Psychological Effects of U.S. Air Operations in Four Wars, 1941-1991: Lessons for U.S. Commanders

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From summer to the winter period of —67, the campaign was aimed at degrading North Vietnam's capability to infiltrate and send men into South Vietnam. Again, America's shift towards interdiction also failed, and the Johnson administration was forced to change the priority of the bombing campaign. The third phase of the campaign was heavily favored by U. Furthermore, the new targets approved by the Johnson administration enabled U. Navy and Air Force. During the early years of the war, the rules of engagement prevented U.

Then, instead of dueling with U. Accordingly, the F-4 Phantoms of the 8th TFW would fly in the same profile as an F strike formation, by flying at the same time, altitudes, speed and routes. To prepare for the operation, U. There were four flights of F fighters flying in escort, to simulate the F-4s. However, unknown to the U.

Due to their lack of radar equipment, North Vietnamese MiG fighters were restricted to flying at cloud base, so they failed to detect the presence of U. Furthermore, weather conditions on the day allowed radar and missile systems on the F-4 fighters to perform at their maximum level, an advantage which U. All North Vietnamese pilots who were hit ejected safely, while the survivors managed to return to the safety of their home bases.

The actions of 2 January had exposed the flawed tactics employed by MiG pilots; they broke through the clouds too quickly, and they did not join up with each other before they attacked the U. The VPAF High Command then devised a new tactic which required the deployment of between two or four aircraft for each attack, with a maximum of ten aircraft for each mission to perform guerrilla-style attacks on U. Before the North Vietnamese Air Force could implement their new tactics, however, the VPAF st Fighter Regiment was withdrawn from combat for several months to recover from the bloody defeat it had suffered as a result of Operation Bolo.

Navy and Air Force fighter-bombers again, but they only experienced mixed results with heavy losses. As a result, between late June and early August , North Vietnamese Air Force fighters were grounded several times, so their pilots could work on their training and new tactics. In response, the Seventh Air Force launched repeated strikes on the Yen Vien rail yard and other infrastructures which linked Hanoi with the China buffer zone.

On 21 August , a formation of twenty F Thunderchiefs and eight F-4 Phantoms raided Yen Vien, which contained about boxcars. The Americans claimed to have damaged more than half of the boxcars and trapped the remainder in the rail yard, so they returned two days later to destroy the rest. On the afternoon of 23 August , a flight of sixteen F-4s from the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing escorted a formation of thirty-six F strike aircraft from the th and th Tactical Fighter Wings based in Thailand, for the second attack on Yen Vien.

Psychological Operations

The mission was led by Colonel Nicholas J. Donelson with Olds, who spearheaded Operation Bolo back in January, as the leader of the escort formation. S aircraft approaching Hanoi from Sam Neua , in neighboring Laos. Army Center of Military History, Much about "Der Zenit" 'black' magazine and Nostradamus. Michael Joseph, London, This book is well illustrated and gives background on numerous British black operations. Farrar, Straus and Co. This book was written when information on the subject was still closely guarded by the British Offical Secrets Act.

The British government commissioned Hyde to write it in reaction to the escape to the Soviet Union of spy Kim Philby, in an effort to blunt the effect of any disclosures about Stephenson's activities in America. An Italian-language paperback book on the subject of anti-Nazi resistance in Italy.

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International Public Opinion Research, Inc. A page evaluation of Allied propaganda prepared from the interviews of over enemy prisoners of war during the first days of the Korean War. Ohio State University , An excellent review of psychological warfare during the Korean War. It is one of the best research reports on the war that I have read. Well written and extremely well referenced. A catalogue of leaflets made by and is an extract from "Vieux Papier" Avril-Juillet Improved individual pages with computer colorized versions of the leaflets found in the first Johnson book.

Requires plastic pockets for placing in loose-leaf binder. A professionally bound third edition of the Johnson book on the Persian Gulf war.

The book is pages with historical information, translations and over color photographs of the psychological operations leaflets disseminated during the Gulf War. For more information, or to purchase a copy of this book, you can e-mail the author at: The story of the aerial "Danzig Corridor" postcard. Jowett, Garth and Victoria O'Donnell. Sage Publications, Newbury Park, A discussion on the similarities between propaganda and persuasion through communication. German Anti-Semitic Leaflets German leaflets for American and british Soldiers in Italy The above are comprehensively illustrated reference books by Dr.

Klaus Kirchner and are available from him at Luitpoldstr. Content complete story of malingering leaflets used in Psywar. With facsimile of German "Suedstern" leaflet in English "Better a few weeks ill than all your live dead". Including five original leaflets, among them two from Skorpion West disseminated during the "Battle of the Bulge".


Lexington Books, Lanham, MD, The author makes a case that the reason American PSYOP failed in Vietnam was a lack of understanding and caring about the needs and wants of the Vietnamese people. An excellent report on Japanese propaganda that argues that it was not the government that produced pro-war propaganda, but the Japanese people. A review of the PSYOP order of battle, methods, techniques, evaluation, policy guidance and aspects of psychological warfare in Vietnam.

