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He nurtures an extraordinary business and a handsome collection of sports cars. He plays hard, drinks heavy, and is never far from the front pages of the tabloids. But everything is about to change when he hires the down-and-out but unswervingly kind-hearted homebody, Kim Jungwoo, as his new Personal Assistant. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I get he wanted to leave before he could be left, but I was surprised by his immaturity. Richard, however, grew on me; he was a jerk at the beginning, but he really stood up for his man, and that is a WIN in my book.

The sex descriptions are flowery, and the power dynamic with Richard being toppy and in control, and Evan essentially bending to his will read like the het scenes I used to read back in the day. This should have bothered me more, but my brain went on hiatus around the time Evan had his first orgasm. Recommended for a hot, quick read.

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View all 20 comments. This barely made it to three hearts for me. It's vanilla with an extra shot of vanilla bean sprinkled with sweet Christmas jizz and champagne kisses. Not regular slap and tickle. I actually fell asleep during the long sex scene. I'm yawning now just thinking about it. Let me back up before I get to my gripes. Because technically, the story follows a recipe that is standard in romance.

It's tried and true: Person A and B don't like each other for whatever reason. But secretly or not as secretly they lust after one another. Person A is an alpha and is outwardly a jerk but the author gives reason s why the reader needs to like them, so Person B can accept Person A 's penis inside without much fuss. And the reader can get on with their daily life because penis hugs are the stuff of magic.

You can flip it up or down, spice it, sweeten, whatever, the method has been tested and it sells. This recipe aka Champagne Kisses is vanilla champagne Christmas spunk flavored. Evan happens to be Person B in the scenario. He is a flamboyant openly homosexual man who is doing great things for himself with his event planning business. Except the Christmas Eve wedding he planned has gone off the rails, due to a mega cat fight between the grooms.

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Enter person A, one of the cat fighting groom's brother, Richard. Richard is a conservative businessman who doesn't do "femmes" or public displays. So the cat-fight meltdown is a scene from his personal hell. Richard wasn't much of a character to me. I guess if you're not looking for much depth, he's alright. I didn't see the appeal.

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His kisses take forever and he can fuck. I'd rate him a Nothing to write home about but Evan seemed into it. View all 13 comments. I seem to be on a holiday kick! I've only read one other Lynda Aicher book an MM from her Bonds series and loved it so I was stoked to get approved for this one. This is the shortest of the holiday MM reads I've tried so far. And I think it could have used a bit more story and character development.

But the premise was fun. Evan is a party planner and the Christmas Eve wedding he's planned goes up in flames when the couple breaks up. In order to save his business he turns the wedding 3. In order to save his business he turns the wedding in to a Christmas party. Richard happens to be the brother of one of the parties in said couple.

Evan and Richard spend a hot night together. But they have their differences and insecurities that lead Evan to try to walk away. All in all this one was an enjoyable read, I just think it could have benefited from being a bit longer. There wasn't a lot of angst and the sex was super hot.

ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review View all 10 comments. This was one delicious and decadent one night of sex! Richard and Evan are clearly opposites in manner and appearance. Richard is rigid, conservative and oozes masculinity Yet the two are irresistibly drawn to each other, even if they are trying to deny it. But can one night together change their preconceived notions about each other? The answer to that is simple These two were filled with so much untouched passion that I wasn't sure my kindle or my ovaries would survive their one night.

This was no casual fuck. Not by a long shot.

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Casual didn't undress each other with slow caresses and long kisses spread in between. They didn't tremble under the other's touch, or sigh and tilt their heads into a kiss, or ghost a whimper against the other's shoulder. This wasn't casual by any definition, and that only made it better. Lynda Aicher was able to give me a full bodied story in under pages. All the elements you look for are here and concentrated for maximum emotion, steam and experience.

The woman has a magic keyboard that oozes sensuality, chemistry and passion with ease. Another great holiday novella that hit the spot this season! View all 11 comments.

Dec 19, Natalia rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this! View all 4 comments. Dec 16, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: This was deliciously sexy. Hot, sizzling sexy times. View all 5 comments. Dec 14, Meags rated it really liked it Shelves: That was a sexy little nugget of goodness. Evan has recently started his dream job as an event planner, but his latest job - a Christmas Eve wedding for a wealthy and flamboyant gay couple - takes a turn for the worst when one groom cheats on the other mere hours before the wedding.

