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It is real spiritual wisdom, that properly applied will change your personal and professional lives.

Donald Snider - Beyond the Bling Book

Don has captured real events and transformed them into life changing lessons that inspire action, spiritual growth and prudent decision making Lawrence Jackson Managing Member of Emerging Enterprise Group, L. Good book-great anecdotes for financial literacy. Catchy title that goes to the heart of todays consumerism. An easy read with real world understanding. Should be on the coffee table of every American family.

Anyone who wishes to succeed in life should read this book. Thank you Donald for a breakthrough to Economic Empowerment. Don Snider masterfully brought home the fact that true wealth is not about money. Here is a quick win:. Make sure you execute those four baby steps within one week.

You will immediately start seeing more cash in your bank account. But that is not all. Now, use this extra money to learn a new skill or use it to pay down some of your debt. Make smart spending decisions that will accelerate your journey to financial independence.

Execute - Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment Jim Rohn. It is not the smartest people who achieve success. It is the ones who procrastinate less, make fewer excuses and take action every day towards the goals they want to achieve. By now you have set your mindset to stop trading time for money.

You have also set goals. You even made plans to succeed. Now you need to make working on your financial independence a habit. You need to work on your discipline. It might require changing some of your current habits and will definitely require stepping out of your comfort zone. Do not get discouraged. When it is evident that goals cannot be achieved, do not adjust goals, adjust actions. Self-improvement - the secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new Socrates. They constantly put themselves out of the comfort zone.

They are forward oriented. Lessons learned are important for them to be better in execution today and tomorrow. I suggest you reflect on your annual achievements and failures. Think about what was great and what turned out to be a failure. Do not get discouraged by failures. They are the greatest source of progress. Plan your next year to be more ambitious. One final thing I wanted to share. You need to become skilled at making, controlling and safeguarding your money.

You need to start working on your financial IQ. This will help you to understand money, make money work for you instead of you working for money. Click the link to get more inspiration and start changing yourself today. The best free financial IQ test. Financial independence starts here.

Share this answer over your favorite social network. Help other people change and help me spread the word. I know how much he spent because he told me. Both his daughters attend the best private schools. I know because he told me. He has this insatiable desire to brag about everything. He mentioned this number to me figuring I would be impressed. Stanley actually puts this into an equation he calls the wealth equation, which looks at age and income, and then groups people into one of three categories: Stanley has a few points that he discusses in his book in regards to how to accumulate wealth, and no surprise, one of his main points is that you need to spend less than you make.

I speak with entrepreneurs all the time, and I am often surprised by not only how little they have saved and how little personal wealth they have created—especially in compared to the size of their business—but even more so by the lack of financial discipline, especially as it relates to removing profits from the business. They also want suggestions I might have on ways of accumulating their dollars strategically so that they can keep better track of their savings. What this chart suggests is that the more affluent one is, the more business ownership represents a part of the total wealth equation.

According to Stanley, and based on what I discussed, there are three primary contributors to wealth creation and to becoming a PAW:. For those that want to know where they stand on the PAW spectrum, I created a chart that shows how much you should have saved based on your age in order to make it into the PAW camp. The road to UHNW must come from more than just saving and running a small business. It invariably includes some, or most, of the following:. In the end, though, it means being prudent with investments, taking strategic risks, and having the power to compound assets, which Einstein declared as the 8th wonder of the world.

Despite the test of time and all kinds of setbacks, some folks manage to weather the storm. This applies to the world of investing, business and sports.

The problem with the scoreboard is that it only has the ability to tell you what is happening at the moment rather than what will happen in the future. By default we tend to be forward-looking, goal pursuing, results focused. Because it is easy to evaluate the result rather than the process. Because we know that others judge us on the basis of results. When we wholly focus on a result we are less willing to try long shots, less inclined to experiment, less open to serendipity and less likely to stumble upon a better outcome than the one we are aiming for.

This is what separates genius from the ordinary. During the tech bubble, Warren buffet underperformed the market for more than 5 years at a stretch.

Real Steps to Financial Success

Tech IPOs were a daily experience and people quit their jobs to make millions a day, trading. The above image is from during the dot-com bubble. It was a rough period for Buffet. Now take a look at the same graph but at the aftermath of the bubble. Post the bubble the Nasdaq collapsed and Buffets portfolio seemed to accelerate faster than ever. During all this did Warren Buffett lose his cool and change his investment style?