A description of the founding of the OWI and OSS, their philosophies, and battle for domination within the American propaganda hierarchy. Much data on themes, operations and concepts. Early catalogue of Allied leaflets to Germany. Half the book is tactical PSYOP missions, the second half about the author's problems upon returning home. Infantry Journal Press, Washington D.

Illustrated with both "black" and "white" leaflets. Combat Forces Press, Washington D.

Psychological Operations - The Black Vault

Has some added data on Korean War propaganda. Lord, Carnes and Frank R. Hill and Wang, Rosen Press, NY, Includes some data on psyop. Small book with strong anti-Nazi theme. An excellent biography of Charles Bavier, but propaganda is not mentioned for the first pages. When it is, the subject is just lightly touched upon. An anthology of technical psywar articles reprinting many studies first published in A Psychological Warfare Casebook and The Art and Science of Psychological Operations.

This book contains only technical data, and no specific leaflet operations. A page booklet discussing the make up of enemy forces, PSYOP methods that might work against them, hints about local culture and some technical data. No actual operations are discussed. Really an introduction and guide to Vietnam.

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Molnar was an American dealer who produced an extensive illustrated sales catalogue of many leaflets, particularly of the Far East. Undated but circa This book is a biography of the American artist Frances Blakemore, but there is a page section that depicts in full color the propaganda leaflets she drew during WWII for the Office of War Information in Honolulu. Perhaps 25 pages that mention psychological operations.

I corresponded with the author regularly during the writing of this book. Booklet on the Phoenix program, some leaflets illustrated. Reproduced leaflets in a bound booklet format. Carlisle Barracks, PA, University of Michigan dissertation Transcripts, McNair, Washington, DC, , This book contains several chapters concerning psychological warfare from World War II through the Korean conflict. The effect of U. Mostly a political look at the Vietnam War. Cornell University Press, Paul, Christopher, Todd C.

This book review the challenges the U. A no-nonsense treatment of information operations, this handbook makes clear what does and does not fall under information operations, how the military plans and executes such efforts, and what the role of IO ought to be in the "war of ideas. A small paperback with background on the Korean war. This page book is very well illustrated with 52 photos and 5 illustrated drawings.

Box , Colorado Springs, CO You can also e-mail the author at: Articles published include current happening in the world of PSYOP as well as historical information. The Pennsylvania State University Press, Some minor mention of Operation Cornflakes, and some interesting code numbers, code names, and cover names, for people and places. Very little on propaganda leaflets. The author studies the music preferred by American soldiers in Iraq. There is a single chapter on music as a psychological tactic that discusses its use in military motivation and its use in interrogation.

This book details the work of the Studies and Operations Group in Vietnam. It mentions some propaganda campaigns, including the forging of the money of North Vietnam. This is the catalogue of a propaganda leaflet exhibition held in Japan. Very similar to the Peace Museum book we list elsewhere. Bragg, NC, July Many of the images in the book are from the Psywarrior. Selected paperback booklets on wartime propaganda.

Leaflets dropped on France by Germany out of print Cold War Rocket leaflets Berlin out of print V1 Rocket Propaganda Leaflets , 4th. ISBN 0 9 8 Air-dropped propaganda and facsimile currency out of print. French leaflets dropped over Germany out of print. It has little technical detail, but does cover the customs of the Iraqis he met and many of the rumors circulating in Baghdad in An academic look at propaganda in general from a PhD thesis.

A general un-illustrated look at the field with no specific operations covered in depth. Curzon Press, Surrey , UK , A very detailed explanation of both British government and Malayan Communist Party propaganda. Selections of propaganda and psychological warfare leaflets from the personal collection of the author. It would be a valuable resource, except that 11 of the 12 pages on psychological operations have been deleted.

Edited by Victor Margolin. Republished by The Wellfleet Press. Numerous illustrations and excellent text on all aspects and phases of Allied and Axis propaganda.

Afghanistan News (17 Jan, 2018) - Afghan forces to get ‘double air support’ next war season

This is a big coffee-table book; pages and heavily illustrated. An excellent reference, the best on the subject. Originally published as Il Linguaggio della Grafica Politica. Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, S. University Press of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, Roberts, Wheezy , M. Villages of the Moon: Psychological Operations in Southern Afghanistan. Stein and Day Publishers, Also published by Batsford, London, A fairly interesting look at wartime propaganda in two wars by both sides. Walker and Company, New York, The first volume is a general look at wartime OSS operations, with emphasis on activities in the United States.

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The second volume gives a history of overseas OSS activities. It is an excellent reference source for Rome, Bern, and other posts where propaganda was manufactured. Grosset and Dunlop, NY, A general look at Nazi white propaganda. A large book, numerous illustrations. Little data on leaflets. A series of documents on the foundation and activities of the Indian National Army. One section is on INA psychological warfare. Nothing specific on leaflets. Bloomington , IN , 1st Books, A page poorly illustrated and edited paperback whose saving grace is that the author translates several Viet Cong propaganda documents.

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