Line of Succession (Blake Caver Series)

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With only the help of a renegade hacker and an old flame with powerful friends, Carver must act alone to thwart the most ingenious conspiracy the world has ever known. In London, a senior member of parliament is brutally slain in the tunnels beneath Whitehall. Only one thing appears to link the American and British politicians — the archaic ritual used to kill them.

Blake's Seven Transcripts - Horizon

As wayward intelligence operative Blake Carver hunts for the perpetrators, he discovers an ancient order of assassins thought to have been dissolved centuries ago. During an epic chase that takes him from the corridors of Washington to the wilds of South Africa and the catacombs of Rome, he finds himself caught in a shadow war that threatens to engulf the entire world. August is the quietest month in Washington.

Yet as Congress leaves for its annual summer recess, the nation is rocked by a series of high-level assassinations so devastating that the magnitude is hidden from public view. With the Federal Government in disarray, and the Pentagon retaliating against Islamic radicals abroad, counter-terrorism agent Blake Carver begins piecing together an ominous set of clues that predate the assassinations: As he soon learns, the attacks on America were only the beginning of a much wider global power struggle.

Well, I never had a chance, did I?

I chose the wrong parents. You can't do that, Cally. They are in trouble. Someone must go down. Vila will go with me, won't you Vila? Well, It'd be stupid to go on my own, and you wouldn't want to send Cally in your place, would you? Why don't you go? No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.

I'll get the guns. Why have you come here? I don't remember being given a choice. I rule this planet. I thought it was a Federation colony. I dislike the word 'colony'. Which word would you prefer? I rule here, and you're my prisoners. I dislike the word 'prisoner'. Are you all right? Your name is Blake. How did you get here? How did you get through the barrier? I'll ask you again.

Is this a Federation colony? I am my own man. I'll have you killed unless you answer my questions. You sound like a Federation man. Are you against the Federation? Well what do you think? I think you are, yes. Does the Federation frighten you? Then you must be part of it. You are, aren't you? No one resists the Federation.

I don't want to hurt you. Others may do more. You'd be wise to tell me. The ones that came on the Federation freighter? What do you know about them? I've been stuck in this pesthole for two years. Two somewhat unproductive years. You are the Colonial Service representative. Ro is not easy to deal with. Well, when he was a pupil at the C. I found him quite Well, I think you may find he's changed a bit since then. He's not exactly a pupil now, and you're no longer a teacher.

I think you'll find my relationship with Ro is unchanged. To him I shall always be a respected tutor, just as to you I shall always be a respected superior. Ro comes in RO: It has been too long. An unlooked for pleasure. I welcome your return to my planet. I would've come sooner, And we are far from the Federation's heart? But not from mine, In what way, Kommissar? The quotas have fallen far short of what we had hoped. The Assistant Kommissar will have put this to you, I think? Well, we can talk about that.

He also tells me you have visitors. The man's called Blake. How did the spaceship get here? Something triggered the shield. It should've been destroyed. Then plainly they have a forcefield of some kind, What do you suggest, Kommissar? What else have you found out about them? There are others on their ship.

I think they're Resisters. I've heard of people who resist. I've never seen one before. This could be interesting. With your permission, of course. I take it I have your permission? We'll climb out and find a better view. I'll call back every three minutes. Look at me, Jenna. The whole idea is It doesn't seem to help. When they ask questions, pretend you're dizzy. They can't keep this up for much longer. All right you can stop. So you're a Resister. Some malfunction of the genes, I suppose. It throws up a Resister about every hundred thousand.

Mostly they're detected in infancy. I was a late developer. And the young woman? Oh, don't force me to repeat the treatment. You don't care, I see. Double the input of the disorientor. They'll talk before then. Of course, the decision is yours. We await your orders, Ro. I thought I heard something.

Blake Carver Thrillers Series

The native uses his blowpipe again. All right, I'll talk. I'll talk to Ro to you. The people work in your mines What is the death rate? As you say, Kommissar. Why do you listen to this man? He is a servant, But the Federation are our friends. The Federation have all planets in slavery. You are their representative. The ore is important to them, that much I understand. It's important to us all. It's needed for the latest No wonder your workers die. Well, I wish it weren't necessary, but only ten percent die, Well, aren't they human beings, Ro?

Every one a Primitive, working at the mines this very moment. When you are all dead, Ro, the Federation will use this as a booster planet to extend their empire further. With their new ships, with your fuel. You are digging your own graves, Ro. They code-named this place 'Horizon'. It's an horizon you will never cross. You see how these people work? He tells you we are your enemy.

How can that be? Without us you'd all be living in caves, as you were when the Federation first colonised you. We may have lived in caves, but we did have our own culture, You have no part of that now. You're one of us. At the Central Educational Complex, you were my most able scholar. The graduation order you wear was my personal gift. I'm very proud of it, Kommissar. Sometimes you don't behave as if you are. Behave like a ruler, Ro, not a savage. They've made you one of them.

You're bought and sold, aren't you? Well, I shouldn't be surprised. I was told before I came here. One of your subjects, I presume. At least he spoke of Monopasium two-three-nine, and he spoke of someone called Ro. His name was Paura. But he didn't call this place 'Horizon'. You can't cling to the past. Paura shouldn't have spoken it.

He probably thought he had nothing to lose He was on a Federation convict ship. But I was told that What were you told? We were on the same course. It led to a Federation prison colony Cygnus Alpha. Only Paura never reached there. They dumped his body in space. He was my friend. He must have misbehaved in some way. That's not my fault. I think it is.