Did he panic and sell out? Did he do what every other investor was doing? No, he stayed true to his investment plan and kept his eyes off the scoreboard. He focused on the game, had faith in his process and he emerged victorious. Tiger Woods does not play golf for the money. Warren Buffet does not need the money, yet he invests. They focus on the outcome, not the process.

Money is a sideshow in the arena of investing. It is a yardstick, not the race. The process is one thing that will make you a better investor. Think about the process and the money and success will take care of itself. If we want to get better at what we do, let us try and focus on the game and the playing field, and the outcome will be a byproduct.

Comparing our performance to others can be very misleading. Had Warren Buffet compared himself to the market he would have failed. Investing does not have to be about beating others or beating the market, investing must be about not beating yourself. Most importantly focusing on the process puts you in control. You only have partial control over the outcome, but you have complete control over the process.

The amount of time, sweat, and blood you put in to do something is completely in your hands. It lets you enjoy and benefit from whatever outcome does occur. In the long run, things rarely turn out the way we expect them to. If your happiness depends on your success, and your success depends on your outcome, you will most likely remain unhappy. I along with my family visited Bengali market Central Delhi for dinner one evening. The happiness and excitement on their faces was unimaginable. She started selling fancy items like purses, food items, caps etc from door to door.

She successfully managed to raise her daughters with her hard earned money and made them independent. She lives all alone now but there is nothing to pity about it because she is happy and proud of her achievements and has saved just enough to survive this life with dignity. He was rejected in interviews two times and did not clear the mains third time. He worked 24x7 out of the way to ensure wellness of people. Just like a DM would have worked. Now he has been promoted to a post almost at the level of an IAS.

He reports to the health secretary. Wanna read about a car wreck in slow motion? A real cringe-worthy, yard sale of a story? The feeling that you are in a tight situation with your back against the wall… because you literally are. Wait… yes you do. You know exactly what is better. A real house with a stable environment. A place that feels safe. You want to grow up to not have that. A little bit of anger; but you focus that anger.

Fortunately for me I got involved in sports. I was able to focus that ambition, that truthfully was full of anger and frustration. It was water polo for me. One of the better sports in hindsight. Not only is it the most exhausting sport that exists, but you get to punch people in the face. And you get punched in the face. I completely understood what the book said, but at the same time I had no idea.

The concept sounded great, but how the heck did the execution work out? I read a ton. Then I started to read things online. And subscribe to newsletters. And consume every piece of information that I could possibly find about how to make myself successful. I got a job, that most people would consider a career - meaning that they would never leave the occupation.

Steady paycheck, benefits, and all that jazz. So, I left the job. I gave it all up. I took and am taking the leap of faith. I invested every cent. Actually, I bought a house and made a bunch of money off of it… so I guess that was debt. With motivation like no other. I invested in other countries, did private equity deals, helped other people start business, started my own side business, and just plain hustled. However, I have one thing that made the difference. The problem is that once you make it, you actually have to follow through. I faked it into a whole bunch of exclusive groups.

Made friends with influential people. Spent every dollar I had to travel across the world, just for a meeting that lasted one hour, and then flew back - all on my own dime. About how I had to struggle and work my ass off to rise to the top. Everyone likes a true success story - especially those who are already successful. You gotta want it. You gotta stay up overnight reading, writing and studying. Turn your damn TV off and get to work. Be a freaking machine. I badgered people about getting mentored and getting advice. Some blew me off, but many more helped me.

Donald Snider…

They have many online businesses which generate money for them no matter what they do. You have to build some money making machine for them to generate sales and money no matter what you do. Think of a huge RPG where you are free to get, do and expect whatever you want. You have control over your character, over his movements, abilities and everything. These are the traits which are required. You cannot miss any of the above, if you want to be at the top. If you want to move up the ladder, you will have to stop looking down and you must not be scared of heights.

I have seen a mid 40s man, good looking, humble and highly qualified; work under a 28 year old slightly snobby manager. Most of the people do that. They do not realize what they are worth, what they should demand and what they can do. Doing big things are not more difficult than doing small things. You need to put in the same amount of effort.

