Championship Triathlon Training

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Competition for places can be tough, so choose a course that plays to your strengths to give you the best possible chance of making the grade. The next step is actually qualifying, and this is the tricky part.

Fiona Hoare, a BTF coach who has guided age-group athletes up to the worlds, tells you how to alter your mindset and training approach to earn that special race kit. Sometimes people have a bit of luck too, as it does depend who else turns up on the day of your qualifier.

How To Train For The Triathlon Age-Group Champs

With my group of athletes we do an analysis at the end of the previous year to pick up some points to move forward with. You need not even finish that race. So you go to practise one thing: You can stop before the run, which is the most damaging part of any race. You need to be able to trust yourself to treat extra races as training. When you go with friends to a race you tend to forget your own goals. I know that I find it very hard to go to a race and not give it everything.

Championship Triathlon Training

At this level of competition you need to be very particular. Knowing they can shave time from previous performances, they seek out the latest in research and training techniques.

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Championship Triathlon Training provides you with the same advanced conditioning concepts and programming used by today's elite triathletes. By understanding the science behind the principles, you will incorporate physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and injury prevention into your regimen to address your specific needs and the demands of competition. Olympic triathlon teams and the top U.

Triathlon Swim Training with Ironman Champion Ben Hoffman

He is an associate professor of exercise, science, and health promotion at Colorado State University at Pueblo.