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You know it is. Ro brings her a small mug RO: Probably full of lethal bacteria. It tastes all right. You are a human being after all. Blake drinks from the mug RO: My people are poor and ignorant. I'm helping them to better themselves. How did your father die, Ro? In a Federation prison colony too? Paura told me that your father would never have made his people slaves as you have done.

Paura wouldn't have said that. He understood the needs of my people. Perhaps better than you do. Two more have been taken. They're being dealt with. What about these two? Put them to work. It'll soon bring them to their senses. They'll be begging to help us before three time units are up.

I'm not one of these people. I was to marry Ro. So what are you doing here? The Kommissar advised him to send me for training or whatever they call it. I refused to become what they wanted so I was sent here. How long have you got to stay here? Until I accept or until I die, and I shall die in thirty time units, from radioactivity. Selma is allowed access to a couple of handfuls. One handful, one at a time.

I thought you'd forgotten her. Ro switches off the screen RO: Is it true my friend Paura died on a prison ship? No, of course not. The Resister said so. Yes, I heard the report. How did my father die? You know how he died. You wouldn't lie to me? Of course I wouldn't lie to you.

We are as brothers, you and I. What about the other two? What did we get from them? One of them needed two darts! There was no telling when he'd regain consciousness so I had the guard hang him up as a warning. He's a common thief, he confessed at once. The spaceship is heavily protected by a forcefield but the man is ignorant, he knows nothing of its technical capacity. What are you going to do with him? Put him to work. It seems he's never done any in his life. Orac, where did you get this information? Avon takes the sheet ORAC: I was instructed to obtain anything relating to the planet.

The data was obtained by cross-referencing prisoner and execution lists. It is standard procedure. I don't see that it makes any difference now. Well, Blake could find it very useful. A little late, surely. How do you know? I tell you, I know. I think we should get out. I have a standby plot, I can put the ship on auto, Zen can fly us out. We can get away, Cally. Avon, I'm going down. This information could be vital. Listen, the others have vanished.

They didn't even have time to call in. The only possible conclusion to draw from that is that they are dead. This is what I've been trying to avoid all me life. Yeah, well don't worry There's no sign of anyone else. I'll keep in constant contact.

You've got thirty time units. Vila drops his basket VILA: It's even worse than I thought. Orac, have you obtained any further information on the planet Horizon? Is that a serious question? Please do not waste my time. And then there was one. Orac, no further information is required on the planet Horizon. I think it's time to leave. Were you the executioner? Your companions are still alive.

You killed him because he would not obey you. What is she talking about? She's a mystic, I think. I've seen this amongst my own people. That stuff belongs to your tribal past. You killed his father. It's the poison from your darts, it's affecting her. How could she know about my father? She's never seen him, never heard of him. How can she know he's dead? Movo knew you for what you were. She knows his name. He did it with his own hands, telepathic and take great care Take her to the others. Let her use her mystic powers on them. You know I sometimes think you're still half savage after all.

She'll be dead soon. I must make a decision about Selma. If she is to die, it mustn't be there, She is a bad influence. She was dismissed from the Federation Training Complex for disobedience. She tried to make trouble here against the Federation. It is best to leave her where she is. You're forever telling me to behave like a ruler, when I do, you say I'm wrong! Tell them to release her. But don't blame me when you find it's a mistake. If I decide she is to die, I'll order it to be done quickly. Have you sent the girl off? Goes very deep with some, I know. Obviously she's had access to the records at some time.

Kommissar, why don't we report all this to Federation Central Control?

The Blake Carver Series

It's the logical thing. Well, for one thing, they're out of signal range. All we could contact from here are some units of Space Security. They could relay your message. There are certain to be details of these Resisters in the central data banks. Then we would know what we are dealing with. I would not wish us to overstep the bounds of our We must not do that. Then I think I must advise Central Control in all our interests. I don't need the central data bank.

I already know who they are. Blake and his crew are the most sought after criminals in the galaxy. You've known that all along? Then why haven't you done anything?

The reward for each of them is generous. Almost as generous as the reward for their spaceship. I have been out of touch. Besides, I want to tame Blake myself. If he breaks, the others will. He will give us the spaceship. It will be a great achievement. And we get the reward? I get the reward. What do I get? Ro will do as I say. He's showing signs of rebellion. He is not the man his father was. When do they let up? Where are you taking her? Can't be any worse than here. Unless she's going to die. Blake moves to another part of the mine.

A scanner comes up and rotates. I want to talk with the Kommissar. If I go alone, can I pilot the Liberator indefinitely? With the help of the automatics, of course you can. Then why did you ask the question? How long can I maintain myself? Is that a question? We have concentrated food for one person for a thousand years. And our power is self-regenerating.

Can you plot courses to keep out of the range of any known spaceship manned by the Federation? The battle and navigation computers can handle that perfectly adequately. I asked if you could. Of course, should it be necessary. Failing that, we are powerful enough to resist all but an attack by three Federation pursuit ships at once. If we go now, we can sail the universe for as long as we like in reasonable safety, provided we keep out of everybody's way and we do not do anything rash. No data available to answer the question I put it to you as a possibility.

I request the odds. The odds would be three point five to one on survival. Therefore I do not need Blake, I do not need any of the others I do not need anybody at all. I must ask you to be more specific.