It depends on you, whether you want to spend your time creating a Rocket or cleaning the floor of the factory where Rocket is being built. If someone who used to sell Tea, can become Prime Minister of one of the biggest democracy of the world, just think what you can do, if you want to. No matter what sphere you would like to operate within, get everything right. You need to know every single detail and be ready to answer every question and accept every challenge.

No doubt it is easier said than done. It takes time and effort: Nonetheless, the result is worth the struggle. They can be found in each and every story of success. These are traits of the highly successful cohort who you aspire to become a part of. You cannot achieve anything meaningful if you constantly switch between the tasks trying to do everything and be everywhere at the very same moment.

Before starting the journey towards your aspirations, make it crystal clear what you want to achieve. Otherwise, you risk moving to towards different goals bypassing the most desired destinations. Even if you think you are ready to face major difficulties and make big sacrifice, in reality, you are not. Sadly, it is impossible to get ready for such things. They will occur and they will make you feel broken, down and tired.

However, they are meant to test your willingness to succeed. Therefore do not let failure break you. Let it be a source of motivation for further massive wins. Cultivate the strict discipline. Only discipline and consistency can lead you to the massive wins. Do the things that matter.

Do the things that add value. Try to become better each day and make it your habit. However, do not make huge pauses. Otherwise, you will struggle to get back on track then.

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Ask New Question Sign In. Top strategies for creating a side income and building your wealth. Learn More at ragingbull. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answered Dec 12, I'm sorry, but the amount of lies and ridiculous answers here made me write this. And the only reason why this answer is anonymous is because I really don't need my job in jeopardy due to my job consisting of dealing with a good number of very rich people.

Edited for clarification and because when I first wrote it I was severely pissed. As Chris Rock stated so eloquently, people are always confusing "being rich" with being "wealthy".

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In terms of accumulating riches, they quite literally win the lottery Not working , not making business decisions , not choosing to do X or Y or Z. To whoever believes the ridiculous lie that "hard work" is all it takes is flat out fooling themselves at best, and at worst they're setting themselves up for MASSIVE disappointment. There is a huge amount of luck involved - what race you are, how much money you're born into, how much support from your family and by extension, how much support they can afford to give , what idea you come up with, timing Coincidental meetings of your childhood friend X with uber-rich person Y who happens to need idea Z from you kind of things.

They did not do the "hard work" that they insist is all that's necessary. They had massive invisible help every single second of their life, no matter what they were doing.

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To pretend otherwise, to imagine that they actually did it all on their own "with their own two hands", is nothing but a farce. Yes, it is possible with a good idea to get from [somewhere really low] to [being a multi-millionaire]. It's about the same chance as winning the lottery for most people, but it exists. Papa John's founder, worth million, started "from nothing". He is the greatest example of a person who went from zero to hero The pizzas were so popular that Schnatter was able to move into his own space next door the following year.

Yes, he did an amazing thing with that broom closet, but that's not "nothing". CamMi's answer literally reeks of "my dad did this for me" or "my parents did that for me". Tell that to the kid whose mother divorced his father at a young age, forcing said kid to start working odd jobs, collecting cans from around the neighborhood, and doing anything he could just to get money to help with the house.

Or to the kid whose father is in jail and mother works two jobs to support him, and as such is never home. Mind you, that could, as in my case, be the SAME KID and no, that didn't happen at the same time - it was the second, and then later the first. Ask almost any kid from a single-parent home why they're not going to college, and it's simple - because they can't afford it. Ask why my friend, at 18, after being in public housing all his life, had to then support his family because his mom needed to take care of his brother with a severe medical condition.

CamMi, your parents bought you all the books you wanted. And guess what, you have an actual limit to how much you can borrow. What "important business meetings" was I or my four siblings supposed to go to? CamMi, you say to make money work for me I worked since I was a child to feed myself and my family. Where is this extra money supposed to have come from?

But this, this is the most ridiculous advice: So all the time I was slaving at Pizza Hut in the morning and delivering Chinese Food at night, I was stupid and lazy, because I should have been trying to figure out how to make the most out of the time I had instead of feeding myself, paying rent, and surviving. So yes, clearly again I should not have been taking care of my family, I was simply not working hard enough. But then, given that you also say you should lie, cheat, steal and kill , taking care of my family was probably a stupid move to begin with, right? Read the news - there was a woman who literally died in her car while trying to catch a nap during the tiny break between her THREE jobs.