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Needless to say, the wedding doesn't go ahead, but Evan is able to convince the family to stay and have a huge Christmas Eve bash instead, ensuring Evan's reputation and future party planning ventur 4 Stars Whoa, boy! Needless to say, the wedding doesn't go ahead, but Evan is able to convince the family to stay and have a huge Christmas Eve bash instead, ensuring Evan's reputation and future party planning ventures are safe. Richard is the wronged groom's loyal brother. He's uptight and moody, and the total opposite of Evan's more swishy persona.

The two men couldn't be more different, but that doesn't stop sparks from flying every time they are in a room together. Richard has tried to fight his attraction to Evan from the moment this whole wedding planning situation began, but on the night of the failed event Richard can no longer deny that he desperately wants Evan like he's never wanted another man before. With a now empty honeymoon suite and a sizzling chemistry that can't be denied, what are Evan and Richard to do??

Have a crazy-hot panty-poofing sex-fest, that's what!!! This story was hot, and I do mean smokin' hot! A good third of this story was a detailed and delicious prolonged sex scene - you will hear no complaints from me!! I loved this one. It had two likeable leads who shared some amazingly palpable chemistry; the writing quality was impressive; the story was the perfect length to keep me entertained; and it delivered a swoon-worthy epilogue that left my heart happy.

Did I mention it was crazy-hot??? View all 7 comments. Dec 29, Truuss rated it really liked it Shelves: The story was nice and smooth written Evan putting a wedding together in four weeks. Richard the brother of the groom has to deal with the chaos after this wedding is canceled. Evan change this into a Christmas party A strong masculine man and a feminine man. They are attracted to eachother but there is denial When Richard loud out speak 'one queen is too much' Evan knows this will never work.

But given an second change they come together and they connect oh they soooo connect It was a hot steamy Christmas read with a HEA View all 8 comments. As an event planner, Evan knows his stuff and he's sure that the Christmas Eve wedding he's been planning for the past month is going to make his career.

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That is until the vases start flying and one connects with the head of one of the grooms sending him off to the hospital and making the wedding simply off. It takes some quick thinking o 'Champagne Kisses' has the dubious distinction of being my 10th audiobook, however, I want to talk about the story before getting into the audio part of things. It takes some quick thinking on Evan's part to salvage things and the Christmas Eve Wedding becomes a Christmas Eve party. Evan is not only gay he's out and proud, he even describes himself as being 'fem and swishy'. He's also attractive and confident traits which haven't escaped the notice of Richard, brother to one of the grooms or soon to be ex-grooms.

Richard's not really in the closet Richard's also hot and Evan totally acknowledges this and he's sure he's not going to push any hot buttons for the man. But apparently Evan also turns Richard into a babbling fool. It's amid the personal turmoil of fighting with Evan and his own personal preconceptions and biases that Richard makes the first move on Evan and things quickly crash when Richard's filters fail him and thoughts best left in his brain fall out of his mouth, sadly this seems to happen a lot when Richard's around Evan.

Needless to say these two finally get together and decided to take advantage of the honeymoon suite that's now going unused. While I enjoyed the first part of the story which was cute and entertaining it was when Richard stepped up to the plate and decided to go after what he wants, which of course is Evan, that I started to really get into the story. These two men worked together as a couple, yes there was stereo typing Swishy, fem Evan of course is a bottom and more important than the usual or the unusual for me is a story that's believable and gives me the connection between the characters that I enjoy and this one delivered.

For a good part of this story Richard wasn't always shown in a favorable light and we got to see Evan as charming, confident and comfortable with his sexuality so the ending worked for me because things took a little bit of a change when it was Evan who decided that he needed to do the mature thing Luckily he couldn't run far because he had to wrap business up at the hotel and Richard stepped up and went after what he wanted I also really liked the epilogue which gave a peek into the life of Evan and Richard nearly a year later. So for me the story was a solid 3.

It was the audio portion that I had problems with and as I said it was definitely a learning experience for me. The first thing that I learned was listen to the sample before accepting an audio book because than you'll at least have a clue as to whether or not you're going to enjoy the narrator. But having said this I also discovered that since it's only a sample you may not hear the part that eventually becomes your issue. So why was the audio portion a bit of a fail for me well Devotion Tough Love Glasshouse Retrieved from " https: Articles with hAudio microformats All stub articles.

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