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He edited Think and Live for Apologetics. Throwing Stones and Burning and Bleeding , among other books. Interact with him at PoetAndPriest. Readers with a Kindle device and Amazon Prime Membership can borrow the book for free. Hughes said the book is short — less than 50 pages — and can easily be read in the run-up to the big game on Feb. The book is available for purchase at www.

And is therefore right. Tebow was in Nowheresville. The team was hedging bets.

A match was made. But undeniably, we live in interesting football times, my friends.

And Tebow has lived in it. And this is a team sport, right? Here it is in the form of a proof: Life is not rules, but vision. And it starts with rules. When we stopped being children, we put away childish things. I am here to say that overarching all this should be vision, not rules: Repent turn away and move forward, from a constant need for rules , Friends not servants, but sons, heirs, and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ , For the Kingdom of Heaven the established, effective reign of God , Is at hand is visible and available, here and now, as we follow Him.

Throwing Stones" is now available on Amazon. This all started last spring, around the time Tebow left the Jets. Around mid-July, I was ready to give up. Tebow had become too famous for his own good, and he was trying to stay out of the spotlight. I had some material in my notebook from watching him speak in Dothan, Ala. He liked those 2, words. He said that was one chapter.

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Now write six more. It was quite a bold vision: Access seemed like a major challenge — you even acknowledge in the first section that Tebow and his advisors wished the story would have never been written. So how did the lack of access change your approach? Study all the Tebow material from the public domain. Meaning his autobiography, a couple of other books about him, several documentary films, thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, many hours of game footage, and so on.

In that material I wanted to connect some dots that might not have been connected before. I printed out the rosters from his Florida Gators teams and just went down the list. Dozens of calls and e-mails and Facebook messages. Probably the most important discovery was Tony Joiner, his former roommate, because Joiner knew a lot about Tebow and the program but had essentially fallen off the map. After many dead ends, I tracked him down in Fort Myers, Fla. Joiner gave me a long, candid and deeply insightful interview that laid the foundation for the second and third sections of the story.

Then I interviewed many other Gators who confirmed what Joiner said.

Sports Science: Tim Tebow-Throwing Motion

How did you ultimately convince Tebow, or his people, to grant you an interview? That took weeks of negotiations.

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Once I met Tebow face-to-face, other doors began to open. He authorized a visit to his foundation headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla. His older brother Robby talked to me. But after Tebow left the Patriots, it was very hard to get that follow-up interview in Los Angeles. Five months of effort led to only six minutes on the record. You know how it works, though.

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We take what we get and we make the best of it. On offense, his cold spells have kept him low in the batting order. On defense, his inexperience shows. He's playing with and against guys who were middle schoolers when he won the Heisman Trophy 10 years ago this season. And with his 30th birthday coming next week, he'll need to get better fast. Tebow made a strong first impression with St.

He walloped a two-run homer against Palm Beach in his second game after being promoted. Through 28 games, playing the outfield and designated hitter, he was on fire, hitting. Production like that would be impressive at any level.

The Tim Tebow Baseball Experiment's big question

In the Florida State League — where the average slash line is. From the first showcase he held last year, when he launched massive home runs during batting practice, Tebow has shown an ability to clobber the ball. One scout said he's "got huge raw power. That's not his only tool. Throughout his time in the minors, Tebow has also shown a discerning eye, taking 35 walks in plate appearances. Power plus patience can be a dangerous combination. Then there are the attendance numbers. At home, the Mets are drawing nearly 1, more fans per game with Tebow than they were without him; they've already set a franchise record for total attendance.

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On the road, opponents have seen their attendance double. But despite everything he's accomplished — the hot streaks, the homers, the sellouts — Tebow doesn't have a clear path to the big leagues. In his last 12 games, he's just 5-for, which has lowered his batting line in St.