So don't ever tell people "you just need to work harder. And you, with your ridiculous answers, are only parroting back the same story of "Oh, I can make it, and so can you! Rowling, who also got extremely lucky. So, if I were going to answer the question properly instead of using the same lies everyone else is spewing - write a book and get really really lucky. So out of the billions of people alive and dead, ONE person did it. So all of those supposed "success stories" are all bull. Oh, and just from my discussions in the comments, even if there are people all exactly like Oprah who all rose to fame, that still is literally a billionth of a percent ratio Thank you for your feedback!

Run containers with industry leading price-performance. Learn More at try. How can one become a part time stock advisor? How can I become a part of the top. Can any one become Einstien? Quora has great answers. Have a great solution? Businesses find great customers by targeting related topics. Create a free account in minutes. Sign Up at quora. Answered Jan 13, The place was owned by one of the business tycoons in my city. Because he had several other business to run.

Here is why systems and processes are extremely effective. When you have metrics to measure progress, you know where you are headed. They work on forming systems and processes and making them more efficient. Jobs that pay in this range are: You can make 6-figures at a relatively young age, which builds up from your client base. You could strike it rich in existing business models restaurant, laundromat, gas station, liquor store or in the startup world create the next facebook, uber, quora equivalent idea.

Some specialists in high demand and low supply: Updated Dec 7, Quora User , Blogger www. Answered Jun 14, I am a Hollywood screenwriter. There was very little money after my parents' divorce, and I did not go to college. Nor was there anyone paying attention at the time I graduated high school -- my mother's prevalent relationship was, by that time, with alcohol.

I had to get out. But still, there is something to the theory that one must be born to the right parents. My parents, flawed though they were, were bright, charming, sophisticated, funny, attractive and loving. The house was filled with books and records. We went to the movies, we cooked, we sang and played instruments. We discussed novels and politics and history and great comedy routines. My mother was both pretty and funny, which gave me the message I am female that it wasn't unfeminine to make people laugh.

I later was able to make a fat living doing just that. I did it completely on my own -- moved to L. But I had an awful lot rolling around in my head from being raised by such fun people. Even without financial support, our home had been rich in nutrients, and I had been, as an only child, enjoyed and encouraged, made to believe I'd be able to "do something.

As for the dirty details? Multiple residences, free spending, generous gifts to good causes.


Nothing thrills me more than being able to eat in any restaurant I want! We also have a slush fund for investing in companies we believe in. I am probably closer to the J. Rowling model that most, though I was never on Welfare. I did have a brief brush with food stamps when I was a self supporting 19 year old. But I soon developed a Scarlett O'Hara determination to "never be hungry again.

If you start telling one and stop in the middle, and your friend says, "And then what happens? You have a shot. Perhaps your eccentricities can be turned into a unique advantage. You might have a voice, a voice that no one else has. It sounds delusional, but some people do make it as artists, writers, musicians.

Answered Aug 17, Answered Nov 11, I was a 15 year old teenager back then! After their meal ended she went away, so did we! That day left a life long impact on me! There is a women in our relation. She had two daughters to raise. She decided against remarrying for the sake of her daughters. Neither did she beg from her relatives. Over years she changed many professions but never gave up hope. There is a doctor I know. He wanted to serve people by working as an IAS. He took a job of doctor with the government by clearing another exam. He was posted in mostly hilly regions during his initial days.

I saw people worshipping him wherever he was posted. He reports to the health secretary Everyone he knows is proud of him. How can one become like them? Live a life worthwhile. Contribute your bit to the society. Stay strong like a pillar, don't look for support. Stand by your vision in life irrespective of the number of failures you face. Help people in need. Bring a smile on others face. Never compromise on your morals. Instead of criticising your miseries work to change your future. Thanks for A2A Yuvaraj G. Yes, it takes risk. It takes getting out of our comfort zones. But plenty of opportunities await us.

This book serves as a guide to becoming a success not only in business, but in life. His generous personality and exceptional character make Donald Snider a remarkable businessman, but more importantly they make him and extraordinary person. His story is an inspiration to all. Don narrates his life as an entrepreneur while following closely the life of the Prophet Elijah at the Brook Cherith.

I highly recommend this book! Donald Snider has extensive experience in public and private administration including positions as President and C. Snider also is Founder of Abbeville Treats, Inc.