guide.

    Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul

    This choice brings about the state of living beyond our means on all levels. Soul reunion is the union of our capacity to know physical aliveness with our soul gifts and strengths. As our soul gifts find space in us, first in our sacred heart and then into the rest of our capacities, we awaken to the true enlightened state of being in Love with life itself. We discover the joy of igniting creation through our abundant means for its revelation through human form.

    Just asking this question will shift your reality and bring you back to connection. This is the first mailer and looks like this message is an echo from my soul! Just on time when i am discussing this with my wife. Thank you so very much. I used to get very freaked out about all that is happening in the outer world with the government and all, but I have found myself feeling calmer and even though I still watch Alex Jones, and others like him to get to the truth, I can do so with a calm distance, instead of sheer panic.

    Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul

    I stumbled upon this helpful segment and it helped me confirm that I was on the right path and all is well. Thank you so very much we need all the insight we can get even if it is only to gauge ourselves to know we are on the right track. Blessed be to all of us. This is simply beautiful, it takes a very refined soul to express something like this, having such sensibility of perseption of this magical trip we are all going through called life, touches the most sensible fibers of my being.

    No doubt that humanity is awakening to a new era, a new era of love happiness and abundance and well like the lady that wrote this article Susan Taylor shier and not to mention Kristen are beautiful beings that no doubt are conected to the unconditional love of source, let me tell you that feels good to get imeresed in unconditional love, makes sence that being separeted from the universal field of consciousness creates instability in our phisical beings and well seems like we all know that somehow but we try to ignore it.

    I love your teachings, and the selection of the fellow teachers as well e.