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The 6 steps to start a blog Decide what to blog about. Choose a blogging platform. Pick a domain name. Get started with WordPress. Why start a blog? There are many reasons to consider starting a blog. Here are a few popular ones: Make money while working from home. I make a full-time income blogging. Become a published author. The reason is simple: A blog is one of the easiest and most effective places to start. Get more exposure for your existing business or organization. A blog gives anyone, from individuals to large companies, the ability to reach a large number of people at very little cost.

If you want to write, share your story, encourage others and build a community, a blog is a great place to do that. How much does a blog cost? Can I start a blog for free? Some free services limit monetization i. They still want to make money somehow. Most free services have only basic features. This might not be a problem at first, but as you grow, you will almost certainly feel the pinch. Expandability and flexibility are key, both of which are limited with free blogging services.

Doing it yourself takes a lot of time and know-how. Hiring someone to do it for you correctly costs hundreds of dollars. You might not be able to do what your favorite bloggers are doing. This happens to new bloggers all the time. They start a blog for free. Soon they notice cool features on other blogs which they want too.

In general, we value things we pay for. Blogging is hard work. One way to keep yourself accountable is to pay just a little bit for it. What do I do? Turn on your free Bluehost SSL certificate If you registered a new domain above, turn on your free SSL certificate to put an extra layer of protection for your visitors. How do I log into WordPress once I log out? Those emails have two sets of login information: WordPress, where you write your posts and manage your blog Bluehost, where you manage your hosting account and pay your hosting bill.

How do I change my design? How can I make money blogging? How do I get people to visit my blog? What if I want a regular website, not a blog? This website uses cookies for tracking purposes. To start your blog, you need a blogging platform for your site. There are two WordPress platforms to choose from: Here are the key differences: You may have heard of website builders , like Weebly or Wix.

If you only a very simple website, website builders may be a good solution. WordPress is much more powerful, scalable, and flexible than other website builder. WordPress the ability to do almost anything you want: If you are terrified by the idea of WordPress, website builders may be worth a look.

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But our advice is to stick with WordPress, if possible. Learn more in our rundown of the top options for website builders for bloggers. Website builders require you to use their own proprietary apps to build your websites and blogs. The only decision you need to make at this stage is to give your blog a name. The WordPress login page looks like this: But there are three simple housekeeping tasks you ought to take care of before you publish your first post:. Check that your email address is correct, for when you need to reset your password in future.

They help search engines, like Google, find and understand your blog posts more easily. Whatever permalinks you choose, be prepared to stick with it: In Settings option of the left-hand menu, go to Permalinks. We suggest you use: Your choice of WordPress theme allows you to get creative, and make your blog look and feel just like home.

The good news is WordPress makes it super-easy to chop and change your WordPress theme. You can change it every day of the year if you want to! For new bloggers, free themes offer total freedom to experiment. WordPress has its own repository of free themes. Premium themes often offer a more stylishlook out of the box.

Our favorite sites to buy premium WordPress themes include: Plugins are extensions that add features and help unleash the power of WordPress. Popular plugins do things like add: Go ahead and install these for your blog right away. There are a handful of premium WordPress plugins that we think every blog should have.

Plugins are a critical part of WordPress. We use them extensively on Blogging. But you need to be careful when adding plugins to your blog because: Even personal bloggers should have a good idea of what they want to write about before they dive in. You need to be clear about what you want to say, and it helps to imagine who your audience will be.

How to Start a Blog (to Make Money or Otherwise) in

Blogs exist on more or less any subject you can think of under the sun, from trading cryptocurrency to rearing chickens. Some big websites, magazines, and newspapers can target huge audiences because they have massive amounts of content and a stable full of writers to create it. By narrowing your focus to a niche, you stand a chance of building the best blog on that topic. I can also tell stories about my own pets, start an Instagram or Twitter to feature pet photos, and review toys.

Once you choose a niche, it should be a bit easier to come up with a good name for your blog. High-quality content is critical to gaining traffic for your new blog. But if your content is merely average, you may not attract much traffic — or even none at all! There are a million blogs on the internet.

You need to make yours stand out from the competition. Next, write some content in the body of your blog post. The length of content on the internet is a hotly debated topic. Word-count is a key contributor to your search ranking results. Longer content typically ranks higher on Google. In fact, the longer the better when it comes to search ranking. This is because longer articles will contain more keywords, more topics, headings, links, and pictures. At the very least, your blog posts should be more than words for Google to rank it.

Just make sure that your long posts are extremely easy to read and to skim. Avoid walls of text at all costs! But feel free to experiment and find what works best for you and your audience. If you want to add an image , click on the Add Media button. This will bring you to the Media Library where any images you have downloaded onto your site are saved for use in blog posts. You can also add a caption if you want a short description to appear on your blog explaining the image to readers. Categories and tags help organize your blog so readers can find what they are looking for Look to the right-hand side of your editor and notice the two boxes, Categories, and Tags.

Categories describe the topics that can be found on your blog. For example, if you have a personal blog, you may choose categories such as Music, Travel, and Food. Tags are more specific descriptions of your posts that help readers drill down to smaller topics. When you write a blog post, you first choose a category.

Simply click the category you would like to use for your blog post, input tags you want to assign and click on Add. After you have created your blog post, you can preview how it will look when you publish it by clicking on the Preview button in the Publish box. This will open the public face of your blog, and show you what site visitors will see when they visit your website. In case you missed that notification bar.

To log in to your blog, click the admin URL.

Step 1: Choose the Right Blogging Platform (Hint hint: Use WordPress)

Congratulations — you now know how to make a blog using WordPress. You've installed WordPress and set up your blog, all on your own! As you can see, it was really easy and straightforward. I promise - it'll be pretty easy and fun at the same time. If you want to see premium themes and designs like the Genesis Framework, head over to Themeforest. One is filled with irrelevant information and the other one is short, clean and neat. Spam comments - Unfortunately, lots of people want to leave automated spam comments on your blog.

To avoid that, make sure you moderate your comments. Here's how to do that: By now you should have a fully working WordPress blog on your very own domain name. You should also have a custom blog theme that fits with your blog's topic. You can add the title to your blog post in the top field, and your content goes in the big text box below the title. You can save your draft or publish your content live by using the box menu on the far right of the page. You can even schedule the post to be published later — or make the post private so only friends can see it. Linking out to other websites is a great way to build relationships and share interesting content.

You can also highlight the text you want to change in your blog post, THEN click on the drop-down menu and select the format you want the text to be in. You can also bold, italicize, underline and even change the color of your text in a click or two. Now that you have set up your blog and know the basics, it's time to make your blog successful. Many beginners struggle at that point, thus I've put together a handful of guides to get you going easier.

If I were you, I'd suggest you go and check my resource page here. It contains all the content that I've published on StartBloggingOnline. Other blogging platforms aren't in the same league. What should I write about? What blog should I start? Recipe blogs, fitness blogs, and business blogs are some of the most popular. Here's how to pick a blog topic people will really want to read. There are a number of ways including advertising and digital products, but some people just do it for fun.

I would suggest using your real name because you can change it later. Here's more on picking a domain name. Are blogs social media? Blogs can be considered social media because they have comments and social interactions. However, from a technical standpoint, analytics software does not count blog traffic as social media traffic. Over million people read blog posts every month. You're reading one right now! What's the difference between a blog and a website? Blogs might have fewer features than a website and just focus on creating really good content.

For this reason, a blog is more socially active, with shares and comments. Your email address will not be published. Before you start a blog, make sure you have some ideas what to write about. Thanks Katherine for sharing your tips. Tip from someone who has been blogging for a while: Choose a domain name that reflects your blog — it should be catchy, unique and memorable. Just wanted to chime in tell that WordPress is indeed one of the best and most flexible blogging platforms out there. I started out on Blogger, but soon moved onto WordPress. I want to set up a self-hosted blog on my own domain name MyName.

Do I only need a domain name or do I need a hosting account, too? Usually domain and hosting are bought together. Thank you very much for all your advice and tips! Could you tell me what is really expected to be said in the first post of your blog? I totally agree re: Yes, you can use HostGator even from your from UK. I went to hostgator as per your instruction.

How to Start a Blog in 6 Steps

When I try to register myname. So do I need to buy a new domain name separately before proceeding to hostgator or hosting and domain name come together? Ah I am really confused, please help! Where did you buy your domain? If you bought it somewhere else then you need to point your domain nameservers to HostGator IP. You can get it from HostGator. More information can be found here: Would it be possible to start a WordPress blog and than later sign up for HostGater and purchase a domain name?

Or can it only be done the other way around? In theory, you can do that. Thank you for the super-easy guide to start a new blog. Here is my question, can I use HostGator from India? It seems like you got your blog up and running — congratulations! Just wait a few hours, clear your browser cookies and you should be able to see your blog. If you want to speed up the process, follow this guide: And also I love how you write, easy-to-read and lots of information!

Thanks for this straightforward guide. Thank you very much for such a useful information especially for the newbie blogger like me. I had followed your guide and get the result I wanted. I could have my blog instantly setup without any hassle. Furthermore, the address to the free picture is fantastic. I had been worrying the copyright issue of the picture I took from web. Thanks for the link provided.

How to Start a Blog

This guide really proved usefull for me. So to show you my appreciation, I had my first post thanking you for all the help in setting up my blog under my chosen domain name. It was very easy and even a 6 year old could even build a website out of this guide. Hi Karen this is such a great post. I am just about to set up my first blog and will be using your site as my guide. Hello Karen, I followed your guideline step by step.

It took me less than 1 hour to have my site, my wordpress installed and most of required plugins. I had already some contents and started to add posts. I registered also my blog on major sites and it has been indexed. Now my question in 2 lines: I get almost zero traffic and get a lot of subscribers in WP which looks like spam.

Is it normal at the beginning? You can use this free plugin to avoid that: Thanks for the info. I am having problems at the very beginning… When registering a new domain, HostGator is showing all domains unavailable. Could you please advise…. People started launching blogs and websites back in and even earlier. Unfortunately, the best domains are already taken. Hi, I am pretty sure everything is filled out properly but when I get down to the bottom to pay, I cannot.

Any idea why this is happening? This is Vickie, sorry, but I figured it out. Found it and now I am all paid up! One thing, you might want to touch on propagation time after setting up the account and domain. When I started I bought a template: Especially I liked that it allows to create a beatiful logo! A truly informative guide. Do I click on that and choose the free install or I should I be paying for a premier package? I used your guide and made my own site, thanks for the help! I have my blog up and running thanks to following your guide. I have posted my first page, but I am confused on how people know.

How can they find it? I made a post on how to get more visitors to your blog: Thank you so much for all the extremely helpful information. Hi Karen, thanks for this, has been really helpful. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network. All you need to do is wait.

You could also contact with HostGator support and they will likely speed up the process. Great stuff- Your advices and tips will definitely help me to start my blog. What a fantastic guide! I have become your instant fan. Thank you for such a wonderful information as I signed up and created my own domain..

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  4. Which help us to create stunning websites and blog instantly. Your step by step guidance make it easy for every one to go through. Thanks for this really easy-to-follow guide, it was a great help installing my blog. However, I have the same problem as Ellen above. I set up my domain name successfully and installed WordPress. Got an e-mail saying that the WordPress install was successful as shown in your guide. But when I want to log in to my admin URL it says that the website is not available! Do you know what to do? See this guide here: Hatchling — for one blog Baby — for several blogs Business — for blog s that generate a lot of traffic.

    WordPress itself is a free blogging platform. Or what would you advice — to have two ther same blogs in two different languages? You can definitely write in 2 different languages. Just add a link to your menu so people could choose between one or another. Thanks for such a complete guide about starting a blog. I believe in making perfect planning before starting a blog such as 1 Finding Profitable Niche 2 Finding domain name wich includes keyword 3 Setup Blog — with using WordPress 4 Start writing blog post with low competition keywords 5 Marketing the content.

    Blogging Mistakes: 10 Things Not To Do When Starting a Blog

    If I set up a self-hosted blog, will there be unlimited space for videos? Sorry, I am a complete beginner. Yes, there will be unlimited space for videos, images and content. Sure, here you go: You can just buy a theme you like then just simply activate it. Your directions are not working for installing WordPress, perhaps HostGator has redesigned???

    I am stuck in limbo. Then you will see WordPress in the left sidebar of that screen. Thanks for an awesome step by step. I would recommend getting the Google pro email and a free Mailchimp account. Firslty thank you for sharing all this great info, so far everything you have explained has worked. Frustrated and stuck in limbo for a couple weeks now. Thanks for your help. Themes can be changed easily. Pick a simple theme and start your blog. As you continue and grow your blog you will decide to change the theme.

    Hi Gemma, Having 10 visitors per day to a new site is great. The numbers will grow as you start building more pages. If you are concerned about visitors and want to attract more, check out the post I wrote on promoting your blog: Check out my post on how to make money with your blog. How much time do you have to blog? You may want to start off with 2 — 3 articles per week. In fact you want to create value. Some people have done it that way. Since you are starting out this may be one way for you. The idea is to get started. You can check out my free blogging course which I think would help you.

    I already installed wordpress however when i go to myblog. Check out the following link to find out about changing your name servers:. You need to give more info on this part as this is the most technical and unintuitive part for a new blogger with no technical background. You can also check out my free course for more information. HI Karen Amazing post ….!!! I really enjoyed your words. It will surely gonna help thousands of peoples across the world. I really become big fan of your writing.

    Glad that I have landed on your blog and it is really a helpful content for the ones who would like to build a blog with WordPress CMS. You have nicely explained the things! Getting the reliable hosting service and fast loading WordPress theme are indeed needed for the newbies to perform well. I recommed the managed hosting serivce like WPEngine to stay relax and focus on the business growth. Thank you for the post.